Teddy Sears reportedly not returning to 24: Legacy

Teddy Sears who played CTU Director Keith Mullins in 24: Legacy’s first season was a celebrity guest at Planet Comicon Kansas City this weekend, and he reportedly told a fan that he has no plans on returning for a potential second season.

Former The Flash actor Teddy Sears has expressed an interest in returning to the show in a slightly different role.

According to ComicBook.com reader Michael Leslie who was in attendance at Planet Comiccon Kansas City, Sears says has no plans following his turn on 24: Legacy this season and has told The Flash team that he’d like to return to play Hunter Zolomon of Earth One.

24: Legacy has yet to be renewed for a second season and FOX isn’t expected to make an official announcement until May 15th.

It’s possible the cast and crew have been notified early and given the heads up to begin searching for new jobs. Or maybe the writers chose to go in a different direction for a potential second season and will not be needing his character.

Whatever the case, it appears that we’ve probably seen the last of Keith Mullins.


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He has no plans because the show hasn’t been renewed so obviously he has no plans. If it does get renewed I’m sure they’d contact him. He started to show some fire toward the end of last season. I’d like to see how he does for a full season in charge in stead of feeding off Rebecca all the time

Has there been an official announcement from FOX regarding the status of the show? NO. So how can he plan to return?

This is fake news.

You are fake news.

It will be fascinating to see what happens on May 15.

May 1, 2017 at 7:27 am
Manny and Evan will hold a press conference, in which they keep bowing and apologizing profusely. At the end, they will perform seppuku and Joel Surnow jumps out of a cake amidst confetti, announcing he has reclaimed his place as showrunner.

Something along those lines, maybe.
But more likely, they’ll quietly ignore 24 Legacy’s existence and just release a brief statement of which of their other shows have been renewed.

Pitch just got officially axed so the Fox cancellations are starting….

And although nothing is official, Deadline is reporting that The Exorcist is expected to come back. So that leaves APB, Scream Queens, Rosewood, Sleepy Hollow, and 24: Legacy as their remaining bubble shows.

Going purely by that quote, it looks like he is saying he has “no plans” in general for his future career, rather than anything specifically about his plans for future Legacy stuff.

It’s open to interpretation, but Teddy’s comment seemed a little bit more specific than the usual “We’ll see what happens, fingers crossed it gets renewed” type responses that actors on bubble shows typically say.

I would think he’d have “plans” to return (as in a clear schedule) until told otherwise.

And I don’t think he would’ve contacted his former employer about returning to his old gig unless he knew that he’d actually be available. Reaching out to The Flash team also seems a little bit more specific than the typical “I had a blast on that show and would love to return someday” answer that actors usually give.

But who knows, it’s not really clear.

May 1, 2017 at 6:11 pm
I dont mind him returning to the flash.. he was awesome in that.. and he was my favourite in 24 legacy.. welcome back zoom/hunter zolomon

I’ll be surprised if this gets renewed.

Slow news day ehh?

I can’t recall a season of 24 where the CTU director was the CTU director in another season. (Bill Buchanan comes to mind as a possible exception)

So posting a news story like this is like saying the lady who was playing Erin Driscoll wasn’t returning to 24 for season 5.

God forbid they bother developing characters past one season when they can just cast new actors in the same four stock roles every year.

I, for one, can’t wait to see who plays Arrogant CTU Director and Quirky Millenial Techie next season!

True, but almost all of them were written out during the season (Mason died, Tony went to prison, Erin left because of her daughter’s death, Bill was fired, Hastings was fired, the rest were temporary directors). So there wasn’t really the expectation that they’d return in the same job role.

Bill in Day 5 was the only one alive and well and he returned in Day 6 like you said.

24 Spoilers…

This evening, TV Series Finale sent out a tweet that 24 Legacy has been cancelled by Fox. A few minutes later, they said that the tweet was sent out “accidentally” and should not have been sent because they are still working on the wording of the tweet.

Stay tuned.

That post above me is simply not true. No such tweet got sent out. It’s fake news.

There has been NO NEWS YET regarding the status of Legacy.

I cannot wait to hear officially that Legacy has been renewed! Feeling very confident that Legacy will be back.

i really really want to have 24 renewed, however I don’t give a shit about 24: Legacy … it was just a silly low cost version of 24 with bad actors …

this…..so this

Bring back the real 24 please

The Predictor
May 2, 2017 at 8:38 am
24 Spoilers,

Now that ’24’ has concluded its season, can you add a thread where we rank favorite seasons, villains, episodes, etc.?

Yep, I’ll do a rankings post shortly.

There’s a 24 Legacy comic book for those that need more 24 called 24 Legacy: Rules of engagement.

Who would be the best choice for the lead character of season 2 or what the hell it is … now that we are sure that kiefer won’t return?

I would choose Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Ray Stevenson.

If A list actor I would choose Clint Eastwood with Jimmy Stewart :D

It’s such a shame Teddy Sears won’t be returning if a second series of 24: Legacy happens, he was a bit of an eye candy in CTU, he is a sexy actor.

I would have loved Teddy to return to his role as a CTU director (Keith Mullins).

I won’t be watching anyhow lagecy bombed pretty badly the shows I care about that I’m hoping get renewed are not on fox with the exception of the Simpsons I guess but I’m not counting that show.

> Teddy Sears reportedly not returning to 24: Legacy

Me neither…….

May 3, 2017 at 11:20 pm
> Teddy Sears reportedly not returning to 24: Legacy

Me neither…….

me 3 really hope it’s cancelled

He was one of what was a cast of uninteresting fringe characters on a mediocre show. Does anyone really care?