24: Legacy Finale Discussion
24: Legacy Finale Discussion

What did you think of the 24: Legacy Finale?

The 24: Legacy Season (Series?) Finale was written by Manny Coto and Howard Gordon and directed by Stephen Hopkins.

What did you think of the finale? We’ve got a few more polls than normal for this episode, so please vote in them and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thoughts on 24: Legacy Finale?

Were you satisfied with Tony's return?

Was Rebecca's death sad/effective?

Would this be a satisfying series finale?

If 24: Legacy is renewed, should it keep the same cast?

How would you rank 24: Legacy?

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Definitely lower tier season for me all things considered, as bad as 6, not quite as bad as LAD. Fuck all 3 of them though.

I still don’t see how on Earth you could consider LAD *worse* than this. I mean, LAD was largely a rehash but, on its own terms, it was exceptionally well plotted and featured characters with rich history. It also introduced a truly exceptional new character (Mark). Those aspects alone elevate LAD over this abysmal effort.

Yes and I think Kate Morgan and Belchek were much better characters than Mariana and Andy. Keith Mullins was also kinda bland as well as the gay field ops guy. They also never addressed that relationship anymore, nor reveal more about Mariana’s history with Edgar Stiles.

I didn’t think Rebecca had to die, and that her death just made all that action at the house with Tony pointless. Though I wonder if Tony will now partially blame himself after hearing about Rebecca’s death.

The next season should be about President Donovan approving a covert operation into Russia to get Jack back, and Tony will go for true redemption following Rebecca’s death. So Tony, Carter, and Sidra will lead the team into Russian territory with Chloe assisting them.

Or… Carter or Jack will be in a western city like nothing ever fucking happened, working for CTU or some other agency because “attacks are happening”.

Arguing over whether LAD is better than Legacy is like arguing over which is better out of cancer and aids, you lose with both.

Exceptionally plotted? It’s as bad as seasons 6 and 7 in that regard. Boudreau and Heller were good, and hours 8 and 9 were stellar stuff, But LAD was the ugliest, cheapest looking season which took the greatest liberties with real time in the shows history, and it had the dishonour of ending Jack’s story in the most unforgivably shite way.

By ‘exceptionally plotted’, I mean that it felt reasonably well-planned by the usual standards of the show. Additionally, the plot seemed to develop organically. It felt less contrived. Even Cheng’s appearance was telegraphed as early as the opening episodes. Thematically, I think it did more interesting things as well (especially in terms of establishing Jack, Cheng and Anatol as a trio of operatives working outside their official government apparatus).

The quality of Jack’s ending is…arguable. It lacks catharsis and discernible closure, but it’s actually very full circle. Season one is about Jack trying to keep his family together and live a normal life while rejecting the darker aspects of his personality. His journey throughout the series is one of loss and isolation. At the very end of season 9, Jack wholeheartedly accepts that he can never have his family and never lead a normal life. He no longer attempts to bury the darker aspects of his personality (hence, why he so easily throws Margot out a window). His isolation is complete when he baords the helicopter. And he’s *relieved* about it. That’s an ending.

The quality of Jack’s ending is…arguable. It lacks catharsis and discernible closure, but it’s actually very full circle. Season one is about Jack trying to keep his family together and live a normal life while rejecting the darker aspects of his personality. His journey throughout the series is one of loss and isolation. At the very end of season 9, Jack wholeheartedly accepts that he can never have his family and never lead a normal life. He no longer attempts to bury the darker aspects of his personality (hence, why he so easily throws Margot out a window). His isolation is complete when he baords the helicopter. And he’s *relieved* about it. That’s an ending.

Very insightful way of looking at it. But I can guarantee the writers weren’t thinking that when they wrote it. If there’s one thing that’s been obvious for a while now, it’s that the fans care more about the show that the writers do.

No debating that, XAM, haha.

I don’t know though. I’ve given it some thought, and I feel some of these ideas were definitely in their minds. There’s that moment in the premiere when Jack says “there’s no going back for me”. And he seemed very indifferent to Heller giving him a pardon.

These responses suggest to me that Jack has no interest in going back to the United States. He’s put the idea of having a family and leading a normal life behind him. He no longer desires it. He’s no longer fighting for it.

Then there’s Audrey’s death – which is more or less confirmation of what Heller said in season 6. Jack is cursed and this was the final nail in the coffin. He boards the helicopter knowing that his few remaining loved ones are safe precisely becuase he’s nowhere near them.

As I said, his isolation becomes complete. He redeems himself for his actions by saving innocent lives, he accepts responsibility for his actions in season 8, and he leaves Chloe in a happier place where recovery is possible. It’s a happy ending in a strangely bleak way.

Season 8 was fantastic, but the ending left Jack in limbo. This was more definitive. It just wasn’t cathartic.

This has definitely been the worst season of 24. There’s not even been any pretense of effort or thought on behalf of the writers and most of the actors. The second half has been especially egregious. The real time aspect of the show has been consistently ignored for the sake of convenience and expediency. The treatment of Tony has been a travesty.

I don’t even have the energy to continue listing grievances.

Yeah, I think I’m pretty much done ranting too. I’m just going to write my own story, fuck 24.

Fucking lame as shit.

Tony got shafted. Eric’s brother kicked more ass then Eric.

That’s for sure – if there was any battle scene in the 12 episodes of marginally-interesting (yet comical) appeal, it was the Boyz in the Hood crashing the Jadalla terrorist party with shotguns blazing.

Watched 24 season 2 10:00PM-11:00PM instead. :D

Talk about a weighty episode. Definitely top 5 of the series.

The one high point of this season has been Sean Callery with the music. But the writers/directors have managed to even destroy that by wasting it on totally vacuous, inconsequential scenes.

Using the same music for when Tony was about to kill Wilson for the final scene between Simms and Donovan.

Using the same music from when Heller was talking about the “upshot” of Alzheimer’s for a scene between John and Henry Donovan (This was one of the better scenes of the season, but the lack of character development made it feel utterly emotionless).

Using the music leading into the final split screen of Season 4 (best split screen in 24 history) for a distant shot of Eric Carter in a debrief.

And again, the music is one of the MINOR complaints. This season may be canon, but I’ve already written it out of my mind.

I always loved Sean Callery soundtrack in 24. And, I think I started to notice more later on the show than in the beginning. I mean, even in LAD the soundtrack was very strong.

However, regarding Legacy and soundtrack I didn’t like it. Because he (or they) reused many great, emotional, and strong used in not so great and emotional situations.

@gman88, I agree with everything you had said, I’m not just sure if the music problem was writers’ problem and not Callery’s misuse of past music. Certainly, he could have composed new music, for instance, he could have created some sort of Carters’s theme, which he could reuse it, if the show get renewed for season 2.

John Donovan, Eric, Andy, and Teddy should be the only characters returning for next season. (If there is one) Not a good ending, but surprised Rebecca died. I want Jack back for one more season. A season to break him out of prison.

and return home to Kim and that would be it for Jack.

Ugh, no thanks. If this season is any indication of the quality of the show going forward, it needs to be left alone.

I’ve accepted that LAD is the only ending that Jack deserves at this stage. He can neither die nor live happily ever after. Either of those two options is an insult to the series and the character.

Let Jack Bauer rest.

I want a final season with Jack to wrap everything up but i”m not sure about the whole break out of prison angle. It think a better and more realistic scenario would be for the Russian government to need Jack help (due to his history or because he has pertaining information due to his numerous year at CTU) )to stop an impending terrorist attack on Moscow in exchange for his liberty. Threat could come from chechnyan or Ukrainian terrorists.or something like that Jack says fine but he will need to being his own people in which mreans Cloe . Tony and maybe Kate/Bellchik/Carter etc. Then since it’s 24 twists and turns will happen as things go down. People like Suvarov , Red Square , Dawn Brigade or hell even Mandy could be involved etc. That would be pretty cool i think

As for the Legacy finale….it was very average. I didn’t even care about Rebecca death which says a lot. Very forgettable and yes as a whole i find that Legacy is the weakest of all season. I easily prefer S6 and LAD over Legacy.

I don’t want 24 to end this way but at the same time i’m not sure i have faith in another season if Jack doesn’t come nack for a final showdown.

Ukraine aren’t the terrorists in real-life and shouldn’t be portrayed as such in fiction, it’s the Kremlin behind everything going on right now in that country… so Season 8 wasn’t too far from the truth, evidently.

Yes if there’s a season dealing with Ukraine, the Ukrainians should be the good guys like they are in real life. Maybe Jack is being held in a Russian-occupied part of Ukraine and this scenario would make a rescue easier too as Ukraine is far closer to the West than a prison deep inside Russia. Maybe Suvarov’s faction is working with the ethnic Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Chechen terrorists would work too.

Meh. A good episode I thought, compared to the rest of the season. But that isn’t saying much. A very okay season overall. I thought the most interesting stuff of the hour was the Donovans in the morgue, and then John reconsidering his dropping out of the race after learning of Simms’ death. Did he do that to save his own tail? Hmm…Only thing that really left me pondering.

Also, they can definitely go back in a later season and “Graem Bauer” Henry. They could still make him a big bad, I feel. Guess time will tell. If this show comes back in any format, I really hope they change up the writers and get the continuity person from the original series back on top of things.

I agree that Jimmy Smits did great this episode when given weighty material. But it’s tough to feel any connection to it when there was no weight to the previous eleven episodes.

Yes at least Tony and Mullins and all the CTU agents who brought him in for questioning know that Henry was involved leaking the info to Jadalla. Nilaa probably knows as well.

Season two will be John Donovan not only struggling with his candidacy but stunned by the fact that his fallen wife is not only alive but working with the enemy…………………………………

What I don’t quite understand is why Simms’s suicide convinced John to stay in the race for president.

I found Ara pretty annoying especially when she was explaining all the different plants to Eric. I didn’t see the point of that. And she should probably been put up for adoption not be sent back into a terrorist family. There is no way her mom is not also a terrorist if she was married to Naseri. And so now they make Naseri into a loving father? Most likely he would be beating her for not wearing the hijab……

And so now they make Naseri into a loving father? Most likely he would be beating her for not wearing the hijab……


“Vess-dan WHORE!”

Rebecca getting shot was the exact fucking same thing as Audrey’s death. Not killed at first and then killed as they gradually bleed out. And it looked identical. The only other season I thought had an awful finale was S7 and that still had some really powerful scenes. Omg look at S5 finale, look at S13 finale, S8 finale. All these had such epic endings – mostly character driven which this did nothing of. Jimmy Smiths tried his best but the whole hour fell flat. Giving Tony’s “broken arm”as an excuse to retire him for the episode was pathetic. My fav eps this season were 1, 2, and 6. Those I really enjoyed but I gotta reconsider the title of the last clip I put on 24MegaFan.

More like Renee’s death where she was taken by ambulance to the hospital and died there anyway.

Was the whole point of Naseri’s character just to waste any oppertunity of Oded Fehr contributing to the show?

What’s the hole point of several characters? Naseri is one of the them, but most importante to me is that I didn’t follow why Bin-Khalid was alive – what was the point of that? It looks like to just be a plot twist as day1. Khalid had no plans.

My ranking:

Season 4
Season 3
Season 5
Live Another Day
Season 2
Season 6
Season 7
Season 8
24 Solitary

Season 1/Season 5
Season 3
Season 8
Season 2
Season 4
Season 7
Season 6/Legacy
Live Another Day

I (don’t) see what you did there. And you’re right.

Season 1
Season 5
Season 2
Season 4
Season 8
Season 7
Season 6

Oops forgot 3 and after more consideration, I’m going to trade 7 and 8, so here is my final list:

Season 1
Season 5
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 7
Season 8
Season 6

Season 2
Season 5
Season 1
Season 7
Season 4
Season 3
Season 8
Season 6

What a disappointing final episode. It started strong then they ruined it by having Tony rush off with a stupid excuse. Aside from that, the first 20 minutes or so were actually fantastic.

Then they managed to ruin it by having the big exchange end with a conveniently placed gun for Ben Kahlid to us which was incredibly cringe worthy.

I did enjoy the final scene with Henry/John with Donovan staying in the race, probably the only good way they could’ve ended it but this followed with a terrible scene between Carter and his wife.

Seriously, there were some good ideas in the second half but they were torn apart by having to fit in more Jadella and Ben Khalid coming back. If they had of just let Jadella die at the end of episode 8 these last few episodes could’ve actually been focused. What the hell was the point of of Khalid anyway? He was built up as some sort of force to be reckoned with and instead came across as a complete fool who’s only purpose was to shoot Rebecca at the end.

This has been a massive fail and I can’t ignore all those wasted scenes in the middle with Henry getting tortured and questioned, completely ridiculous in a 12 episode season. I hope this isn’t renewed and they let another network give it a go or something.

What a waste.

Donovan becomes a Mr. Freeze character and puts his wife in a cryogenic state while he works on a cure to revive her.

The one thing I don’t like about 24 in general is that they feel there HAS to be a major character death. Well there doesn’t have to be. Though Rebecca’s death didn’t devastate me as much as Audrey’s. Now Audrey’s death was the worst one for me.

I honestly felt nothing after Audrey’s death, and I’d always liked Audrey too. I guess it was just one “jack-loses-a-loved-one-and-goes-on-a-rampage” too far. Kiefer’s acting in that scene was nowhere near up to its usual stellar standards either.

Major character death is another 24 cliche, like the mole. They were so proud of not having mole this season, but they need to kill someone…. It just predictable – Audrey’s death was a waste. Bill’s death was a waste too.
Deaths need to be with impact. You shouldn’t start a season thinking who is going to be killed. To not just kill someone as “it’s time for someone to die” for the writers believing we’d be having a “jaw-dropping” moment (but only in their heads)

So many twists and turns with Andy Shalowitz, lol!

I’ve always thought that one way to keep the Jack story going is for him to save some russian lives… i mean i know Jack Bauer has had a lot beef with the russian government but he would ultimately always do the right thing and save innocent civilians if he happened to be in the middle of it. Maybe stopping a really big attack on russian soil and earning some kind of pardon from them in the process.

Good idea!

Tony’s character was totally wasted. That part could have been any random mercenary who was involved with Rebecca in the past.

now they only made his character worse, being a mercenary who didn’t care about taking the girl to be killed until he realized Rebecca’s life was on the line. I also wished there was a bigger showdown with Bin Khalid and Naseri. And just so convenient that there happened to be a gun below where Bin Khalid was Naseri didn’t kill him like he killed the other terrorists there.

That one question about rebooting the whole cast, DAMN! That’s brutal. I’m not that mad. LMAOLAMF

I think the writing was terrible.

It seems like this was just a stand alone series? If they reboot the whole cast then they need a whole new story unrelated to the CTU we expect. I mean even outside of this. A new cast of active agents and let it develop a main character within the drama or just go with a team of agents. Television never write good black character roles.

Television never write good black character roles.

David Palmer was one of the greatest black characters ever. Shame the black president we ended up with was nothing like him.

As if the same things that were said about the real one wouldn’t be said about Palmer if he were real.

Palmer was tough on terrorism and had a lot of integrity…….

I also didn’t like Allison Taylor as the female president, especially her willing to allow the attack on New York to happen in Season 8 and caring more about Omar Hassan’s life than American lives. That is probably like HIllary Clinton though.

Admin I think you should make a new post about this article/interview:


Incredibly revealing and a little ludicrous. Tony was literally originally going to be some completely random merc before they decided to slot him in at the last second. Plus a bit about gratifying fan reaction – I mean I know this is one site but I can’t seem to find a whole lot of out-and-out praise on the Internet lately…

I always thought Manny Coto was a terrific writer on Star Trek… don’t know how he managed to cock up both Dexter and 24…

It was a pleasant surprise at the end for Nicole to be supportive of Eric though.

And of all the terrorists I think Khasan was probably the best acted. Same guy did a great job playing a real life Chechen terrorist in Patriots Day. That was an excellent film by the way.

Left me a little unsatisfied. I too much was packed into the whole season. I did miss a couple of episodes. I bet a little bit of binge watching would be a bit more exciting. I do prefer when not so much personal life is included. Now Eric’s wife will be held hostage etc…. if there is another season. I hope so. I think it will improve.

This finale cemented Legacy as the absolute worst season in my eyes. Tony and Eric’s showdown was kinda cool for the one minute it lasted, the rest was weak as hell.

I’ll save my full thoughts for my review (I want to re-watch the entire season first), but when I think back on everything, why would CTU even want to hire this guy? Did Eric even accomplish anything this entire season?

– He arguably caused all this shit by allowing Ben Grimes to be on the Bin-Khalid mission despite knowing he was unstable.
– Nicole had to save him in the pilot episode
– CTU bailed him out of the police station evidence room
– Lost the flash drive in the train station
– Allowed the only lead (Gabriel) to take his life right in front of his eyes.
– His plan to destroy the flash drive was a failure and it was Isaac that saved the day.
– He couldn’t save Rebecca on the football field.
– Put up a decent fight against Tony’s crew, but would’ve been killed if John Donovan didn’t put in that last second phone call to Tony.
– And lastly, Rebecca died right in front of him

24 Legacy’s biggest accomplishment was getting a lot of fans to appreciate season 6.

Haha. Season 6 was absolutely terrible but at least it felt like they were trying. I mean just comparing finales, they built that whole oil rig set and everything, Bill and Jack flying in the helicopter kicking ass, the Jack / Heller scene which was great. That was a finale I didn’t like and it still blew 24: Legacy’s out of the water imo.

The big moment in Legacy’s finale was a one-armed handcuffed old guy in a wheelchair shooting another terrorist while he FaceTimed with his 10 year old daughter that we just met an episode ago. And then killing Rebecca who was at a much greater distance using his one functioning eye to aim. I was honestly laughing at this scene. I didn’t even hint at this in my other spoiler teases cause I’m pretty sure people would think I was just trolling.

What a mess this was :(

Don’t forget the lunacy of the man with the Play-Dough face being able to see out of one eye to shoot two people, followed by Carter patronizing Donovan with the “Rebecca took a bullet for me – he was aiming for me”. The villain planned this entire Internet broadcast of Rebecca’s murder only to then try shooting Carter instead of Rebecca? Which bone-head writer came up with that in the script?

S6 wasn’t one of my favorites but it gets ripped on more than it deserves. Up until Legacy, the Philip Bauer-as-villain (“That’ll do, pig”) casting was the worst of the 9 seasons – but Jadalla with his mascara and Kalid with the Claymation face that FOX must have hired a 3rd grader to do makeup on took the cake.

Looking back, ‘Legacy’ was more like a spoof than a sequel

The plot of season 6 wasnt’ so strong, but if you take a look on action scenes, they all very well done – in the same level 24 used to be.

Legacy is a disaster even on action scenes. If the script didn’t hold great, action scenes could have been done brilliantly at least. That it’s whats should expected. It’s look like they hired a completely different set of behind the scenes people, because several action scenes looked like shit.

I complained about LAD’s use of CGI that was bad done, especially in the episode of Heller and Wembley stadium explosion. But relatively to Legacy, that LAD scene deserves an A.

Bluetooth Group
April 18, 2017 at 11:29 am
Those final few episodes could of been handled so much better. I think the Simms Suicide off screen was laughable. I’m just glad that Rebecca didn’t get a true silent clock, as that bitch did not deserve one. It was a flat line clock. I wanted Henry Donovan to be rotting away in a prison cell, and for John Donovan to have dropped out of the race like Palmer did at the end of season 3

The flat line clock was good idea, actually. A good idea that could have been used on death of a character that really matter to 24 fans.

Many TV shows got the medical part wrong. If there is flat lining, you don’t shock the person, you just do an CPR. Only when the person is fibrillating that you use a defibrillator. But to shock more than once to show life and death situation and then show a flat-line is very compelling dramatically.


not Justin cause he sucks
April 18, 2017 at 12:01 am
Eric also did a ludicrous amount of illegal things, while not even being a certified government agent, and got away with all of it. Tony did half that shit in S3 and went to jail. Mullins never called Eric out once. They let him walk all over them.

Also he’s a streak of piss with man boobs, love handles and arms like twigs. Not really believable as an action hero. Corey is a good actor though, and would have really shone as more of an everyman hero.

Wondering if they were given an 18-hour format instead of 12, would the quality and pace get improved?

That would have just added 6 more hours of mind-numbing aggravation……

I would love to know why there were so many changes. Without listing them individually, I know 24 Spoilers listed a lot of differences in the scripts he had compared to what aired. Also, on Moran Atias’ (Sidra) Instagram page, she had a post where she mentioned she was training to become a Mossad agent on 24. What happened to this? Why all of the changes?

Not Justin cause he sucks
April 17, 2017 at 10:24 pm
Also the part about Veronica Cartwright’s character Veronica Donovan being canned and Gerald McRaney filming a bunch of Henry scenes in days. It’s all so strange. They green lighted this show over a year ago and it’s only 12 episodes, you’d think they could plan it a little more coherently and not be devising the plot for episode 12 while writing episode 10.

He played a CTU analyst named Theo, was in the second half of the season. I’m not surprised that you didn’t really notice him, because they cut out his entire introduction scene and practically everything relating to his character.

In the original script, Theo had some entire backstory where he created a popular app named “Holo” that made him rich. He was snorkeling on his own personal island when Mullins flew him in to take over for Andy. But he was also intended to be a sort of love interest to Mariana – there was a lot of flirtations and stuff in the script. Personally, I’m not too sad all this stuff got cut, because meh, it didn’t sound so great.

Theo was the one who found out all the background information on Amira and Khasan, found out what truck they rented, the license plate, etc. But from what I remember in the actual episode, they cut all that stuff out and had Mariana figure it out like two seconds after receiving the 911 call.

Why so many awkward changes? Ugh.

So disappointed in this season and this snooze fest of a finale. Everything was predicable except for Nicole actually staying with Eric. Did they seriously repeat the final 20 minutes of LAD with a death, time jump and the same freaking music that played during Heller’s speech at the end? Seemed like writers did really mail it in when writing this episode. Fox needs to fire the entire writing staff and bring in fresh blood. I can’t ever see this current crop of writers making a half decent season anymore.

Am I missing something? Did I miss an episode? I thought we were supposed to find out how Tony got out of prison and what’s going on with him, but I never saw anything explained.. obviously he had history with Rebecca but that’s all I saw..

In my opinion, as well as some others out there, 24: Legacy was just not as thrilling as the original series. Recycled storylines as well as scenes that are rehashes of the original series, and with some poor character development, it feels like they’re giving the original series a bad name.

The series finale was just too much to handle. I mean, Tony just finished his screen time like that? Well, I half-expected Jack Bauer to make an appearance at the ending, maybe watching news of Rebecca’s death from a Russian prison or maybe from his hideaway, just like Tony in solitary from LAD (even though it was in the DVD). And then we would get the sense that the next season would rejuvenate the franchise from the utter limbo that it is surely going through. Well, I’m disappointed but I understand what the producers say that they needed to give screen time to the new characters.

Overall, 24: Legacy did nothing to innovate the series. Maybe it’s time for the franchise to rest. Too many plotlines have been exhausted already. But when a new, innovative season or even series comes with Jack Bauer in it this time, I’m gonna be in. Just keep your fingers crossed, guys.

Speaking as someone who defends – and will long continue to do so – both Redemption / Season 7 and the sorely-underrated Season 8, I will also say that ’24’ hasn’t been as thrilling since the high watermark of Season 5… and the reason for that, I believe, is the change of showrunner from Joel Surnow to Howard Gordon. Every show reflects the sensibilities of it’s showrunner and you can see a clear difference between Surnow and HoGo; the former has propulsive, momentous action at the forefront but with connective character tissue in between, whilst the latter seems to favor connective character tissue and an exploration of real-life issues first and solid action in between… there are a lot more dialogue-based and quieter moments in a HoGo ’24’ season than a Joel Surnow one.

Is one better than the other? Depends on your opinion, but it’s telling that the consensus is near-universal about Days 1-5 (the Surnow years) being unequivocally the best… and I would agree. That’s not to say Days 6-9 weren’t good to sometimes even truly great at times, but those first five seasons were television gold, and the further we get from that, the less ’24’ looks golden…

I’ve said it before, but if they want to put ’24’ back on course, ignore Legacy, and get both Joel Surnow back as showrunner and Kiefer back as lead for either one more limited season or a movie… and if it means having to wait for Kiefer’s schedule to open up and/or be convinced to return, if it means having to wait for Surnow to equally be convinced to return one last time, and if it means giving the writing team actual TIME to spend on devising and mapping out either a complete 13-episode (12 just isn’t enough) arc in advance or a complete movie screenplay that puts the franchise back on the map as the ferociously innovative and compelling powerhouse it used to be… so be it, we can wait.

One more gangbusters-great, up there with Days 1-5, limited season or movie is totally achievable… but they’re going to have to go in with a definitive intent to absolutely go for broke, no holds barred, no saving for another season… to END this thing once and for all.

The ball is firmly in their court now…

Howard Gordon was showrunner for Season 5 as well. That’s when he took over

Howard Gordon was showrunner for Season 5 as well. That’s when he took over

Do we know that for a fact? I’ve tried investigating this matter and I can’t find any article or interview online that states this changeover categorically… I’m only asking because Day 5 definitely does NOT feel like or play out like a HoGo-run season, it’s much more like a Joel Surnow season in almost every way.

If anyone knows why Surnow stepped down as showrunner, or have a link confirming the changeover, I’d love to see/hear it.

It seems that has always been in contention. Other articles suggest Surnow was showrunner for season six as well. I always thought Surnow was showrunner for the first four seasons. Season four definitely has this sense of doing something of a victory lap and has the closest vibe to a series finale the show has ever had. Which would make sense if Surnow was ending his tenure as showrunner.

For what it’s worth, the 24 Wikia suggests that Gordon became showrunner in 2006 (the same year as season five). I cannot vouch for its validity though.

Thanks Brad, most appreciated as always.

But work (and filming) began on the fifth season in spring/summer 2005 not 2006 – it began broadcasting in the latter year – so HoGo would have had to be made showrunner in ’05 to be in charge of that season.

I still contend (and believe) Joel Surnow was either still showrunner or had one hand firmly on the wheel that season, maybe to ease HoGo into the role or something, because Day 5 bears all the hallmarks of Days 1-4, for the most part, but very few of the hallmarks of Days 6-8 when we know HoGo ran things (Live Another Day is something of an anomaly because Manny Coto and Evan Katz essentially ran that season)…

It would also explain a lot about the problems of Day 6…

You could be right, Gerry dude! I really have no idea. :)

Just to make an addendum:

There was an interview with Dennis Haysbert in 2006 where he expressed his displeasure at Palmer being killed off. His answer to one of the questions was:

“As the season was drawing closer, my close friend, who’s running the show this year, took me out to breakfast and explained why they needed to do it. I said, “Okay. But I want you to know I don’t like it.””

I could be reading into it, but the bolded section seems to suggest that someone new was running the show that year.

Furthermore, the season five premiere was written by Howard. It was the first premiere not co-written written by Joel Surnow. It was also the first season premiere not co-written by either Michael Loceff and Robert Cochrane.

Yeah, that’s a confirmation then… we know for a fact it was HoGo himself who had to quite literally convince Dennis Haysbert to even turn up for Palmer’s death scene, such was the latter’s vehement disagreement over that move.

So if HoGo was indeed showrunner for Day 5 – and all credit to him for steering such an amazing season – then what the hell happened with Day 6, it was like a complete novice took over that year, not someone who’d been with the show from the start and had ran it during arguably it’s finest season?

Guess it’s all academic now, especially considering the narrative shambles that was Legacy

It’s interesting to think about!

I have a few thoughts on the subject, but my (completely unsubstantiated) impression is that the creative team had some pretty ambitious ideas for season six. Jack was in China and there were many opportunities for complete reinvention. Perhaps a number of scripts were written which were rejected (because they were too costly or challenging).

I think it’s telling that the first four episodes of season six are extraordinary, but the season deflates almost immediately thereafter. It’s like they were the only episodes that were substantially mapped out in advance, culminating in the detonation of the suitcase nuke in Valencia (arguably the last truly shocking moment of the series). The reveal that there are “four more of these things out there” feels like a typical sequel hook and it seems to me that only a skeleton framework was used to base the rest of the season on.

In any case, I’m merely hypothesising. I haven’t a clue what went wrong. :P

I distinctly remember Kiefer stating in an interview whilst promoting the start of Day 6 that the writers had to use some plot points for that season that had been already written for the possible movie, plus when you take into consideration that filming began a whole month later than usual (late August as opposed to late July), all of which combined leads me to surmise there were clearly big changes in advance of cameras rolling that year… and which likely had major impact on the rest of the season going forward.

Oh, and the first four episodes were indeed mapped out in advance, the only ones that were, according to the writer’s themselves after the fact. It’s a shame they didn’t bring back author Vince Flynn for a week to bounce ideas around with like they did for Day 5, with him they cracked the first eight episodes in advance and had rough ideas for the rest of the season in skeletal form, which is probably why that season is so focused overall… compared to the narrative flailing around that happened the following year, alas…

to be honest.. Day 6 is more enjoyable then legacy at this point…

That’s what we all want, one last hurrah and our (once) favourite show going out on a high.


We should know better than to expect that to happen. Suppose this final season was going fantastically well, the fans loved it and an end was in sight… then just as the writers are about to write the final, breathtaking, thrilling arc to end the show… a Fox exec pokes his head round the door and says “you can forget that ending, things are going great so don’t wrap it up because there might be more”.

In short, if your show is on Fox, it’s destined to never have a good ending, they will force you to make more and more until your show finally dies out on a season like Legacy.

How it should’ve ended…

Mullins: Tony, Rebecca left you this…

Tony opens a folder containing intel on Jack’s whereabouts.

Exactly and then show jack being beaten up or something in a split screen for a few seconds.. then beep beep beep beep..

Did anyone else notice that the “debrief” at the last second of the show was going to take place in Room 420?

The music from the last few minutes of the show was stolen from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPAlVLKN3NU

Wtf happened to Masuka?

Is he sharing a wall panel with Milton now?

“Wtf happened to Masuka?”

Wtf happened to Thomas Locke, the CTU’s Head of Field Ops? We didn’t hear about him for a couple of episodes… I’m wondering if I missed something.

Well, that really sucked! They tried to present a huge dramatic conclusion to a storyline that never really existed. It came across to me as phoney. This entire season looks like it was written by high school students for a class project. There were several different storylines that never connected together toward the overall main story, which is understandable since there was no main story. In past seasons all the individual sub plots lead to another and each ramped up the intensity another level until we were sitting on the edge of our seats and bitting our fingernails at the end, and then felt great when Jack & co. saved the country and/or the entire world form utter destruction. Here, there was no huge overall apocalytic threat. To me it was just a collection of unrelated short stories. It didn’t work.

Also, what happened with Lynn McGill 2.0? That storyline went nowhere fast. Almost like Ben Kramme from Day 6.

Maybe I missed it in the previous episodes but did we get a clear back story on Tony? Who and why was he broke out of prison. Obviously he’s a mercenary. But that’s all we know and that he had a past with Rebecca. Was there more on his back story?

Very disappointed about Rebecca’s demise and no Jack Bauer cameo. Really hope that it might be the “series finale” of 24: Legacy if Fox does something right.

I don’t think @ least I hope not this will be the last time jack Bauer is seen it’s just a matter of when the writers & kiefer is willing to committee to it again. & has a good story lad was left open ended for a reason let’s hope they don’t abondon that reason.

Olaf the still Hunter
April 18, 2017 at 1:31 am
This season definitely is the lowest ranked out of all the previous days, and that’s sad, because it didn’t have to be. Changing the main character of the 9 previous days being the single worst decision. Okay, I get it, Kiefer wasn’t available–well then make him available. If he has time to ‘executive produce’ this series, why doesn’t he have time to fit in 2 minutes of camera time showing Jack in a Russian gulag?

The finale could have been so much more, instead it leaves me wanting the previous 9 days. What’s with this 12 hour stuff? Start doing 24 episodes again or just rename the show to 12. The time skip doesn’t work well at all.

The ‘executive producer’ tag is probably more a token gesture. I doubt he had any involvement in the creative process of the show.

Maybe Kiefer is regretting to let his name on every single episode of this Legacy… haha

That’s twice now that they’ve cheated the name 24. If you’re going to call your show 24 with only 12 episodes, you’re supposed to show equal coverage of all times of that day, not do 11.7 hours with a 12 hours later epilogue.

LAD could’ve easily had a time jump right after Margot’s death for example, Steve Navarro’s duplicity could’ve been discovered in the morning after everyone had some kip and a bit of breakfast.

If the series continues in this condensed format, they definitely need to find a way to better integrate the time jumps.

What about redemption? Only 2 hours, but all in real time.

This idea of abandoning “24” (one day in a season) is not new, actually. The very first idea of season 7 involved a major time jump. Jack would begin in Africa and in some point there would be a time jump, with Jack back in the US. Some of the writers criticized this idea – that wouldn’t be 24.

Later on, the idea of Jack being in Africa for the beginning of season 7 was adapted to be Redemption, since they kept Africa’s parts on season without actually taking place there.

Such a ridiculous season. I even expected a fascinating finale, a fascinating Tony, with a new end and new story and… All the season was poor. I just a little bit liked the Eleventh. They messed up.

That was utter rubbish

What did you think of the finale?

My review: http://wp.me/p8kYc1-2y

I thought Carlos Bernard said that this season would explain how his character got out of jail and why he is doing what he is doing. Did I miss that explanation somewhere?

You didn’t missed anything, they just lied to us.

Lies, lies and lies. Let’s do a spin-off called 24 Lies?

I used to trust the writers, not only in their talent to create 24 stories or plots, but about thier opinion about the show and what is going on behind the scenes.

It has been very clear to me that the reason 24 Legacy happened was because Kiefer didn’t want to do more 24. They have considered it, but Kiefer didn’t want to. Then, 24 Legacy was pinched by FOX. So, Howard Gordon said multiple times that all the writers realized that Jack’s story had been told.

“And then it was only after telling that story [LAD] and really feeling very good in our own hearts that Jack as the center of the series had sort of ended”

I couldn’t resist not to quote this
“Kiefer’s not going to lend his name [to just anything.] He really had to read the script and think about it.”

The worst season of 24: The start of the season was good but the middle finale was weak. They took advantage of Tony, John Donovan was a very weak character and did not fit well in the series, the enemies of the season were discouraging, Jadalla’s father was very bad. It was a predictable and emotionless season. This season could be worse than the sixth.

THE Almeida would b shocked 4 all THE hate 4 THE Almeida

So I think you guys are being ridiculous.

I would say that this season was better than season 6 and season 8.

Second, I think if they bring this back no offense to Eric Carter but the show should be built more around Kate Morgan she was PHENOMENAL. I thought they were going to build the future of the franchise around her. We also would have felt more connected to her character because she spent time with Jack.

Now I do think there is space for an Eric Carter but I don’t think he could carry the show by himself. But you build a show around Kate Morgan, Carter, Almeida, Donovan, and Chloe and you got something.

So they brought Tony back for… fun?

Throughout this season, I found myself wishing more and more that we could just strike this season from 24 canon. Rebecca and Andy were the only two characters I found myself remotely caring about, and Tony’s role (or lackthere of) was a complete disservice to the character, to Carlos, to the history of the show, and to the fans. The finale didn’t help matters at all.

Knowing what we know now, I wish this show had stuck to 5 seasons. Keep Seasons 1 & 2 the same. Season 3 should have been roughly what The Game ending up being. Push the plot of Season 3 to Season 4, and make Season 5 some hybrid of what we know as Seasons 4 & 5, ending with Jack having faked his death and walking off into the sunrise.

End of revisionist rant. Unless the plot involves breaking Jack out of prison and giving him closure, please put this Legacy thing to bed.

I didn’t understand the “events occur in real time” in the beggining of this episode. I was really expecting not to see that on this last epsiode, since it does not occur in real time!

Someone pointed out here brillitantly that this season looked like was written by high school students for a class project. I’d add that it was written, produced and filmed by high school students for a class project. Even in the last episodes, they forgot things, characters that were introduced, they never explained Tony Almeida’s arc at all, and even I’m not a professional several scenes cuts during the season was just seems to be made by an amateur; not by those professionals people that had made excellent action scences in the past seasons of 24.