24: Legacy Episode 12 (Season Finale) Video Preview

via Fox Broadcasting

OK, ready? The season finale in 24 seconds. It is incredibly heart pounding and tense. Rebecca Ingram has been taken, and she– oh, no, no, even before that, there’s a 10-year-old little girl who’s in a– oh, god, the farmhouse.

That’s so dramatic, because Tony Almeida is involved in trying to get back– well, here’s what’s really important. Carter is going to be tested. He is literally going to really–that’s not even the biggest point.

Oh, no, no. Even before that. Well, at the end– how much time do I have left? Did I go over? Maybe if I had a minute and 24 seconds– or maybe if I had 24 minutes? You’re just going to have to watch.


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Before the season I fully expected to loathe Andy. Amazing how he turned out to be probably my favorite character.

If there is another season with Jack and the gang I wouldn’t mind seeing him tag along somehow.

Looks like Tony and Carter are going to engage in a bit of hand-to-hand combat, if I’m not mistaken.

He said nothing.

Tony’s hair is filled with grey… it would be sad if a recently discharged army ranger couldn’t easily take down a former CTU desk agent that is probably in his 50s… just saying.

“former CTU desk agent”…tony was turned to be more than just a desk agent, right? He became a mercenary, working for Emerson. I’m not sure it would be that easy for Carter to take him down.

Where’s the head of field ops? Didn’t see him in the last episode. And the big problem is that I didn’t realize it until now…

You might want to read up on Tony’s biography and what training he had well before his first season on the show….”Former CTU desk agent” is insulting to his character and he’s far more than that.

He’s anything the writers want him to be at any specific time… unfortunately.

Andy is overselling/overhyping this. All of the talk is on the previous thread with the promotional photos.

They should have set the premise to be on a mission in the Middle East, maybe Afganistan or Iran where the rangers led by Carter were going into raid an army strong hold to retrieve some prisoners captured by Isis… they could have replaced ctu with a command out post supplying intel… they could have had a corrupt intel agent being paid by Iran or Russian, if they felt they needed to do the whole trader from within.

Bottom line… it should not have been tied to the Bauer series… just the same 24 hr period thing. This would have given it the fresh look they need.

They could have even had a Bauer cameo at the very end as he gets news from his Russian captors that he will be released and traded for a trader the Americans caught working for the Russians in the army command post. This would give Bauer’ story a good closure and created a new style for 24.

Just like I was saying in the other thread. There is so much potential in the format that hasn’t been tapped – even if it takes a new group of writers and a fresh approach. Imagine if you gave someone like Taylor Sheridan (Sicario screenwriter) a blank check to come up with a 12-16 episode real time series – new cast, new setting, the works. Hell, just make it an anthology series that comes back with a completely new premise every other year or so.

Yeah… actually the back story of them going in and killing bin-Khalid was more interesting than the actual plot of the series. Lol

Haha… very good! Lol

Wow, possibly the last 24 we’ll get forever.

Hope the season finale of 24: Legacy is going to end up as a “series finale” and I’m wondering if Jack Bauer shows up in a cameo.

If Carter kills Tony, I will forever hate him. But also notice the window in that fight scene. You’ll notice it’s during the day so looks like that time jump will happen. So either Tony keeps Carter hostage in that house the whole night of maybe that fight is with Naseri. I paused the frame and it wasn’t clear if it was Tony or Naseri since both of them kinda look alike this season.

Wow! That was the very last time 24 was the best show on television, which it would never be again.

Andy is a fucking retard. Fuck his bad acting and lame oversell. Tool.

LOL! Look at Not-Ed Helms here trying to make this turd episode look more exciting than it really is. LOL!!

I didnt realize the season was over!

when will episode 13 be out?