Eric and Nicole Carter kiss in CTU - 24: Legacy Season Finale
24: LEGACY: L-R: Corey Hawkins and Anna Diop in the "11:00 PM-12:00 AM" season finale episode of 24: LEGACY airing Monday, April 17 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX

24: Legacy Episode 12 (Season Finale) Promotional Photos

Here are the promotional photos from 24: Legacy’s season finale airing next Monday.


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No Tony :(

Bluetooth Group
April 11, 2017 at 5:18 pm
Carter on the phone telling Simms, ” I killed that piece of shit Almeida, now I ‘m gonna bury you”

Probably right….if I was Carlos I wouldn’t have accepted the offer to come back.

Could the writers really be stupid enough to believe we’d root for Carter over Tony?

They were stupid enough to bring Tony back and shortchange his role into a glorified cameo.

They were stupid enough to think they could leave Jack’s fate in limbo and just jump to something new and that no one would mind.

They were stupid enough to think that this show would draw in this entirely new fanbase.

They were stupid enough to bring Tony back as an evil terrorist, so YES–I could see them being this stupid…OH, YEAH I could…and it hurts…:(

God…I hope you’re not right…the fact that I’m even worried about this should tell you how little faith I have in these writers. *Sigh*…

Killing off Tony, without having him appear on screen with Jack again would be a huge disappointment.


I predict Tony doesn’t die and I predict Tony is the star of 24 Legacy finale just like Tony was the shooting and shining EXPLODING star that EXPLODESs up in the sky and BURSTS on 24 Legacy last night!

Where is this ” Tony redemption ” that Carlos Bernard and the writers talked about ?
Huge disappointment , Tony is just a thug in 24Legacy!
Unbelievable that they have totally disgraced the second most popular character on 24 .

April 11, 2017 at 8:39 pm
Perhaps, once Tony finds out about Rebecca, he’ll back down…maybe even help Carter.

Tony Almeida was wasted this season! SAD!

11PM-12AM means no time jump. Hmm.

Maybe a cliffhanger? Season 2 intended to be the next 12 hours?

Based on the pacing, it really feels like a 24-hour season. Feels like we’re in a middle arc still.

I don’t wanna see this crap again. Part of the problem is kiefer is unwilling to return to the franchise. Killing tony with out a full season to bring jack outta Moscow would be just stupid. So I agree with jd on this one they were stupid to do lagecy @ all.

Part of the problem is Kiefer. We’ve seen him in the same set of circumstances too many times. I only want Le Kief back on the basis that they give him a fresh and exciting day that we haven’t seen before. Working for a government agency on a provisional basis to stop an attack again? Nah, fuck that!

So, I finally watched episode 11 and here are some thoughts on Tony:

-Unless I’m misunderstanding, the man Tony killed was technically bad, right? I mean–he was working for a corrupt man and being paid to keep a little girl held in a house

-Tony DID show some remorse/look of conscience when Sidra was apprehensive about sending the girl to that country

-It’s obvious what they’re doing: They’re pulling this “Tony cares even if he won’t admit it” crap. He’s trying to convince himself that he’s only in it for the money but, in the end, they’re going to have him “Realize” that he cares more than just about money and will help rescue Rebecca. It’s stupid, contrived and bad writing but it sounds like this is the route they’re taking with his character.

Like Bluetooth stated, Tony’s “redemption” will be foregoing his mercenary bit to help rescue Rebecca.

Yeah, it’s sh!tty but that’s what they’re going to do. It’s obvious.

By the way, there IS merit in some of what I’m saying–Carlos himself said that “He cares even if he wants to convince himself that he doesn’t” bit.

Sebastian Monroe
April 12, 2017 at 8:57 am
I agree. I think the writers are stupid but I cannot fathom that they’d have Carter kill Tony. I think one of the reasons the writers may have brought back Tony in Season 7 is because they saw the backlash it created when he was killed without a silent clock; I think (or hope) that they learned their lesson. Plus, there was an interview with Tony posted a while back where the interviewer flat out asked him about that (i.e. being killed and coming back from the dead) and Carlos made a comment about the writers learning their lesson and they won’t be going down that path. Obviously they could be blowing smoke up all our asses but I’d literally be shocked if Tony is killed given the way they marketed his “redemption.”

If anyone’s killing Tony it’s gonna be Jack, and I think that if anyone’s killing Jack it’s gonna be Tony.

I’d love the 2 of them to have it out once again in the shows final finale.

April 12, 2017 at 2:36 pm
now that I’d come back and watch XAM

JD (I’m assuming you’re not JDFROMNY206 on would be awesome if you were), I gave Tony a pass for killing that man but Bluetooth guy didn’t agree with me. Now I’m sad.

Nope, I’m not that youtuber you’re referring to.

As for giving the guy a pass, I agree with you on this point for two reasons:

-He was technically a thug/bad guy–no different from the type of person Jack has killed every season

-I didn’t notice his hands being tied either

It still bothered me how Tony nonchalantly shot the guy though. He technically didn’t have to. But at least I know now after watching that episode that he technically wasn’t an innocent.

Bluetooth Group
April 12, 2017 at 11:39 am
The guard dude was just following orders. He was unarmed laying on the ground. Tony could of just knocked him out, or tied him up. Instead he shoots him in the forehead like its nothing. This is not the first time he has done this guys. They made it quite obvious that Tony has been this clean up guy before. The writers have ruined Tony for good, hes just a mercenary now with no remorse. “I always finish the job” is what he said. Its sad the writers ruined him. They should of never brought him back for Legacy.

Bluetooth Group
April 12, 2017 at 11:41 am
“No one out, no one in” – Tony
straight up ruthless

That’s why I stated it still bothered me.

Regardless, it’s easy to ascertain that the creators wanted us to see that thug as a bad guy. That’s why he looked like a thug, dressed like a thug, spoke like a thug and died like one. This show makes the “bad guys” very obvious in appearance and he looked like anyone Jack has killed in earlier seasons.

Having said that, I’m firmly opposed to Tony doing any of this. This is not what I was expecting after Solitary.

He hasn’t been innocent ever since he killed Larry in Day 7. And Jack also killed five innocent bodyguard while avenging Renee’s death.

That is true–there is NO proof that the bodyguards he killed had anything to do with the crooked dealings of the Russians.

I remember those season 8 days–people would give Jack a free pass and claim that his actions were “nothing like Tony’s”.

Uh, Jack killed innocent people, attacked a motorcade like a terrorist, gutted a man while grinning psychotically and was almost willing to let WWIII start all in the name of Renee. The difference is that Jack was able to be talked down while Tony wasn’t.

Tony’s actions were still worse but Jack was no saint either, yet people gave him a pass and made up countless excuses for how Jack’s actions were “so different” from Tony’s.

Bluetooth Group
April 12, 2017 at 12:32 pm
Lets not forget Jack was brought before a senate sub committee in the season 7 premiere to answer for all his off the book actions for the “greater good”. His ass was gonna get thrown into prison long before he went all Deadpool on those Russians. Bottom line neither Jack or Tony are GOOD GUYS. But Tony is just straight up Evil now, and kills and tortures people for $$$$, and hates his country.

Michael Ernette
April 17, 2017 at 12:53 am
Guys, Tony is not as ruthless for shooting the captor as you think. It has everything to do with the mission. He’s on a “clean up” job. Asa’s guards are assets as long as they are holding her. Anyone familiar with black ops jobs knows that part of “clean up” means eradicating witnesses. If the guards were permitted to stay alive, they could get to someone and implicate Simms concerning the hostage taking in the first place and blow the secrecy of the whole project. When Tony shot said guard, he was unaware that the job had been compromised and that more people knew. Therefore, he was under the impression that he was to kill two guards and extricate Asa to a Black site, where her existence could be covered. Not ruthless, job oriented.

24 spoilers: what’s the Tony spoilers for 24 Legacy episode 12?

It appears that Eric is reunited with Nicole and Eric is no longer wearing his suit shirt. So this is probably the time jump. One could argue that there is light in the scene, but it doesn’t look like natural sunlight. Normally the photos presented in the promo photos are pretty much in order of how they are filmed/broadcasted.

Yes, no Tony. If Eric survives to reunite with Nicole, it is only logical to assume one of two things. The dad (or someone) stopped the assault at the 10 year old’s house and the tack team that was announced to be 20 min out eventually arrived re-apprehended Tony. Or Tony died in the assault, either shot or as someone had suggested in another thread, a suicide vest. (I don’t know if this represents any sort of redemption, but if there is redemption, I am guessing that it will come in that form)

Bluetooth Group
April 12, 2017 at 4:39 pm
No time jump Jay. hes wearing that same white T shirt under his dress short in the other photo. Also the press release says 11 pm – 12 am. So looks like they gave up on the time jump idea. Since the way it was handled in LAD was awful, when they only time jumped after the final commercial break. Time jump for LAD should of been after the drone arc was finished. Time jump for Legacy should of occurred after the warehouse bombing and Jadalla was taken into custody. But once again, the writers got lazy.

no way i believe tony wears a suicide vest and kills himself. makes no sense

Suicide is never a good thing.

It says in this article here is 11:00PM to 12:00PM. That covers a 13 hour window.

And this says 11:00PM to 12:00AM.

This is from the press release so I think this the right one but I’m not sure.

I would believe the script over the press release. We have a photo of the cover of the script as opposed to a ‘press release’ which was likely composed by an intern or someone really low on the totem pole. Myself, I have transposed and have had to do a double take for 12:00PM VS. Noon.

Hopefully they catch the mistake prior to airing the episode. I can see them messing up the title card. The editing room isn’t known for being the sharpest knives in the drawer. They managed to slip in raw footage from the Nairobi attack into the show.

Watched the finale today. My one word quick impressions would be “underwhelming”… I can answer (most) questions in spoiler tags.

To clear up some of the confusion, there is indeed a 12 hour time jump, and it occurs in the last ten minutes just like LAD. It’s done in a cooler way though – there’s a wide shot with the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and Capitol Building all in the same frame and it’s a time lapse of sunrise (it’s just stock footage, you can see it here) with the clock in the middle of the screen basically fastforwarding.

Does someone die, is there a silent clock? My guess is that Tony dies (somehow) or makes some great sacrifice so more people can live. (e.g. 24 Redemption) If Tony does in fact die, I am betting he gets a silent clock to eliminate any ambiguity.

Clock fast forwarding? Does it speed fast forward like at a gas pump? Or just say “12 Hours Later” like last time?

Yeah, that’s a perfect analogy, like the digital readout when filling up at a gas pump. The “12 Hours Later” text is underneath it too.

To answer your question, yes
there is a major death and a silent clock.
Not sure i want to reveal who it is ahead of time though.

All I want to know is, is it Tony? That’s gonna tell me all I need to know

That’s kind of the problem, there’s only like 2 or 3 possibilities, so answering this question would practically give it away :P

I can answer most questions, but have to be vague on this one. I’ll say this though,
Tony is only in the first act

So you mean to tell me after that scene at the farm house, he’s gone? That makes me think he either dies in that scene or they completed the ultimate fuck up to his character. But you saying there’s a silent clock leads me to believe it isn’t Tony because I don’t remember them giving silent clocks to villains. Even the good guys who turned in to villains. So either he turned good real quick and then died or he stood down and let Eric save Rebecca

My guess is that Tony somehow dies for the greater good and saves someone (probably Rebecca, his former lover) in the process.

My guess is that they made an exception (if it is indeed Tony) due to the confusion about the character in the past.

Again, assuming that Tony bought the farm, my guess is that there will be more chatter (contrasted to the lack of discussion about Curtis Manning) among the surviving CTU agents (debrief?)

Admin, yes, you need to stop revealing stuff or the people who allowed you to watch 24 will likely cut you off from watching future shows. ;-)

Tony was acting like a real prick toward the end of episode 11 with some of his statements. I think it is feasible (but not likely) that Tony was talked off his high horse, stood down for the sake of Rebecca, then to get shot by the reinforcements who were 20 minutes out that finally arrived.

Perhaps the house of the 10-year old was boobie trapped and that took out some of the 3 other villains placing Tony in a more vulnerable position and evened the odds between Eric and Tony. The trailer did reveal that the Dad somehow had made some statements, to obviously the situation at the house isn’t resolved in the first 5 min.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 11:36 am
When you say first act, does that mean just until the first commercial break?

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 11:39 am
are the 3 possibilities Rebecca, Donovan,and Carter?

Sebastian Monroe
April 13, 2017 at 10:45 am
I don’t know who the major death will be, but my prediction is that it will NOT be Tony. I come to this conclusion because if there is a silent clock, it logically should be for a good character. Although longtime fans of 24 would want and expect a silent clock for Tony, it’s obvious that the writers couldn’t care less about the original 24 viewers and based on their characterization of Tony this season he would not warrant a silent clock. I say this again, just based on his character portrayal this season. Logically, the silent clock would and should follow the death of a major good character. I’m not going to guess that the death is Rebecca because I think the promo leads you to that conclusion so that would be too easy. I would not be surprised for example if Donovan bites the dust somehow.

The other issue however, and 24Spoilers was not specific in this regard, is whether the silent clock and major death are two separate events. For example Jack got a silent clock at the end of Season 6, when there was no death. So the only wrinkle would be if the major character death is in fact Tony in Act One, he doesn’t receive a silent clock, and then there’s a silent clock perhaps at the end of the episode for whatever reason.

Nevertheless, despite how foolish the writers have been this season, I cannot believe that they would bring back Tony only to have him be killed off. Would be a tremendous disappointment.

What happens to Bin Khalid and Naseri?

Carlos said
”Tony answers are coming”
, the lying shit!

Carlos isn’t in charge of writing or editing, it seems pretty clear they wrote and/or filmed dialogue explaining his presence in episode 7/8 that they then cut out so as not to confuse the millions and millions of new fans this turd attracted.

Hah nope.
There’s no answers, zero backstory explained, no redemption in the finale for Tony.

I don’t blame Carlos, though. Like Big Boss said, it certainly seems like a lot of his stuff got butchered after the fact.

Again, just like 24: Solitary, it will likely be an extra on the Blu Ray as deleted scenes. Nobody will likely buy 24: Legacy on DVD/Blu Ray unless they are trying to either: 1) Complete their 24 collection, or 2) Be the first to learn the Tony Almeda backstory. 3) It is a gift for a 24 fan.

Yeah, probably! Tony fans have already outed themselves as suckers after being hoodwinked by the Live Another Day extras, so there’s every chance they’ll try that shit again.

Yep, Solitary was a waste of time. All that speech he made about wanting to “earn Michelle’s love again” was apparently BS and Tony just spat on Michelle’s grave with that fake speech. TOTALLY out of character for Tony. Even insane, murdering, terrorist psychopath Season 7 Tony only did what he did because of Michelle.

What a complete and utter crock of SH!T.

So, they basically decided to scrap both his promised backstory AND promised redemption? I mean…why the fck even bother bringing him back then? If their reasoning behind cutting all his sh!t out to “avoid confusing all the million of new fans” then his return is meaningless anyway because these “millions” of new fans wouldn’t know who Tony was, anyway.

This was literally just a dupe to get us old fans to watch, those fcking snakes. No wonder Carlos looked unhappy in the interviews–they insulted him by butchering his role to sh!t.

All this emphasis on “catering to a ‘new generation’ of fans” led them to do EXACTLY what I knew they would do: spit in the face of us old fans. Now they’ve fcked Tony up even worse than he was in Season 7. Solitary set him up for redemption and they just ruined that.

I’m actually disgusted right now. I invested YEARS in this show and they put a bag over our heads, tease us with Tony while laughing and going: “Neener neener NEEEENER! We tricked you guys into watching our turd!”

I hope 24 DOESN’T come back in any way, shape or form, to be honest. At least not with this current batch of writers. These are the ORIGNAL people and they ruined their own product.

I wasn’t a fan of LAD but I actually have a new appreciation for it after this Legacy turd. At LEAST LAD gave us the fan service we deserved. It was poorly-written, yes, but it was executed so much better than what they did with Tony here. Powerful Jack/Heller scenes, for example. LAD was severely flawed but still felt like 24. Legacy, however? AWFUL. INSULTING, even.

Neener neener NEEEENER! I torrented it anyway, yer bastards!

Does the episode end clousred or on a cliffhanger (of any kind)?

There’s no cliffhanger. Some very minimal setup for a second season after the time jump, but nothing compelling. This finale actually made me even less interested in seeing this story continue.

Also is there another mole revealed (other than Sims)?

Are Aisha and Luis brought back? Or do their stories end with them on the run ?

Neither are… Isaac isn’t in the finale either which is kind of bizarre.

Ugh, not good to see they’re leaving open storylines.

they seemed like fairly big loose ends.
Kind of sad that there’s a decent chance this is the end of 24 for good….

So I guess Aisha isn’t going to come after Nicole and Eric after the threat ends. But if Isaac isn’t in the finale then I guess that means Nicole stays with Eric?

I think if there’s no renewal then they should have Eric decide not to work for CTU and choose Nicole instead.

Any mention of Jack?

None whatsoever. I imagine a ton of people will be pissed about that.

Hey guys and gals, happy to answer your questions, but please be considerate to others and make sure to use spoiler tags when discussing this stuff. That way people can pick and choose what info (if any) they want to know. Thanks.

Sorry, I slipped up earlier. Thanks for fixing it. :)

No problem, others did too, had to fix a bunch. Just that sometimes the reactions to an answer can give it away. When in doubt, use the spoiler tags :)

Hey 24 spoilers I have a question you might be able to answer.
since you say Tony is only in the first act, does he stay a villain or does he turn good sometime before his time on screen is up?

Depends on how you look at it I suppose. Tony does something extremely minor that some people might consider “turning good,” but that would be a stretch in my eyes. There’s no change to his character.

Like I said before Tony only has a couple mins of screen time (the first 8 mins to be more specific: his story is over by the first commercial break). Which you can probably guess isn’t much time for any sort of big character change or redemption angle. Your earlier speculation was on the right track.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 11:54 am
so basically he gets convinced to let Carter use Naseri’s daughter to exchange for Rebecca. Tony and his crew leave the scene. commerical break, end of Tony’s story?

You were right, Bluetooth. I seriously think you were right. You made this as one of your predictions.

As much as I hate to admit it, you win this one. You guessed it EXACTLY. Well done.

Of course, this “win” you had means we as Tony fans ALL lose, so……Want to get drunk? LOL! Drinks on me!

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 12:07 pm
hahahaha. I take no pleasure in this victory

LMAO!!! Yeah, this is like a company taking bets on whether or not it will go belly up. The “Winners” are all just as screwed as the losers.

I’m going to assume that this “extremely minor” action is Tony deciding to allow Carter to continue his mission while Tony and his crew pack up and leave.

DEFINITELY not redemption and if this was what Gordon and Carlos were referring to then they’re simply wrong; however, something tells me they had something bigger planned and dropped it for whatever reason.

While not redemption, I guess Tony standing down would at the bare minimum demonstrate that Tony might still have a bit of goodness buried deep down somewhere. Still doesn’t absolve him of his past sins, though. Wow…they really screwed Tony up and now Solitary means nothing. He LIED about wanting to earn Michelle’s love. That’s not Tony. Not even Season 7 Tony would dare take her name in vain like that.

At least they didn’t kill him off.

Yeah, but this could potentially be the last we see of Tony Almeida and it’s even worse than what they did in Season 7. Solitary gave hope that he was going to go out into the world an atone for his sins by saving lives.

Even Carlos Bernard gave us insight into Tony’s mindset this season and stated: “He may want to convince himself that he doesn’t care about anything other than money but I think he does care even if he doesn’t want to admit it.”. We saw NO indication of this on Legacy. Carlos literally had to give us all the development of Tony’s character through interviews because the lazy creators decided to leave it all out of the Legacy episodes.

Carlos teased things that weren’t coming back in season 7 too, like the big epic, hand to hand fight to end all fights between him and Jack in the final episodes.

Well, who knows–maybe that was part of the plan at one point. From what I’ve read in the past, they actually shut down Season 7 production at one point during the last six episodes and did some rewrites/reshoots, so who knows.

We already know from 24Spoilers that they DID shoot scenes that covered Tony’s backstory in episodes 7 and 8 of Legacy, the SAME episodes that Carlos stated those reveals would be made.

I doubt that Carlos would BS us.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 5:00 pm
How did anybody get hope from Solitary? It was so obvious to me it was a total ruse and he didn’t mean a single word he said. They ruined him once he killed Agent Larry Moss.

Opps… yes admin, please spoiler tag my post from April 13, 2017 at 3:45 am, or at least the relevant section and remove this post. :-)

24 spoilers admin: what happens to tony in 24 legacy season finale? if you can’t tell me here. send me an email. you know what it is.

I predict Rebecca will die in the finale.

Carlos said in one of the interviews the writers pitched an idea for Tony in the new series, what they hell was that idea then?? When he’s done literally nothing but run this little mercenary business. I hope the idea was to kill Carter in the finale.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 12:12 pm
Carlos and Kiefer say a lot of things in interviews about 24. I learned long ago to not believe anything they say, or the show runners.

The biggest porky we heard every year from Kiefer was “He’s in a different place, and he’s definitely not the Jack we once knew” then they race as fast as they can to make sure he IS the Jack we once knew by episode 3.

LOL!!! Very true, XAM, very true.

Season 2: He’s a broken man who man pull himself out of his hole and “find his way” again….which he does…after two episodes.

Season 3: He must overcome a heroin addiction and become the Jack we know and love again…does so with a magic pill that Saunders gives him by mid-season or less.

Season 4: Back to the “I don’t work for CTU anymore” mode and quickly ends up working for CTU again and acting no differently than before.

Season 5: He’s a man without an identity and hiding in the shadows….for half of the season premiere. LOL!

Season 6: Returns from a torturous tenure in a Chinese prison and is broken and wary of “the game”…for all of four episodes.

Season 7: He’s a penitent man who wants nothing to do with that world but also wants to face justice…until the guy who was trying him is killed and we never hear of the trial again.

Season 8: He wants nothing to do with “the game” and wants to be free…for two episodes

Season 9: He’s a wanted man on the run, living in the shadows (like Season 5) with the whole world against him…until Heller gives him a pardon mid-season.

So many wasted opportunities. To their credit, they DID run with the “Psycho Jack” angle a bit longer than expected in LAD when they had him literally throwing people out windows with zero remorse and chopping heads off. The problem with THAT is that he’s still in “working on a provisional basis with CTU” mode like all the other seasons.

I wouldn’t mind betting that the decision to make Heller the president was born out of the writers trying to find the easiest way to get Jack back in play.

Heller should have been President in Season 6… I’ve said that for the last decade, but at least they made good on that eventually… Live Another Day is what the sixth season should have been in essence.

i want to know if tony dies in the 24 legacy season finale. someone send me an email.

Tony died way back in Season 5. That “thing” they resurrected is not Tony. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster abomination. It doesn’t think or act like Tony.

The creators of the show apparently couldn’t stand the fact that Tony was becoming as popular as Jack and chose to destroy his character so as to keep him several pegs below Jack for whatever reason.

Zombie Tony has been stinking up the screens since Season 7 and I hope it is killed in the season finale.

It was Carlos Bernard himself who convinced the writers not to kill Tony outright in Season 5…

They should have brought back Mandy or Collette Stenger for Tony’s spot.

If Jack Bauer was brought back instead of Tony do you think they would treat him like Tony?

It could be because the writing in Legacy is lazy and they don’t care about their old fans from the original 24.

Only if Jack get a main role he maybe can be treat well by this writers.

I don’t think Kiefer would allow that, he’s very protective of his character and has an executive producer credit which means more influence/power to change things.

You know what? To hell with this awful season. Wow…

-Not so much as even a MENTION of Jack Bauer or any form of closure

-The WORST use of a returning character I’ve ever seen (Tony)

-FURTHER bastardization of Tony by cutting out all his backstory, ignoring all the PO’d fans who hated him being turned into a villain and ignoring the perfect setup they had in SOLITARY for his redemption arc. Carlos gave us more insight into Tony’s character than the damn SHOW did this season. So, they cut all this out in order to cater to this nonexistent “new generation” of fans that don’t exist?

-Corny inclusion of a “relative” of a deceased 24 character who neither looks nor acts like said 24 alum they’re related to, making their inclusion 110% pointless

-AWFUL use of the actor who plays the Niseri character

-Eric Carter basically acting like “Jack Bauer-lite” defeating the purpose of even including a new character

-Boring characters

-Rushed storyline

-Poor acting

-Poor effects (some of these are worse than old season effects, for crying out loud)

-The entire season feels low-scale and low budget, which it probably is

What an awful slap to the face for 24 fans. They should have just ended it with LAD. Hell, I’d take that awful Jack sendoff in LAD as the last memory of 24 over this insult called “Legacy”. I’m actually shocked at how much they managed to muck this up. It doesn’t even feel like the same people were involved with this project.

Someone should file a complaint against FOX under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1341 (e.g. 24 Season 8 stated on it packaging that it was the FINAL season, which 24 merchandise was sent through the US POSTAL mail…) Very, very, very illegal.

Although this incarnation of 24 was interesting to watch from an artistic standpoint, there have been additional misrepresentations made by
Carlos Bernard, and Keifer Sutherland. The writers have taken a show that was really wh*red it out for cash. I would argue that this was WORSE than season six. Just junk. Like Donald Trump leasing his name to a high rise building.

I do have a question for the moderator: Was there any reference to Xander Berkley, what any of Solitary even remotely referenced?

scroll up a few comments, there’s no
backstory, no redemption no nothing for tony
in the finale.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised after the lousy treatment his character received in every episode this season.

They basically ruined Tony’s character and the very meaning of his return all in the name of “not confusing those “””millions””” of new fans this series is now catering to”.

Considering these are the lowest ratings in the series’ history by FAR, I’d say that “new fanbase” they were looking for didn’t materialize.

Why? Because 99.9% of the time this “we’re foregoing the old fanbase to cater to a new one” rhetoric ALWAYS fails. Idiots. They made their bed and can lie in it. 24 has never looked as bad as it does now. Seasons 6, 8 and LAD look like MASTERPIECES in comparison to this turd.

was this entire thing designed to troll 24 fans? are the writers salty for some reason?

Yep and the biggest troll of all was Tony. Promises of backstory and redemption and they did neither.

I’m wondering if the writers even wanted to do this spinoff at all. I think it was Fox that wanted 24 to continue. Manny and Evan were already on board for an X-Men pilot, and had to abandon it when Legacy was picked up. Manny also pitched Legacy as an original series, but someone convinced him to turn it into a 24 spinoff.

It’s astounding how everyone but Fox could see this was doomed right from the start.

Really? I’m not astounded at all. FOX is known for making nothing but poor decisions with some of their largest properties for quite sometime now, with or without people like Tom Rothman. This is par for the course with FOX. Business as usual.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 1:02 pm
This new Prison Break also seems to be heading in the same direction. Right off a cliff. When will Fox execs learn to just leave well enough alone.

I never got into that show so I can’t attest to anything but I’m sure it involves character assassination, bad writing and complete disrespect to the fans, correct?

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 1:24 pm
you hit the nail on the coffin their JD. Just substitute Tony Almeida for Michael Scofield.

Pfft!!!! Figures. FOX seems to really love the old “make a fan favorite hero into a villain” angle.

I rather like the new PB. After 4 seasons of mindless self-sacrifice for the people he loves, there’s bound to be an explanation for him executing that CIA officer and being pally with the evil goat worrier.

I don’t think it was doomed from the start. On the one hand, it was pretty telling (and occasionally extremely annoying) how many commenters were convinced that this “reboot” absolutely had to involve Tony/Jack returning to the forefront, while maybe killing off all the new characters for good measure. A good chunk of the fan base was never going to give the new cast a chance, no matter who it was. Which is understandable.

But then again…

Even keeping it as an action show, there’s just so much that could be done with the basic format that doesn’t involve CTU-moles-terrorists-hostages. How about this Bin-Khalid mission they talked about so much? You could make a killer 24-hour season about a spec-ops mission gone wrong, trying to complete the operation, get out of the country, etc. Or something like (the massively underrated, imo) 24: Redemption – follow a bunch of civilians trying to hide out or escape during a coup. By dropping Jack, they were destined to alienate many original series fans regardless – they should have taken the opportunity to completely reinvent what the series could be.

(And while they were at it, don’t bring back Tony Almeida – period. All it did was turn the first half into a tedious waiting game, and it turned people off to the new characters even more than they already were. It’s pretty obvious it was a naked ploy to get more viewers rather than important for the story, anyway.)

Instead, they gave themselves the impossible task of trying to introduce and develop a completely new cast against the backdrop of maybe the most bland, generic, reheated story they’ve ever had on this show. How is it possible that every one of the last six episodes involved a different character getting taken hostage as leverage against a loved one? Something went terribly wrong in the writers’ room this year, and I really feel for the talented new cast who had to suffer through it. I maintain that the first episode was great on the whole, and there have been sparse highlights throughout – but I don’t think anyone could argue with a straight face that Legacy stacks up to even the weakest original seasons. This more than ever was the year they desperately needed to come up with something genre-shattering, but instead it was fuck-you-terrorists-are-happening like we’ve seen nine times before.

Well said, Big Boss, well said.

I DO agree that this turd may have stunk less had they at least tried something entirely new and NOT wave Tony in our faces like some false promise that it turned out being.

Legacy is, quite frankly, THE laziest season they’ve ever done. Hands down. No contest. It managed to rehash even more than LAD did. THAT…is pathetic.

Excellent points.

They made some really baffling decisions on the creative side.

I think a large part of the problem is they’ve become so used to doing these self-contained seasons, and this is the first time in ages where they were writing with future seasons in mind. I think that influenced a lot of their character and story choices and made them hesitant.

There appears to have been very significant rewrites at some point very late into the process. For example, the (partial) episode 9 script I have was quite different. Jadalla was on the loose, there was seemingly no Naseri character. There was no CTU attack – they were leveraging that “Grant” security guard character to get inside an Air Force Base hangar instead. Henry was a bad guy walking around with the jihadis, he pulled a silenced pistol out of his trenchcoat and killed the security guard (and ordered the death of his mistress too). Grant’s mistress died in the bomb vest explosion before she could give Eric and Locke any sort of lead or information (meaning no East July).. and a few other things.

So yeah, some notable changes. You can see how the earlier episodes were kinda building up Henry to the big bad / puppet master of the whole thing. That’s why they went with the reveal in episode 3 and spent the next couple episodes interrogating him etc. Then when they changed course, it made all of that feel pointless and it changed Tony’s scenes too. (And this is not even mentioning the Veronica Cartwright being cut/recast thing – Gerald McRaney filmed five episodes of scenes in one week). I kind of get the feeling that production was a complete mess.

Unfortunately we’ll probably never know the full extent of what changed and why. The DVD’s seem to get worse and more barebones every single time, we probably won’t get audio commentaries or anything. I hope we find out what happened some day.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 5:12 pm
Wow I would of much rather of preferred that storyline with Henry Donovan as the big bad as opposed to the trash we got now.

Yes, that would explain a lot. I loved Live Another Day, despite it recycling a lot of storylines too, in large part because you could tell there was at least some forethought put into setting up and paying off every character and plot development in the Margot segment. The second half was a little more scattershot but at least it more or less flowed from what happened in the first half, using the same McGuffin and explaining where exactly it came from. Didn’t hurt that you had so many great returning and new characters and a really strong sense of setting.

This? Entire subplots turn on a dime from episode to episode or just disappear without explanation. It really feels like they had no idea where each subplot was driving toward, or (apparently) like they had to completely rewrite entire episodes as they went. I also read somewhere that a lot of scenes were added to early episodes because there weren’t enough character moments – things like the phone call between Rebecca and Andy right after Mullins chewed him out. And still other scenes crucial to actually understanding the characters’ motivations – Tony’s scenes – are just canned for no reason.

And I love Major Dad as much as anyone, but I can’t for the life of me think of a more pointless character in 24, ever. Five full fucking episodes spent interrogating him about something the audience already knows, and which the characters don’t even need to stop the terrorists. Then in one phone call he spits it out anyway and the person he was protecting just fucks off, never to be seen again. How would the story be any different if he wasn’t in the show at all?

Any chance you could share those scripts at some point? Would be good info to add on the 24 wiki!

Absolutely, I’d love to share the scripts sometime. It’s just that I’ll probably have to transcribe them by hand or something since they contain sensitive info.

Not hard to do since they’re just a few pages each, but it’s more time consuming than simply uploading the PDF’s. I think it’s very interesting to see how things were changed (mostly for worse, unfortunately).

It’s way better if they have domne this storyline with Henry as the big bad guy and it will explain a lot of thing. Naseri could also work with Henry as his right hand man and they could devlop completely different plot were there is a new big threat in the last 4 episodes like they did with Cheng in LAD. Then they could use Tony diffrently as a major character who work with Eric to stop Henry doing his threat. But instead they just put the stupid plot of Henry being interrogate for all most half the season

Also In episode 4 Henry told John that he was blackmail by the terrorists because his company manager bought oil from ISIS while Henry didn’t even know about this. So he could easly fire his manager because he did illegal things and then the terrorists couldn’t blackmail him. His excuse sound stupid so I though it’s likely that he is hiding something big and maybe he has a big role in this. but the writers decide not to do it and this doesn’t make any sense.

And I just read in an article that Veronica Cartwright was cast as a series regular and they just cut her entirely role and scenes, I even remember a trailer or a behind the scene of 24 Legacy that they show her in it. I don’t remember a person that was cast as a series regular who was entirely cut from a show. WTF!

It’s look like the writers rewrite too much and the producers change a lot of scenes and for the worst. I thought that someone in a high position or a mole is working with the terrorists like almost other season of 24, but they didn’t done this and they don’t have any more cliffhanger in the end of the episodes and this show is mostly predictable.

If you can I would be glad if you share with as the script that you have because it’s look way more intresting than what we got now.

Have you ever seen “The Wild Geese”? Something like that would’ve made an awesome day of 24!

Band of mercenaries go on a mission to free a deposed African leader awaiting execution by the dictator who replaced him. After the success of the mission however, the people who sent them cancel their extraction – having made a deal with the dictator for natural resources in the country in exchange for the deposed dictators life and the men sent to rescue him.

Heard of it, will check it out – thanks!

That would be an awesome premise for sure. As far as modern shows I think they should emulate, Strike Back is basically old-school 24 turned up to 11. The cinematography and stunt work they pulled off on (what I assume is) a miniscule budget blows this season out of the water. Any given scene from it blows away this season technically speaking

Scott and Stonebridge, make Carter look like a complete fanny! Phillip Winchester, Sullivan Stapleton and the dude who looks just like him from Banshee would’ve been great new series leads for 24.

Indeed! I still cannot fucking believe they wasted Winchester as some do-nothing colonel last season…

Corey has far surpassed my expectations, I especially liked him early on in the police station episode – can be intense given the right material and if he bulked up (and were given a better season) I think he’d be a solid lead. After seeing Kong though I think he’s even better suited as the techie comic relief character.

as great as parts of season 7, 8, and LAD were, they should’ve just ended the series after season 5.

As awful as S6 maybe,I think it serves well as a final season.

Three things I would change about ’24’ if I had a chance to do so would be;

1) Keep Joel Surnow as showrunner… it was never better when he ran that series.

2) End the series after a gangbusters-great sixth season… I’m fully convinced that had Surnow been showrunner and the writers knew going in that the sixth season was the last, I truly believe it would have turned out much, much better… maybe I’m wrong, but that’s been my gut instinct for years.

3) End the ’24’ franchise with a big-screen movie when they were still popular enough in the cultural zeitgeist to get a substantial budget for it.

Again, just my own humble, fallible, and entirely subjective opinion.

Is Legacy considered canon?

Maybe it’s just a Jack’s nightmare…. ??

It would be a awesome season finale!!!!

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 11:05 am
lol. that would be pretty cool. I would even go a step further, when Jack wakes up from his nightmare its the end of season 5, and instead of the fake phone call, Kim is actually on the other line. He talks to her, then embraces Audrey. series over 00:03 00:002 00:001 :00:00

Might as well move that ending to Season 4. That way Palmer, Michelle and Tony would still be alive. Jack isn’t the only one deserving of a happy ending.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 11:15 am
I hope if Rebecca dies she does not get a silent clock. She is dirtier than a babies diaper. She obviously helped with Simms to break Tony out of Prison, and now hires Tony’s mercenary group to do illegal operations. To be honest I don’t believe a single character in this season deserves a silent clock, except maybe Carter’s wife. But judging by the photos above, seems like she survives.

I’m not sure she’s involved in that.

I don’t want Rebecca to die and don’t feel she’s “dirty”. She was willing to do what it takes just like Jack was. Jack kidnapped Jane Saunders and Syed Ali’s kids remember? And shot Henderson’s wife? And also threatened to bring Marcos’s mother to the blast zone of the fuel rods?

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 11:20 am
24 Spoilers. I think this might be a cool thing for us all to solve. I know Cassar did this for us in previous seasons. But can you tell us
What is the final line uttered in the finale? We can then rack our brains on who says it

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 11:20 am
i don’t think i did the spoiler button properly

The final line is…
“Let’s go.”

regarding the spoiler button use, easiest way is to first highlight the text you want to hide and then click the spoiler button. It’ll wrap the proper tags around whatever you have highlighted.

April 13, 2017 at 12:28 pm
Please just tell us if tony is the one to die or not :D

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 1:14 pm
Jackneedstobeback, Its pretty obvious as to the fate of Tony if you just read all of text within the spoiler tags

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 1:11 pm
thank you. So “Lets go” is the final line huh. Let the brain racking begin. 24 Spoilers, can you give of just 1 hint about the final line? Is it uttered by a Male or Female?

By a male. But just like the rest of this season, there really wasn’t any thought put into the final line. It’s probably not something you’d ever guess. I can tell you it’s not emotional, not a surprise, not a setup for future installments. It’s not “Let’s go” to Russia or anything like that. It’s something very mundane.

I’m guessing it’s probably Carter to Nicole. As in “Let’s go home”

Yep. *Yawn*

Heh, it’s even more mundane than that… it’s one character telling another character “Let’s go.” (into another room of the same building)…. Eric is part of the scene with two other characters.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 5:21 pm
uggh. what a disappointment. Well that at least confirms that Eric Carter survives.(no surprise there). 24 Spoilers.So is it basically down to Rebecca or Donovan as the Major death

Guess him going on a debrief? Or him agreeing to join CTU? Better if its Eric and Nicole going home in peace.

If they kill of tony i never wanna see 24 : Legacy again.. and will forget it ever existed, and wait till there’s a proper 24 season again with Jack.

Killing tony is the ultimate shitting on fans.

Doing what they already did with him in Season 7 and Legacy was already a sh!tting on fans, if you ask me.

I thought this website was called 24 spoilers. So how come you can’t tell us what happens?

24: Legacy is obviously just a con job to advertisers and fans to get people to watch something associated with the original. Reading the spoilers only cements that.

When Fox inevitably does 1 more season with Kiefer, they are not going to even acknowledge Legacy at all and that it ever happened.

The only positive thing to come from this disaster is maybe when Legacy is out on Blu-Ray, that the first 6 seasons will be as well.

I want to ask how did you manage to watch the finale before us all?

does Tony die in the 24 Legacy finale?

Hey I managed to guess the
Tony backing down part….that’s assuming it turns out to be true

”Let’s go….” Let’s go start a new life away from all this crime fighting? Let’s go get knocked up and have a kid? Let’s go home???????????????????

so tony backs off and leaves and that’s it for tony?

So much for your “epic Tony finale” eh, Stynes?

It’s over. They had no intention of honoring Tony’s character–just more BS and lies.

Naseri’s daughter should get the silent clock. Want to do something never been done before? Give a minor character the silent clock…

“Sir…every night I wake up in a cold sweat…reliving the moment my wife was killed in a car bomb blast. I hold her in my arms…her burnt face next to mine…she was everything to me. When she died…my desire for revenge…CONSUMED me…

“I know my actions have cost a lot of lives–I accept that–and I’ve accepted the fact that I’m going to die in this prison. But, if I could do this–if I could save even…ONE life on the outside…then maybe I’d feel worthy of my wife’s love again.”

Beautiful words and it felt like the old Tony again…and they flushed all this down the drain for “Tony the merc” cameo scenes with ZERO backstory revealed.

What an utter fckup.

They could have EASILY had Tony’s character doing missions to atone for his past sins without having to “confuse” all those “new audience members”. Simply have Rebecca say: “We use him for our off-the-books missions. He did some terrible things in the past and wants to atone for those actions.”

Simple. It has a great effect: pleases us Tony fans and perks the interest of the “new audience” (all ten of them) to look into the older seasons of 24. That simple.

I agree those were beautiful words…I just don’t know if they were genuine. Those eyeglasses with the escape plans made me question that afterwords…

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 5:29 pm
Excpept for the fact that I never believed for one minute he meant his line But, if I could do this–if I could save even…ONE life on the outside…then maybe I’d feel worthy of my wife’s love again.” I knew he was spouting BS from the moment he uttered it. The fact is the writers painted themselves in to a corner once he killed Agent Larry Moss and everything after that. It was too late for any redemption after that, thanks to the crap job the show runners did.

I’ll never tire of hearing your hilarious swipes at this expansive new fanbase JD. I feel the same. FUCK new viewers I say, if you’re confused then go back and catch up. That was the excuse they probably made to drop the Max/Alan Wilson conspiracies.

In Season 6, nobody knew who Fayed’s brother was as we’d never seen him on screen. Now just imagine, if Fayed’s brother had been Marwan or Syed Ali how much more awesome Jack’s “say hello to your brother” line would’ve been, furthermore it would’ve given new viewers a reason to go back and indulge in earlier seasons.

24 spoilers admin tell us what happens to tony in 24 legacy finale

Hey 24 spoilers, can you tell me if
Sidra dies?


Interesting indeed.
Then I’m 100% sure that Tony also survives. Can you please email me the major death? I have my suspicions but I would really like to know. I would really appreciate that. My email is [email protected]

An interview with Corey Hawkins about 24 Legacy and
a scene of Tony and Carter fight in the final.

I’m surprised they showed that footage. It’s the highlight of the entire finale and really the only exciting scene IMO.
For those that want to know about how Tony’s stuff plays out, that’s the majority of their showdown/fight and probably like half of Tony’s screen time.
He has maybe one minute of footage after this.

Ok so he rams Carter through the door. Then either Carter mounts a comeback and disables or kills Tony. Or Tony is about to finish Carter off when Carter tells him they need the girl to save Rebecca and Tony walks away

If eric kills tony, i’ll hate him.. forever.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 6:05 pm
JB53. shouldn’t it be the other way around.

April 13, 2017 at 6:36 pm
No.. i wish eric would get killed if he kills tony

So you’re saying there isn’t a
very dramatic showdown between Carter and Naseri and Bin Khalid? Nothing like Jack facing off against Fayed in the warehouse?

There is no
“dramatic showdown” at all really, it’s extremely lame, poorly shot, and really unsatisfying ending to Naseri/Bin-Khalid. I don’t even wanna hint at how it goes down, because it’s so stupid and over in like two seconds…

It will be lame if Tony dies by falling on a broken table leg in the house, or bricks from the fireplace fall on his head.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 6:07 pm
or even lamer. car bomb as they drive off.

public TV shows the footage. so you have to tell us 24 legacy spoilers admin. what happens after tony fights carter? like tony says “I NEED AN ANSWER” what happens?

Or maybe Eric knocks Tony out, secures the girl and hands her over, turns around and Tony disappeared…..either way we lose on Monday

tony says “I NEED AN ANSWER” and “WE NEED AN ANSWER” on what happens after tony and carter fights. what happens?

Tony whispers “Deep Sky” over and over again.

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 7:25 pm
hahahaha lmao

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 6:17 pm
Hey 24 Spoilers. My money is on Donovan being killed by Simms or a Simms goon to try and cover his tracks. Queue silent clock. Rebecca is rescued, both Naseri and Khalid is taken down. Time jump, both Rebecca and Simms must answer for their secret operation crimes. Eric and Nicole live happily ever after. Am I getting warm?

Oh I really hope thats not the case.
I think and hope Rebecca dies after all. It was in fact all about her. Donovan dying would be lame imo.

what happens to Tony after the fight with Carter?

Does Sidra betray Tony after the fight with Carter?

Is Tony by Sidra or shot mysteriously by someone? And his fate is left up in the air? Because Tony mysteriously disappears?

I mean is Tony shot by Sidra? Why doesn’t Tony help rescue Rebecca?

Bluetooth Group
April 13, 2017 at 7:27 pm
24 Spoilers ,
Am I right about Donovan sleeping with the fishes?

Maybe Aisha comes back for revenge and kills Isaac, leaving Nicole with only Eric?

Can you tell us if there is a silent clock?

Is there anything big in the promos that weren’t really picked up on, you noticed after the episode?

JohnGormleyJG, does Tony die after the fight with Carter? And why doesn’t Tony rescue Rebecca?

why doesn’t Tony help save Rebecca? what’s the big mystery? what’s the deal?

There’s no big mystery, I just didn’t want to spoil it since there’s not many big moments in the finale. But since Fox has already done that and shown the vast majority of it in their previews:
Eric beats Tony in their fight, throws Tony’s head through a glass window and then breaks Tony’s arm. Tony is sitting on the floor screaming and shouting in pain, and his girlfriend Sidra comes to the rescue by holding Eric at gunpoint. Then Tony gets a phone call…

I can’t believe Eric gets the upper hand on and beats Tony in a man 2 man fight. I’m shocked. I thought Tony was tough and resourceful. You know? It seems unbelievable Tony goes through a glass window and breaks his arm. I question the writers and producers on this move. But at least Sidra is there to protect Tony. And with the phone call…who is the phone call from Tony gets? And what is the phone call about? Is it about Rebecca? Or Jack Bauer? Does the phone call make Tony and Sidra leave before swat arrives? Does Sidra help Tony out of the house? Do they leave together?

If you don’t know who the phone call is from then obviously you didn’t watch last weeks episode. It’s obviously either Senator Donovan or Andy since they were trying to crack the code to Simms phone so they could call off the attack at the end of last weeks episode

Bingo. Andy finishes the hack on Simm’s phone, they call Tony who picks up thinking it’s Simms, Tony says there’s been a slight setback and he will “deliver the package” (aka the girl) or something like that. But then he’s surprised when it’s actually John Donovan on the line saying how that girl is the only chance of saving Rebecca, this changes Tony’s mind…

So essentially we get
a S6 Charles Logan cameo and outro with Tony.
Classy… thanks 24 writers!

And Tony actually picks up the phone???!!! Does he say: Almeida…..? Wow, so Tony first jobs (pro wrestling term) to Henry Donovan, and then gets jobbed out again to Carter?? Ouch… I would have preferred the other way around with Tony reigns-spearing (add a superman punch while you are at it) Carter through the door but Carter is able to tell Tony that this is for Rebecca. Now I am in love with Sidra and Moran Atias
But I still appreciate Admin for leaking this so I can enjoy my long weekend without thinking about this. I’ll be back after the episode airs and yes I’ll watch it. Thanks again.

Oh wait is the phone call Tony gets from Jimmy Smits?

Yea, they are probably going to be able to hack Sim’s phone and realize that Sims has been in contact with Almeida

so Tony is told to back off and Tony and Sidra leave?

No problem Frank. I was just trying to save some surprises for the finale, but apparently not even Fox cares since they showed almost the entire fight scene in that Corey Hawkins interview and then showed the ending of the fight where Eric breaks Tony’s arm in that video preview they released.

I personally think the Tony stuff was the highlight of the finale, those first five minutes or so were the only time I was on the edge of my seat. It’s a cool action scene.

But if you’re expecting some epic scene with Tony saving the day, or having his backstory explained, getting redemption, or some cliffhanger where he’s tasked with rescuing Jack from Russia or whatever… best to lower your expectations ahead of time. Tony is basically used to make Eric look good and then is written out a couple minutes into the episode.

So Tony and Sidra just leave Eric and the girl alone and leave and then that’s it for Tony and Sidra on 24 Legacy?

Yes that’s all for Tony in 24 Legacy. Eric kills the two guys on Tony’s team, shoots Sidra in the leg, then fights Tony and breaks his arm. So basically Eric wins a 4-on-1 fight and beats Tony’s entire team in just minutes.

Right after their fight Tony gets the phone call which causes him to back off. He tells Eric something like ‘i would’ve went with you to save Rebecca but you broke my damn arm.’ And Eric replies “Well you left me with no choice.” Then Tony and Sidra leave. End of Tony storyline.

And please make sure to use the spoiler tags when discussing this stuff andy since it hasn’t aired yet.

PFFTTT!!! So, it’s bad enough that Tony doesn’t join in on the rescue but the writers even TEASE us with that “I would have went with you” dialogue. And using Tony to make Carter look better? Wow…they really thought they had “the next Jack Bauer” on their hands, didn’t they?

Ok. so I’m using spoiler tag. Hope it works.
Um. How is Sidra able to hold Eric at bay while getting shot in the leg? And why doesn’t Tony offer to help Carter and help save Rebecca? why does Tony and Sidra just leave like that with unfinished business?

Here is how I remember the order of events regarding Tony. This is Tony’s COMPLETE role in the finale, everything, so spoiler warning…

1. Eric kills one of Tony’s men by shooting him through the window
2. Sidra then gets shot and the bullet hits her leg. Tony quickly takes off his belt and wraps it around her leg to apply pressure and prevent her from bleeding out, then leaves her safely behind a tree or something.
3. Tony and his last remaining man then continue going after Carter. Tony blows open the wall using his sticky explosive thing, it knocks Eric backwards and to the floor. (this is shown in the promo).
4. At the same time the wall is blown, Tony’s henchman kicks in the front door and Eric (who is still on the floor) shoots and kills him immediately. So now it’s just Tony and Eric left.
5. Eric runs inside a room and shuts the door while being shot at. The woman that was hired by Simms to hold Naseri’s daughter is killed in this gunfire by Tony. Eric then opens the door a crack and throws a flashbang, stunning Tony. Eric charges into the room after him and pushes him against a wall, causing Tony to drop his gun.
6. They get into a fist fight which you could see most of this fight in the videos Fox released. Eric wins by breaking Tony’s arm. right after that is when Sidra comes in the doorway limping and holding her gun at Eric. Eric thinks he’s about to be killed and closes his eyes, but then Tony’s phone rings.
7. It’s Donovan explaining how the girl Tony is trying to get is Rebecca’s only chance of living. Tony backs off and tells Eric to save Rebecca and then leaves with Sidra and it goes to the first commercial break. Tony is not seen or mentioned after that.

AWESOME stuff. Though I’m disappointed
Tony doesn’t help Carter rescue Rebecca. That seems to be the big thing missing. As well as Tony’s prison escape explanation and Tony’s redemption
. Why do you think that is, 24 Spoilers Admin?

So Tony is basically wasted in this entire season. Sounds like it could have been a random mercenary and not Tony at all, with no references to the past? I wonder if Eric even new who Tony was.

24 Spoilers, could you please just tell us WHO dies in the finale? Thanks.

Tony is written out of the show, obviously he dies and not available to rescue Rebecca. The question is, whether or not he is the proud recipient of the silent clock; if not, someone else may die or there is some silent clock elsewhere in the show. Or they have some lame thing like they did with Jack where the silent clock is with Eric crying back at his vehicle.

My hunch is that Tony dies before the first commercial break, it is an obvious death that no one could return from (e.g. shot 26 times, bleeds a gallon of blood, or Tony says something as he dies “look after my son”) and the silent clock lets us know that he is dead.
(for good)

I agree with Xam on the suggestion if kiefer ever agrees again to return to 24 don’t have jack work for the government on a prevional basis. But that let’s say getting him outta Moscow wasn’t easy for the u.s & he sorta has to go into survival mode to stay alive with no cheat codes from Chloe in fact that it would be Chloeless tbh. & jack kinda has to be resourceful maybe pull so military connections of his for him to come outta raussa alive. That could be a whole season in itself.

24 spoilers, Can you tell me if you believe the finale will help fox decide whether to give Legacy a season 2? And also do you believe if it gets cancelled that that will be the end of 24 forever?

I would say no. I think this finale makes a second season even less likely, at least with this current cast.

Can’t explain why without spoiling the big moment, But I disagree with the direction they went in this finale. It didn’t anger me, just left me even less interested in seeing it continue. At the end of the season, we’re left with paper thin characters that haven’t been developed and no interesting setup for future installments.

If the show gets cancelled, I don’t think it’s the end of 24 for good. I suspect a couple years down the line after Designated Survivor is finished that we’ll see one last miniseries with Kiefer, Mary Lynn, etc.

The miniseries thing blatantly doesn’t work though, they just need to drop it. You’d think the quality of the material would increase dramatically, and each episode would look twice as expensive with a half season, but LAD and Legacy both look very cheap and nasty compared to the original seasons. Maybe they could do a full season of 24 across 2 years?

Bluetooth Group
April 14, 2017 at 12:58 pm
24 Spoilers
Can you tell us where the last scene takes place before the time jump? If possible what characters are involved in the final scene prior to the time jump?

Carter, Rebecca, Donovan are in the scene that takes place just before the time jump. Can’t say the location they’re in otherwise it’d give away what happened.

Bluetooth Group
April 14, 2017 at 2:18 pm
24 Spoilers, I know you gave us the last line uttered of the finale, if its not a trouble or too revealing, could you give us the last line uttered prior to the time jump in that scene with Carter, Rebecca, and Donovan, but don’t tell us who says it?

This probably gives away the location they’re in, but… “Clear! Now… Resume!” and it’s not said by one of those three people I mentioned.

Bluetooth Group
April 14, 2017 at 2:45 pm
Thanks 24 Spoilers. You’re awesome!
Yeah its quite obvious where its at and what is happening. Seems like we may be getting that silent clock after that scene. Now I must rack my brain over the next few days whether its Donovan or Rebecca that bites the dust.

Is that scene set in a hospital? Some of the Atlanta casting websites said they were filming the finale in a hospital. So I’m going to assume that one of the characters dies there.

Yes and yes.

It’s quite telling that everyone is concerned about Tony’s safety but practically nobody seems to care about any of the new characters like Rebecca or Donovan.

Thank you.

I think thats because it is the first season. I remember not giving a crap about Tony back in season 1. Now I love him, even after Legacy.

When I think back to the original series I remember liking most of those characters from the very first episode. I cared about Teri’s safety when the “Alan York” twist was revealed in episode 6. I cared about Nina Myers when Jack seemingly killed her and left her for dead in episode 7. I cared about Palmer’s safety when Jack was being forced to assassinate him in episode 8. And I’m only pulling examples from the first 12 episode of season 1 so that it’s an apples-to-apples comparison.

Now think about all the stuff Rebecca has went through in the last few hours – shot at and nearly blown up by Naseri in the CTU attack in episode 9. Her husband is taken by the bad guys. She’s almost burned alive in episode 10. She attempted suicide in episode 11 and nearly bled out to death. And now the season finale revolves around saving her from being executed on a live internet broadcast. So why doesn’t anybody seem to care about her?

The most recent episode ended with Eric being trapped inside a house and surrounded in a 4-on-1 fight and nobody’s asking me if Eric survives or how he gets out of it. John Donovan is all alone in the same room as evil Donald Simms and yet nobody is asking me about John’s safety. Henry Donovan is still out there, Luis is on the run and nobody is asking me about them either. As said above, the finale revolves around rescuing Rebecca and yet nobody even seems to care. Everyone is just asking me about Tony, who has had maybe like 15 minutes of total screen time this season.

Just an interesting observation. 24: Legacy’s new characters don’t seem to be connecting with the audience.

Point very well made. I remember the first time I became a Tony fan, and alot of others would probably say the same.

“I’m not the biggest fan of Jack Bauer, I don’t like *bla bla*, but after midnight last night, you won’t get me to disapprove of a single action he’s taken.”

Right there!

Me, too. Same with the scene where he rescued Kim and Teri in that house.

And many of us only watched this show for Tony’s return. I never skipped through episodes of this show until Legacy. Even Season 8 (which I hate) had me watching every scene and finding something of interest in each episode.

I’ve never even fast forwarded/skipped through any of Kim’s Season 2 scenes or even any of the Marylynne Bauer scenes from Season 6. Not even the Milo/Doyle/Nadia stuff….yet I’ve been skipping and skipping away at every episode of Legacy so far.

24 Spoilers Admin, everybody only cares about Tony because Tony is the second most popular character in 24 history. Everybody loves Tony. Tony has been the supporting heart and soul of 24 from Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and now 24 Legacy. And Tony has unfinished business from 24 S7. Tony has unfinished business with Michelle Dessler and his son. And Tony has unfinished business with Jack Bauer. Tony has lots and lots of unfinished business with 24! And the fans wanna see Tony get what he deserves. They want Tony to have everything he deserves. They don’t want fresh faces. They don’t want new characters. They want Tony Almeida!

Really? Certainly we should be caring about SOME characters in the first season of ANY show.

I don’t know about you, but I cared about quite a few characters in 24 Season 1. I care for NONE of the Legacy characters. NONE of them.

Really. THE fans want THE ALMEIDA and Kim Bauer and Mandy and a new Palmer and Mike Novak and agent Pierce and THE TONY ALMEIDA and they want the characters they know and love from 24 on 24 Legacy. They don’t want something new. They don’t want newcomers. It was tried in season 4. Didn’t work. And THE ALMEIDA came in and saved 24 S4. They tried new again in season 6 and it didn’t work again. What happened? THE ALMEIDA came BACK and made 24 S7 the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s what the 24 Legacy fans want: 24 Legacy fans WANT THE ALMEIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And you said above that John Donovan didn’t die, also you said Carter was in the last scene so he didn’t die, and one of the trio died in hospital, therefore it’s Rebecca. Right?

Does the time jump happen very late in the episode like in LAD, or earlier?

Same exact time as LAD pretty much, last ten minutes or so.

won’t die, because
like Jack who had his situational cheat code to tech him through every situation (i.e. Chloe) Carter also needs a political cheat code to get him out of any bureaucratic shit and say “Give Carter whatever he needs” like the Palmer family/Heller/Taylor used to do.
Come to think of it,
It’s fucking ridiculous how many presidents Jack had on speed dial

Having any of the Jon Donovan storylines/characters continue any further would be line asking America to take seriously Osama Bin Laden’s son running for president.

I also doubt that Jimmy Smits wants anything further to do with this soon to be defunct franchise.

Is everyone seeing the finale early or something?

Although there isn’t any explanation of Tony’s backstory in the finale, do they use the time for something else good? Like an extended discussion about species of trees? :P

What have the 24 Legacy producers and writers said about this?

I don’t care if Rebecca lives or dies. In fact, I hope that Nasiri and co. cut her throat, shoot and kill Carter, kill both Donovans, blow up CTU and turn their guns on themselves. That’s how much these writers have failed me as a fan–I couldn’t care less if any of these characters died.

I care about Eric Carter. I like Andy. I like Isaac. I think Henry was underutilized. But Tony is the only connection to the original. I actually liked him more than Jack. So it’s obvious I’m more concerned about Tony because I know how many times the writers have tried to write him off already only to bring him back.

Video games have also managed to destroy characters like 24 messed up Tony. Look at what they did to Elliot Salem from the Army of Two games. Just look him up and you’ll see why I compared Tony to Salem….

Just watched the Patriots Day movie yesterday, which was an excellent film, and the guy who plays Khasan played the real life Chechen terrorist Tamerlane Tsarnaev in that movie. Really seemed like Khasan was modeled after Tamerlane as the characters are so similar, with Khasan radicalizing Amira and recruiting her the way Tamerlane did with Dzhokar. I wonder if he was cast in Patriots Day first or in 24 Legacy.

Will Eric have to be like Jack Bauer and threaten to kill or torture Naseri’s daughter in order to get him to agree to the exchange? Will this be when Eric realizes you have to get ugly sometimes in order to save lives?

Reading through this, I was a fan of most of the season and found it gripping but how I’m increasingly disappointed, especially if Tony’s character is so underused that they could have just had a random mercenary and not made a difference.

I have a feeling there will be a “major death” even though I don’t think there really has to be. I know its a hallmark of 24 but that’s one of the things I do believe is unnecessary and something I see as a negative.

24 FANS don’t wanna C new faces on 24 LEGACY. 24 FANS wanna C THE ALMEIDA on 24 LEGACY

Jordan Diederich
April 16, 2017 at 5:47 pm
Shut up, Stynes

I wonder if Eric Carter will ever go this far………

Asian Rebel: I wish THE ALMEIDA goes that far on 24 Legacy Tonight!

Yes when Jack threatened to infect Jane with the virus and shooting Henderson’s wife was truly badass. I think eventually Carter will have to learn to be like that too.

The time stamp says 11:00 pm- 12:00 pm…wrong it should be 12:00 am

Did anybody else notice them say 11pm to 12″pm” at the beginning of the episode?? Talk about a rush job…

Wow, I didn’t see Claudi’s comment until I posted. Lol , yeah noticed it right away Claudi!