24: Legacy Set Torn Down
24: Legacy's set being dismantled. Photo credit: Sébastien Ayreault

24: Legacy Sets Torn Down

Twitter user Sébastien Ayreault has posted a photo of the 24: Legacy set being torn down at Atlanta Metro Studios.

The CW’s upcoming Dynasty reboot, which was officially ordered to series two weeks ago and films in Atlanta, appears to be taking over Legacy‘s sound stage.

FOX has yet to announce an official decision, but the writing has been on the wall. Legacy had very weak ratings and even worse critical reception. On review aggregator website Metacritic, Legacy has a 49 Metascore amongst critics and 4.8 user score compared to Live Another Day‘s 70 Metascore and 8.7 user score.

The network has already scheduled their Fall and mid-season lineup for the next year, but postponed a decision on Legacy so they could meet with executive producer Howard Gordon in the near future and “get a sense of potential next creative steps.”

If the show gets renewed, which looks increasingly unlikely at this point, it would probably be with an entirely new cast and creative direction.


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I have a feeling that 24: Legacy should be “one and done” if Fox makes a final decision soon and looking at the set being torn down meaning that we’re not sure yet on the future of the Corey Hawkins led series.

How sad, I quite like the CTU in Legacy, as it was fresh from previous CTU in other seasons :(

Good riddance. Let the sucker burn.

LMBO! I agree!

I don’t think the CTU has been “the same CTU” from season-to-season since season 5 or 6. If the franchise continues, they will probably change the “location” anyway just because.

I have serious doubts that the show will continue, at least in its current iteration. I was not impressed.

The constant cast/location changes are really damaging the long term viability of this show. It’s hard to become invested in characters that you know will only be around short term (12 episodes or less).

But in this particular case, starting over from scratch seems like the only sensible option. It would be a huge waste of time and money trying to salvage 24: Legacy, nothing about it worked.

Fox will not renew 24 Legacy.

They will wait and revive the original 24 as a special event in 2021 to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary.

We can’t wait that long!

Yes, it is a long time but it is the only option Fox has.

The 24 franchise is badly damaged right now. I agree with 24 Spoilers that trying to salvage 24: Legacy would be a huge waste of time and money.

On the other hand, starting over from scratch right now would appear desperate and admitting failure. Also, they would endure a lot of backlash if they replaced the African-American lead.

Their only option would be to wait until the 20th anniversary of the original 24 and present a special event series with the original cast.

Yeah I think that’s what will happen. Either in 2020 for the 10th anniversary of the series finale, or 2021 for the 20th anniversary of the pilot. Designated Survivor seems like the kind of show that will run about 3-4 seasons at most, so it would likely be wrapped by then.

Chlojack, Designated Survivor may not be wrapped in the 3-4 years. It is NOT owned by ABC. The show is owned by the Mark Gordon Company which did something really innovative. ABC simply “buys” episodes from Mark Gordon Company to air on US broadcast tv.

At the same time, Mark Gordon Company sold the rights to CTV Canada to air on their broadcast station (where the show was either the #1/#2 highest rated show all season).

The company also sold the international rights to Netflix International (where the show is the second most watched broadcast show on Netflix, right behind Big Bang Theory). Netflix International just signed a multi-year deal with Mark Gordon Company for more episodes. So if ABC ever cancels the show from their broadcast schedule, the show will continue on as long as it’s making big money for Netflix International. Also, if ABC ever cancels the show from their broadcast schedule, then Netflix would simply add the show to US Netflix and continue making more money. So you can see Designated could go on much longer than 3-4 years.

Damn 4 years with no 24
I guess we had to wait 3 years between 8 and LAD – and then – LAD and Legacy.

FFS – they really did screw this up.

We don’t necessarily have to wait 4 more years for another ’24’… not if they make a movie, which HoGo has still intimated could yet happen; if there’s a will at FOX to keep a lucrative franchise going (and if they give the production a decent budget of at least $35m or thereabouts), if they can find a good final storyline for Jack, and if Kiefer is still up for it (which he would be in a heartbeat), then it could be done and shot between seasons of Kiefer’s current series, with room to spare.

It likely won’t happen, lamentably, but it’s absolutely a viable option to consider…

Modern movies are shit though, especially movie adaptations of TV shows.

They just make the music cheesier and more orchestral, add more explosions and CGI and have the characters shout “NOOOOOOO!!!” more than usual. Plus there’s the usual claim that “this is for fans AND newcomers”, which we all know means the fans will get shafted.

And they will not green light a movie anyway. No profit in it. Even the dumbies at Fox know that. No way it will even recoup its 35 million budget, for example. Either they make it cheap, like that crap second X-files movie, or they never make it. Never is what it will be. Hopes and dreams is all any movie idea ever was and ever will be, theater wise anyway.

The right time for a 24 movie was back during season 4/5 when its popularity was huge, and every fucker everywhere was talking about it.

True, but the irony of it is that when the time was right for a movie, they simply couldn’t have made it because of the demanding nature of producing the series on a season-by-season basis.

Even though a script was supposedly finished – according to Evan Katz in April 2007 – they didn’t think they had the time to prep it for a shoot between seasons… although, somewhat ironically (again!), they DID have time, as it turned out, because they could have prepped after Day 6 then shot it during the three-month writer’s strike between Nov ’07 and Feb ’08, but of course, they didn’t know an enforced holiday was looming, so were unable to take advantage of it., although I like Redemption a lot so it all worked out just fine.

I’d love to still a ’24’ movie but it’s highly unlikely at this point, I’ll admit… at least a theatrical movie. But a television one – like the aforementioned Redemption – would and could still be a feasible prospect… maybe even a two-part television event (both parts being feature-length installments with a cliffhanger in between) that could be marketed as Jack Bauer’s last stand, making it a must-see event and making a mint in ad sales and international markets.

Again, all highly unlikely but it would be nice for a proper, final send-off to one of television’s most iconic shows and characters… it, he, and us deserve that.

Yeah, a tv event like that is possible. That all comes back to Kiefer though.

My heart bleeds.

24 Legacy will be renewed BUT THE Almeida and Sidra will STAY

Hope it’s the end of 24: Legacy but not the end of 24.

I just hope it will be set in LA, when the original 24 returns.

Seems like poetic justice that the ‘Legacy’ set be knocked down to make way for a reboot of an 80’s soap opera…..

I hope the producers, writers and all FOX execs see the error now in their naïve thinking that the 24-hour clock / split screen format was all that was needed to ensure a successful season – if the cast and plot are miserable, filming gimmicks mean nothing. They hopefully got the message that the show originally succeeded with great acting, compelling characters and exciting storylines.

FOX messed up Legacy so bad. There were so many characters still alive in the show who could have come back to lead. They wanted an all new cast so that new viewers wouldn’t have to know the original series to follow along. 2010 or 2014 wasen’t a lifetime ago, say like Twin peaks. People who wanted 24 watched for nostalgia period. Tony, Logan or even Chloe deserved the part. But again bad and repetive writing also with horrible casting this time around led to a complete flop. I loved 24 but it’s 2017 and time to move on. Nothing lasts forever, like Kiefer maybe we all need to move on. It was about ten years premature to start with an entirely new cast.

Personally, I think it potentially could have worked with an all-new cast if they actually fully committed to that idea and brought their A-game. Instead, they seemingly became afraid of failing and brought back Tony as a crutch to increase fan interest and boost the ratings.

It hurt them on the creative side because the writers were no longer focused 100% on developing strong new characters and instead had to figure out how to integrate an old character into the plot. And marketing-wise, I believe the heavy promotion of Tony’s return alienated whatever new fanbase they were hoping to attract with this. It no longer seemed like a “completely new” thing that new viewers could jump into, it appeared to just be a continuation of the original series with a different lead.

Yes, it might have worked with an all-new cast – but their casting choices were terrible across the board, starting with the lead and all the way to the CTU extras.

24 spoilers I agree that bringing in Tony the way they did was wrong. But they had close to 3 years to develop new characters. That was never really an issue before legacy when they had less than a year and always found a way to integrate new cast members. In Legacy they got it all wrong. Casting was almost always their strength. But I believe it was too soon and too repetitive to be fresh. The writers by the time tony came back had already lost most viewers because it was bad. Watchable but bad. I agree it potentially could have worked but the whole creative team needed to be perfect. It was too much for them obviously and perfection was few and far between since S5. IMO Tony wasn’t on screen since 2009. He was kinda new just not brand new. The 24 team didn’t have the temerity to kill jack or cancel the legacy flop immediately. I hope they finally grow a pair and realize it’s 2017, the format is not the star and it’s time to close the book, at least for now and do 24 justice. In 5-10 years maybe try again, until then stop trying to recreate lighting in a bottle.

Say whatcha want about 24’s 9th season but 24 has been terrible since Kiefer left. Even Tony was a waste & he hyped up Legacy…. for nothing so unless Fox & the writers can change Kiefer’s mind to return at some point, the so called creative attempts to keep 24 new with a new lead every year or so is just not going to to fly, because it’s just a desperate attempt to keep 24 going just to keep it going. They left the ninth season open ended for a reason, or so we thought. & Unless they go in that direction with Kiefer’s cooperation, 24 is just going in a desperate direction to make characters on the show including the lead to resemble Jack Bauer without Jack Bauer.

Unfortunately, we can forget about that option as Kiefer seems unwilling to come back to the role….

Kiefer is gone. He found a new hit series on a major network. That’s hard to do once let alone twice in consecutive decades. If he were ever agree to come back his role would be limited to a cameo or maybe a few short guest spots like tony. Do we really want that? I don’t trust the writers. Season 5 was universally acclaimed. Then S6 had 4 great episodes and sank. Season 7 opened strong again but the last half with jack sick were terrible. Then the first 14 eps on season 8 were repetitive and boring. Season 9 was pure nostalgia. I think Kiefer was not just afraid of being typecast but generally unimpressed with the writing and his pay cut. Yes, the writers left S9 open ended. But when you love someone set them free. They locked up jack just in case. Well he didn’t come back in 2015 and found a new hit. Maybe in 4-7 years after DS he would say what the hell. He’ll be about 60 then. But until then there’s no definitive answers for us. After the legacy flop forget a movie. Do we really want another season where we know he will live free or die? Let’s move on, I’m ready it was a great run and it’s been on its last legs too long.

This isn’t a definite death knell for the series (unfortunately….) – the CTU set was originally built at LA Center Studios for the pilot, and then dismantled and rebuilt at Atlanta Metro Studios. They could easily rebuild it in another studio somewhere to film more of their samey crap ;)

Carlos Bernard should of been the lead actor, nothing against the guy who was though. There should of been a story on how Tony Almeda was no longer in prison and the connection he had with Rebeca Ingram.

Agree completely. Tony is what the people wanted and they new that to some extent they brought him back for the hell of it. For whatever reason they never gave him a shot at leading. I wonder why. He was the natural choice. He was available. He was capable. Really, why not do the obvious? Give the people what they want!

How did Tony break out of prison? Why did Tony break out of prison? And who broke Tony out of prison? And what’s Tony’s “secret” connection with Rebecca?

Thank goodness, bring back the real 24 not the Legacy bullshit

Forget about Jack, Chloe, Tony, and terrorists.

My suggestion: save the real time gimmick and do something else, do Cliffhanger, Speed, Daylight, one of those action movies and adapt it to 12 real time episodes, refresh the show each season with a new cast and plot. Frankly, the whole terrorists thing is done. How many times do we have to see the same thing?

They ruined it by not giving Jack a proper closure, and this season was almost like a parody in how they used the same plotlines over and over.

24 is my all time favorite show but it’s over. Either reinvent the show or let it rest in peace.

Yeah, they could do so much more than just another save the world crap thing, if they wanted to actually use the real time element like they say they do. But instead, just a retread. Even worse it retreaded itself multiple times in the same damn season and was only 12 episodes. Pathetic.

The problem was that the new characters felt so much in the shadow of the old characters — the noble but scandal-troubled politician, the computer tech, the bureaucratic CTU chief, the generic Islamic fanatic. Add in a vague threat (credit for now using WMDs again but the sleeper cell thing just felt really vague), some incredibly repetitive plots (I think the last half were consecutive hostage exchange episodes), poorly-drawn new characters and poorly-utilised old characters and it just didn’t work.

Plus, I think they’ve lost sight of the benefit of real-time. At its best, it makes the episodes feel different as the day progresses, creates obstacles and also allows room to breathe during transport scenes while also having a real pulse to the action. However, this show is even more sped up than the original, the 12 hour format lacks the scale and variety and so it feels like a gimmick that isn’t even being well used.

Personally, I’d like to see them do something different with real-time. A missing child perhaps. Might not be a thriller but there’d be so much to do in real-time: the family, the police, the press, the suspects. Slow the pace right down a bit so the whodunit element comes out but really give the feeling of racing the clock.

What will happen with the 24 franchise now? Do a prequel season with showing how Tony got out of prison and his connection with Rebecca Ingram, And see if there would be room for Chloe. Unfortunately Kiefer said no more Jack Bauer, however I feel that Jack Bauer’s story is not over.

go back to the 24 episode format

Kiefer has said no & he’s got his borrrrrrring TV series Designated Survivor. But if Fox or the writers change his mind, I’m sure he would return. Cause right now 24 is not what it used to be – they showed that to everyone with Legacy. Kiefer listened when they pitched the 9th season, so maybe that’ll happen again. The balls in all three of their courts.

I believe Kiefer is wasted on Designated Survivor too

It’s a mediocre show – will still watch it for the conspiracy stuff but it’s just not as good as 24.

Bring back some compelling writing over 24 episodes, on Netflix and I’m sure we’ll get some good TV.

The whole ‘how many bad days can Jack Bauer have?’ question is irrelevant. This could be about Jack escaping an helping a expose a larger conspiracy with the cabal from Season 7 and later being pardoned by the new president. I’d go with a mini-series, or one or two whole seasons.

I agree as far as that impo his whole how many bad days can one guy have is a pretty bad excuse not to return. Besides that it doesn’t really matter. It’s a freakin tv show. He’s basically dissing his own show.

When Kiefer threw out that crutch, it was obviously self-serving to temper the disappointment he knew fans would have. If Jack was Kiefer’s age, that would have only been 9 “bad” days out of 50 years. The way Kiefer tried selling it, government agents fighting terrorism don’t have that many bad days – which I find hard to believe.

Yeah, especially since they are dealing with bad guys and things that can cause bad days on a daily basis as a job. 9 bad days isn’t so bad really.