24: Legacy Episode 10 Discussion
24: Legacy Episode 10 Discussion

What did you think of 24: Legacy Episode 10?

The tenth episode of 24: Legacy was written by Manny Coto and Gabriella Goodman Seitter and directed by Stephen Hopkins. It revealed that Victor Drazen Ibrahim Bin-Khalid was not killed in the raid, and is inside the United States seeking revenge against the CTU operative who led the mission to kill him.

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Thoughts on 24: Legacy Episode 10?

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LOL at the Victor Drazen comment.

It was good. Mostly filler it feels…I liked the truck ride with Rebecca and Eric. I also loved that last scene when Rebecca walked into the field. Straight adrenaline from there to the end. Just a shame that it was only like three minutes.

Only one Tony scene…ugh. Are they going to make him bad again, or is Simms going to order Tony to clean up the perceived mess he sees with CTU handling things?

Tony won’t be bad again. The creators hinted at Tony’s redemption and Carlos Bernard outright stated in a recent interview: “I wanted him to have at least a chance at redemption this season.”

“Redemption” has been brought up by several people involved with this, so…unless it was one big ruse so that they could pull the boring old “Tony’s really bad” crap again, I’d say that they’re trying to mislead us with that preview.

Admin is getting cheeky :p

What a terrible episode. Have no idea where to even start with the problems here.

CTU up and running five minutes after getting attacked.

Carter’s wife really is going bring up all that after the day that they have both had?

Jennifer Marshall terrible actor.

Way to wrap up the Henry and Luis storyline…I doubt Luis will ever be mentioned again.

Tony Almeida in for 30 seconds again.

Oh the big mole is revealed as the director of national security who we’ve seen for like three scenes all season. What an amazing twist!!! Big eye roll.

Just as you said, Victor Drazen rehash is so lazy by the writers.

Only cool part was the flames at the end for me other than that this episode dragged on with no real suspense or tension. I can’t remember a 24 season that had literally no momentum with two episodes left. Even the writers can’t seem to save the show with a great final push to the finish (see seasons 6? and 8).

Kyle u……Well i can see your complaing lots haha. contrary to your points of view i actually love the episode. I always knew that jadalla’s father was probably alive but i’m not complaining about the mole. because after all the many CTU moles we have had this was refreshing. There is not alot you can do in 12 episodes. Live Another Day was one of the weakest seasons in the series because of that very fact and the story was so meeeeh…Jack comes out of hiding to save the president and Audry how easy is that. And then cheng zhi as the villain cummon. Legacy is doing the job LAD failed to do but with a fresher story and new characters

12 episodes is not the problem.

A lot of great series got 10 episodes by season.

The first 12 episodes of 24 season 1 were just excellent. The same about season 3.

LAD got many amazing moments which cannot be found in Legacy.

Yeah, the first 13 episodes of season one were essentially a self-contained story and they were among the best in the history of the show.

That’s because 13 episodes is all that Fox ordered at first. It wasn’t until after the fifth or sixth episode aired that they ordered the full season.

Yes, I know that.

Well there doesn’t always have to be a mole but the mole being at the top is kinda like how CIA station chief Navarro was the mole in Live Another Day or better yet like President Logan. I now this this season is purposely paying homage to past scenarios on 24. Plus after this many seasons there’s only so many more original scenarios they can come up with now. Nicole breaking up with Eric at the end would probably be the most original compared to Jack’s love interests (only Kate Warner is still living peacefully…..as far as we know)

Try watching ‘Homeland’, who has made a living out of suspense-filled, well-acted seasons lasting 12 episodes. It can be done – even ‘LAD’ was pretty good over an abbreviated season.

‘Legacy’ would be just as bad, whether they had 12 episodes or 120 episodes. Given the weak storylines, terrible casting and boring pace, we should all be thankful that there were only 12 episodes to endure.

This is more exciting than the final arc of Season 8 I do have to say that. The last 2 episodes of that season nothing much happened except Jack chose NOT to assassinate Suvarov and Logan TRIED to kill himself.

yeah exactly….season 8 last 6 hours are some of the worst i’ve ever seen in 24. hell even kiefer wasn’t acting like his normal self. He looked like he was bored. and the arc was disappointing how could jack kill the Russian president because of a one Renee walker someone we barely knew a season ago…

How I wish everyone could engage with the show in more thoughtful and less shallow ways…

Bauer Power and Asian Rebel, that’s fine if you think that. Personally I found the mole twist to be a half hearted twist. The point of reducing to 12 episodes was to eliminate filler so I wouldn’t say that having less episodes is an excuse for lack of quality.

This episode had almost zero forward movement until the final five minutes which was odd for there being only two more episode left. Perhaps I feel this way because very few of these characters have been written well so I feel nothing towards them. We won’t even touch on how Tony has basically been used to try and attract old 24 fans and nothing else.

To be fair, every single mole/they-were-bad-all-along twist post season 1 (with the exception of Charles Logan, and possibly Marie Warner) has been complete and utter shit.

I can’t believe they write these fucking “twists” and expect the viewers at home to gasp.

That said, I did enjoy the episode, and cheered when Jadalla was shot in the bonce.

I liked how unceremonious it was. No bullshit.

Bang, done, dead. Bye bitch.

I actaully still don’t quite get the Nina Myers thing, and the writers admit they didn’t decide to make her evil until the season was well underway. So she didn’t really do much to help the Drazens throughout the early part of the day at all and didn’t do anything to help Gaines kill Jack.

I don’t think the director is the mole, he did insist on the air raid, but he is somehow connected to Naseri.

And he was informed by Keith that Rebecca was working with Eric, but Jadalla clearly didn’t know that, he thought she was alone.

Lol called it.

I do like this show but to be honest it’s ok but not bad. I prefer to watch designated survivor over 24 Legacy.

Funny that Stephen Hopkins also did the Victor Drazen reveal episode, 15 years ago.

The computer guy was stabbed in the leg (or knee) less than 4 hours ago and he is already walking on the leg without crutches or something…? Are you kidding me? While he was standing and talking, he was shifting his weight to and from each side. I will have to watch this again on FOX streaming tomorrow.

Agreed – but this and other elements that many are noting is just symptomatic of how unsatisfying a job FOX did with this show. There were many far-fetched aspects from the original 8 seasons of the show but because of the quality of acting, pace of action and characters, it was much easier as fans to allow a suspension of disbelief (as Kiefer often hoped fans of the show would do).

With ‘Legacy’, the lack of appealing characters and plot makes it much harder to suspend any disbelief of what the writers want viewers to accept.

16 years of 24, in which we’ve witnessed Jack operating at full capacity after his heart stopped, Tony back in action hours after being shot in the neck, Jack getting a broken rib in hour 5 of day 5 that’s forgotten about in hour 6… and you’re sperging out over Andy’s leg?!

He was bouncing on and off and leaning on both legs like nothing ever happened. This was about halfway through the show. You couldn’t help but notice.

I think this may beat out my all time favorite gaffe in the show which is the inch wide gap underneath the door located here:


Note that Lynn McGill never opened any new doors on his approach to the computer.

I don’t see what you mean here…

OMG!! The ending shocked me. #SaveRebeccaIngram

I do also have to say I liked the more quiet scenes today like with Carter and Rebecca riding to the exchange spot and with Carter and Nicole talking about his decision to join CTU. It also shows a big contrast between Eric Carter and Jack Bauer in that part of Eric does crave that action while with Jack it seems he’s very reluctant but finds himself drawn into it all the time. Carter does have a more gentle side too like when he calms Jennifer down to question her about Naseri.

Jadalla’s death was rather undramatic for a major villain, just being killed with a sniper shot to the head, not even as he’s about to kill Rebecca or something.

And does anyone happen to know what language Sidra was speaking when she was on the phone? Was it Hebrew? I know she’s Israeli in real life.

I think Legacy does pick itself up in the final episodes, can’t wait for the next.

April 4, 2017 at 12:42 am
Tony said a year ago, didn’t he? Way to throw the established timeline out the window, writers. I did enjoy Stephen Hopkins’ directing, though. Could immediately tell it was him, even if I hadn’t read the credits at the start. Something about the way he films cars and people running and streets is way more distinctive compared to 24’s usual style. I like it.

And thank you, Sean Callery for reusing Omar Hassan’s theme from Day 8, which played as Hassan was brought to Samir and during Dalia’s announcement that she will be president of Kamistan. It played here during some of Rebecca’s scenes at the stadium. Loved it back then, love it now.

Now… Why the fuck were Jadalla and his father speaking English?
Why did they meet in the middle of a street under a bridge? It’s only like 9PM. It’s not like no other humans exist to witness this meeting of terrorist masterminds and they talked there for ages.

The stadium scene was some cool shit, though. Nicely done. Rebecca is pretty awesome actually.

Seriously Tony got out of prison 6 months before Legacy no?

I hated Miranda Otto on ‘Homeland’ and she’s regurgitated the same character in this show more or less. I was actually hoping that the writers would have tried something bold by letting her perish in the fire as a mercy killing for the few viewers left…..kind of like what the writers did with Dana Walsh in S8 where everyone wanted her wiped out.

Maybe the Yemen mission is the reason Tony out of prison.

Who the hell did FOX hire to do makeup on the show? The rouge on Carter intended to look like bruises and the glue-on scar on Isaac’s head are already pretty lame efforts to simulate injuries but the blatantly ridiculous make-up job done on the villain’s father looked like a 3rd graders temper tantrum with a couple of cans of Play-Do. That hand that was supposed to look like burn-marks was so conspicuously a plastic hand – since when does burnt flesh reflect light? Geesh……..

All par for the course in what has been a smorgasbord of amateur writing mediocre acting and recycled filler to make up twelve hours of filming.

To think how FOX smeared the reputation of the franchise this time – and that Kiefer actually allowed his name to be used as producer credits – is dumbfounding…..

Wonder what Tony’s one scene will be next week. Tony will get his orders and then when he’s about to raid in on Carter’s location, he’ll be like, “fuck it, I’m out y’all. Let’s catch the premiere of the new fast and the furious instead ”

I do wish Oded Fehr played a villain in the original 24 (such as Samir in S8). The guy who played Samir was boring af. Oded Fehr is too good for only 4-5 episodes.

You ain’t lying.

I never thought that gasoline could travel that slowly when lit. It would be impossible to outrun for 50 yards. This of course is based on my multiple back yard experiments involving Drano and sandwich bags.

She would have at least been able to smell that the field reeked like a Flying J.

They need to bring back that one guy who used to ride the train in Silver Spoons. Ricky Stratton I think his name was. It would improve the show and I would be happy.

Hi folks,

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Is Tony wearing the same Jacket from Season 7??? You’d think mercenary work paid well??!!

Bluetooth Group
April 4, 2017 at 12:39 pm
Its pretty obvious that Rebecca is the one that orchestrated the Tony break out from Prison to her her with the Yemmen dark ops mission. Does anyone else think that Sidra is gonna screw everything up for Tony?

Yes, I have thought the same thing… Sidra is suspicious…

Btw, does anyone think that they are going to clear everything up related with Tony’s background? It’s kind of confussing by the moment… because we only have two more episodes left and i have the impression there’s gotta be some questions unresolved….

One sentence would be enough.

The reason the ratings keep dropping each week really has nothing to do with how much or how little Tony appears on screen. The show has been a total disappointment in every possible way. The story, what there is of it, is just awful. In reality, what is Legacy all about? Not much. Look at last night’s episode and think about what happened. Hardly anything! The characterization is as bad as I have seen in any show in many-a-year. Seriously, does anyone from the viewership honestly care if any character lives or dies? Compare theses characters to the characters from all of the previous seasons. You really can’t! Then there is the acting. It is obvious that Cory Hawkins, who plays Carter, is trying entirely to hard to make the character into another Jack Bauer, and it does not work. Miranda Otto never changes her expression or tone of voice, and it is the same character as she played in Homeland. And as far as the actors who play the villains go….none seem very villainous! The show is a 12 episode bust and has zero, and I mean ZERO chance of being renewed. Even if the remaining 2 episodes are, to the Legacy fans, fabulous, there will not be enough viewership to save this joke of a show that completely tarnishes the name “24”.
As for me, a fan of what I consider to be the best show ever, my only hope is that Jack, Tony & Chloe return for one final season, be it 12 or 24 episodes. However, I won’t be holding my breath.

More rehash. More boredom. No tony doing anything. Lame if you’ve seen 24.

April 4, 2017 at 5:05 pm
I was not able to watch it live last night, but I just now watched it on commercial free Hulu. I give it a thumbs up to this episode. Yes, it seems a rehash of Victor Drazen but remember only us 24 veterans recognize that. I can see how a newbie would see this as something very fresh.

Bad Points:
– very frustrating to see such a major character in 24 history with a piddly-dink role.
– overheated pacing would loose some viewers if they are not paying close attention to the dialog and able to read between the lines.
– what is the purpose of Sidra?
Good Points:
– Adrenalin rush is building as it should be for 24
– Eric is at crossroad – does he or doesn’t he “need” to take a job at CTU once this is over.
– Nicole is at a crossroad – does she stay with Eric or go back with his brother.
– all of the characters are much better now that they are all under stressful situations
– Simms may not be the mole – we are left hanging.

I am willing to bet there will be strong DVD/Blu-Ray sales or binge streaming after they air the final episode. They need to wait longer than May 15ish to decide on a renewall. I think there is a better chance for renewal than what a lot of people on here think. If not FOX, then someone else will pick it up.

Why anyone else would pick this show up? Will the writers signed off for more 24 out of fox?
24 has been broadcasted on FOX from the beggining. When it ended in day 8, there were discussions about other companies buying it. It didn’t happen at the time when the show was much more strong, I don’t think will happen now.

I’m so disappointed in this show. It has a good cast but unimaginative writers. The Victor Drazen comment was hilariously on point.

Unused characters who could have a contreversal role in this series is the brother. His connection to the streets could’ve have shortened a lot of the riding around looking for the son of Khalid. Just a lot of fluff to make this show have the feel of a Jack Bauer episode. Jack was an experienced CUT agent and Carter is an experience soldier. Soldiers follow the laws of the land. They are totally fucking up the subjective and objective of patriotism. Maybe, they should have Maxine Waters as a writer. I’m not b.s. either.

It’s like they reduced the show from 24 hours to just 12, but left 12 hours of Kim and the Cougar and cut out all the good stuff.

Tony pressing a few keys on a laptop for 3 min isn’t quite cutting it for me. Not that I was a huge Tony fan. But this isn’t the action packed Tony that we are used to. Very sad and I can see how Kiefer didn’t want to be a part of the show anymore, I can’t blame him. Like a Mad Magazine Comic puts it right.

Do you think an actor can see in advance like this? Do you really believe Kiefer didn’t signed for 24 because he knew would be weak?

Copy and Paste of other seasons

The stadium was reminiscent of the Season 2 finale (and LAD)
Villain’s father back from the dead like Drazen

Unsure about the writers’ strategy for Legacy. My guess is they wanted a greatest hits of all 24 themes compressed into one season? Not a very good strategy really. No character development whatsoever.

The follow-up to this iteration of 24 (whether it’s Season 2 or a Jack Bauer season) should involve some better writers with fresh ideas. I would seriously consider going back to 24 episodes too.

Do you think 24 episodes would be easier? I’m not sure.

If they’re not in the mood to put their heads together to come up with nice season, not sure how more episodes would help with that. Like somone said here: the first 13 episodes of season 1 were great.

I just loved having 3 or 4 different arcs in a 24 episode show. After 13 eps in Season 1, I did in enjoy the latter end particularly when Victor Drazen came back from the dead

I’ve been complaining for a couple of episodes so far, and I actually enjoyed this one. It’s the best so far at least after episode 6, when the bomb in the brigde went off. In comparision with last week, bad plot and timing and very bad action scenes in CTU invasion, this is big improvement.

My bigger complain is that Tony continues to do nothing. At least, the mentioned was with Rebecca about a year ago, after Tony get out of prision.

Sidra and Tony mentioned some covert operation with the Belgians. Is there any chance this is connected to take Jack out of prision at Russia?

Another point: Carter’s wife is pain in ass. Her points are only valid if something like this is happening for some time, say, for two monts. She is complaing about one big day of work, but it’s just look like Carter can’t go home earlier to stay with ther for his entire life.

Bluetooth Group
April 5, 2017 at 11:15 am
There is just doesn’t seem anyway at this point that they have enough time to tie everything up in a nice bow with only 2 episodes left. Which means only roughly 84 minutes of actual screen time left. You got Eric carters story, rebecca and donovans story, Nicole and Isaacs story, Kahliid and Naseris story, Director Donald Simms and CTU story, Almeida and Sidra story, and a rescue. All that in 84 minutes? this is gonna end so sloppy and rushed. uggh, what a waist of 3 months.

Well, if Tony continues to be underused, his arc won’t be a problem. they will solve it in 1 minute or so. Just showing Tony talking to Sidra or any one else about taking Jack out of prison.

While Tony is underused, he’s showing he still cares for Rebecca. That only makes sense if Tony is a redemption path. Tony was not caring when he vested Jack with explosives just to kill Alan Wilson. So far, it’s inconsistent. He cares for someone he know for just a year or so now, but wasn’t able to care for his previous best friend.

I thinking (hoping) this situation with covert op with Belgians that Sidra mentioned isn’t just a contextual dialogue. It has some meaning about what’s Tony doing and with luck is about Jack.

I thought it was OK. Liked it a lot better than last week’s terrible episode, but still far too many annoyances.

The Good
+ Stephen Hopkins makes this show a lot more visually interesting than the extreme closeup “floating heads” style of other “24” directors. The driving scene actually felt like a driving scene and not just two actors sitting in a stationary car with green screen backgrounds behind them. And CTU felt like an actual real place and not just the same two or three desks we always see. I liked the shots from upstairs (Mullins office) looking down. These are small things but make a difference.

+ Abandoned football stadium was a cool / visually interesting set piece. I liked the gasoline soaked field. It would’ve been nice to see more areas like this instead of drab warehouse after warehouse.

+ / – Jadalla is finally dead, but sheesh, that was a super weak, lazy, and impersonal death scene. You’d expect a henchmen to die that way, not the main villain. Even a tiny change like simply having Jadalla turning his head to witness Eric pulling the trigger that ended his life would’ve made this a bit cooler. Weak death for a weak villain.

The Bad
– Bin-Khalid Sr thing was awful. Lazy rehash, predictable, zero impact whatsoever. The reveal was so dumb. Just minutes after breaking out of a government building and through a police roadblock with tons of witnesses and every law enforcement agency chasing them, they decide to have a family reunion in the middle of a street… wtf?

– Tony wasted yet again with a pointless phone call scene that accomplished nothing. He got two whole minutes of screen time though, which is twice as much as last week.

– The entire sleeper cell plot line ended with a whimper. We only saw one of the 15 cells and the others are just going to be caught off-screen. Meh. They could’ve had a compelling season with this premise, but they failed to do anything interesting with it, and it ended up feeling unsatisfying.

Bluetooth Group
April 5, 2017 at 4:26 pm
Where’s Ammador and Alvers when we need them? Iol
Now how bad ass would it have been if the big reveal would of been none other than Nina Myers back from the dead instead of rubber hand Khalid?
That would of been some bad ass TV to have Tony hunt down Nina and chop her damm head off. It may be jumping the shark, but hey its still a hell of a lot more entertaining plot than what we have in the last 2 episodes. ISnt this whats its all about anyways? Entertainment.

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