24: Legacy Finale Sneak Peeks

FOX has released some sneak peek clips from the 24: Legacy Season Finale tonight. The first three clips show nearly the entire first act, including the complete Tony and Eric showdown, which was the highlight of the episode in my opinion. Don’t expect much action after the first act.

Carter Does His Best To Protect Ara

Carter And Tony Exchange Blows (entire fight)

John Surprises Tony Almeida

Carter And Ara Wait For Her To Be Picked Up

Rebecca Might Be Looked At As A War Criminal


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Bluetooth Group
April 17, 2017 at 1:21 pm
wow, the original 24 never had to stoop to this level of showing so much footage before an episode, especially a finale which they never showed any footage except the little promo after the episode. The are desperate for viewers to stay alive for a season 2

Yep and they still appear to be releasing more (I just added a third clip with Tony and Donovan). By the time it airs maybe they’ll have released the entire finale in clip form haha.

Given you’ve seen the finale, does its quality warrant a renewal, Sean?

Not at all, in my opinion. I found this finale very subpar, easily the weakest finale of the series.

It confirmed that Tony’s role this season was entirely useless, the conclusion to Bin-Khalid and Naseri was laughably bad, the big emotional moment fell flat for me, the time jump felt wasted, certain characters suddenly do a complete 180, and there was no interesting setup that’d make me want to watch a second season.

It’s no secret that I haven’t enjoyed this season much and this finale only reinforced my opinion. I know some others have enjoyed it more than me, so I’m interested to see the reaction tonight.

Jesus! Just how lame is the Khalid/Naseri resolution? Carter and CTU go to the exchange, only for Khalid and Naseri to be t-boned by a truck at a junction on the way?

This is so disheartening. Especially since they got Stephen Hopkins back to direct this one.

Has there been a single bit of Tony screentime that hasn’t been in the promos?

He bandages Sidra’s leg for a couple seconds after the first clip ends, and the conversation between Tony and Donovan continues for like 20 seconds more after the third clip ends, but they’ve shown essentially his entire role in these clips.

So you’re saying Tony and Sidra won’t help Carter take out Naseri and Bin Khalid? What a big time waste. He interrogates Henry only to be shut down and then he tries to kidnap the girl only to stand down. He literally had zero impact on the story, but at least Carlos got paid for this shit.

Is tony explained?

Nope, Tony is beaten up and written out before the first commercial break, never to be seen or mentioned again.

I wish I was exaggerating, but 99% of Tony’s role is shown in those first three sneak peek clips.

So was Tony good or bad all along? Sorry I fell off this show so I’m curious how has character turned out to be?

Bad. He’s been working as a mercenary doing “clean up” jobs — killing people for cash. The latest episode showed that Tony had no concerns about transporting an innocent ten year old girl to a black site that she’ll never come back from.

The writers originally were going to do a redemption story, but scrapped that idea and doubled down on the evil mercenary angle.

Thanks for answering but UGH sounds like the most boring way to take the character. I loved Original!Tony but this is just silly. So he’s not even arrested at the end? He’s just not mentioned? He’s 24’s version of Sideshow Bob I guess

Do you know how the writers originally were going to redeem Tony?

this is like XMAS merry XMAS 2 ME and merry XMAS 2 THE ALMEIDA

Reeks of desperation them releasing so many clips. Wow.

Is there really any other twists in the Finale other than
The Death
, or is it just typical finale formula?

There’s no twist or surprise other than what you mentioned behind the spoiler tags. It feels like nearly the entire finale (including post time jump) was centered around that one big moment, which just fell flat for me.

Given that I think it’s pretty obvious
Rebecca dies, as nobody else really has anything on them that would kill them. And her execution is pretty much the premise of the episode that you refer to, unless Eric somehow is shot saving Rebecca and winds up in hospital which I’m not sure about.
The only way I think Rebecca might survive is the fact that they have a giant sword to execute her with and if they kill her like that she’d be gone imediatley, no way she’d make it to a hospital 12 hours later. But they could easily shoot her if Eric jumps in at any stage.

The terrorist want to kill Rebecca in a live stream so why not just take a smartphone and upload her Execution live to the internet instead of waiting a hour and something for making Live stream with a computer. We are in 2017 and every one can do it. This terrorist are stupid and Naseri had huge potential but they wasted him.

Bluetooth Group
April 17, 2017 at 4:04 pm
24 Spoilers,
Donovan dies at the hospital right before the time jump
. Correct?

Bluetooth Group
April 17, 2017 at 5:35 pm
24 Spoilers, Thanks that actually answers my question then, based on the info you gave me previously regarding this scene.
Eric, Rebecca, and Donovan together in a hospital room with one of them dying, since we’ve eliminated Eric and Donovan from dying that leaves Rebecca to die after the “Clear….” line then silent clock, comeback from commercial break time jump. I just don’t understand why She deserves a damn silent clock. Shes got so much dirt on her its not even funny. The 24 writers just disrespected the fans with the misuse of the silent clock on her. Agree?

I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I felt nothing when she died – it was the most ineffective silent clock. Especially considering what we just learned about her coming up with the idea to capture Asa Naseri and keep her in that safehouse for a year (possibly forever?).

Simms mentions that she’d be tried as a war criminal, so it feels like they took the easy way out with Rebecca’s death. Plus the post time jump stuff kind of ruined Donovan for me in a way too..

Bluetooth Group
April 17, 2017 at 6:32 pm
that just ruins the whole season for me. I would of much rather seen a Donovan death with a silent clock, and time jump to that bitch Rebecca and Simms being put in front of a Court Marshall or something. Donovan was the one all season trying to do thew right thing and stand for the truth and whats right. He even had his dad brought in for interrogation.
what a let down. If they had handled this finale the right way, I may have been intrigued for another season. But now, they need to take this once pround franchise behind the barn and put it out of its misery

Ineffective use of the silent clock? Agreed…

The last couple of seasons the silent clock has come across as the “You killed Kenny – You Bastard” moment in the season. Just a big gimmick as far as I am concerned.

If Rebecca deserved the silent clock, Darlene from Roseanne certainly deserved it.

The writers really seem to take for granted that fans will automatically care about these new characters just because they’re the protagonists.

I’ll be shocked if Rebecca Ingram gets killed off in the “series finale” leaving Keith Mullins as the official director of CTU.

Carter has had no successes in this season?

None of his plans worked… there is nothing about his character that would make you ever want to call on him… they had a good line in an earlier episode, “Carter doesn’t lose because it’s not over till he wins.” But every successful thing he has been a part of came with ctu or his brother rescuing him unexpectedly.

That line above doesn’t really apply to him… lame