24 Season 2

24 Season 2 Artwork

24 Season 2 DVD Audio Commentaries

Here are all six 24 Season 2 audio commentaries found on the DVD. 24 Season 2 Episode 4 commentary by Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida), Sarah Wynter (Kate Warner), Michelle Forbes (Lynn Kresge): 24 Season 2 Episode 6 commentary by director Jon Cassar, Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers): 24 Season 2 Episode 10 commentary by Penny Johnson… View Article

24 Exposed

24 Exposed – 24 Season 2 DVD Special Features

Here’s a special feature 24 Exposed found on the 24 Season 2 DVD’s. It is by far the lengthiest special feature coming in at two parts both running approximately 45 minutes long. The feature follows the last days of production on 24 Season 2 and features many cast and crew members including director Jon Cassar… View Article

On The Button Exploding CTU

On the Button: Exploding the CTU

On The Button: Exploding the CTU is a special feature found on the 24 Season 2 DVD release. In the video, Stan Blackwell demonstrates how the special effects team exploded CTU.

24 Season 2 Deleted Scene Lake Oswego with helicopter

24 Season 2 Deleted Scenes

The 24 Season 2 DVD set has 45 extended and deleted scenes from eighteen different episodes. Lake Oswego with Helicopter (Episode 1 “8:00am-9:00am”) Street Kid Washes Jack’s Window (Episode 1 “8:00am-9:00am”) Palmer Talks With Ambassador on Monitor (Episode 1 “8:00am-9:00am”) Keith and Palmer Talk on Phone (Episode 1 “8:00am-9:00am”) Extended Fight Between Gary and Kim… View Article

24 Season 2 DVD Promo

A brief promo advertising the second season of 24 available at Best Buy. It manages to fit in a lot of Jack Bauer catch phrases in just fifteen seconds – pretty cool!

The Cast of 24 Panel at Monte Carlo Television Festival

During the Monte Carlo Television Festival, World Screen News’s editor, Anna Carugati, moderated a panel with the cast of FOX’s acclaimed thriller 24, from creators Bob Cochran and Joel Surnow. In the excerpt below, the series’ stars discuss the challenges of the show, and the elements that have made it an international hit. For the… View Article

24 Season 2 boxset

24 Season 2 box set announced, large amount of extras

Here are some details on the upcoming 24 Season 2 box set. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will once again give viewers the chance to catch up on one of the longest days in Jack Bauer’s life. The studio announced over the weekend it is set to release “24: The Complete Second Season” on DVD… View Article

Fact and Fiction Mix on 24

LOS ANGELES — An uncanny similarity to current events is seeping evermore into Fox’s high-profile drama 24 as the show nears its season finale. The show, starring Kiefer Sutherland, has been developing subplots that remarkably mirror world events — even though most of the script was written well before the world was plunged into war… View Article

Michelle Dessler in 24 Season 2

Reiko Aylesworth interviewed by TWOP

Television Without Pity has scored an in-depth interview with the wonderful Reiko Aylesworth. She talks all about the second season, dishes on lots of behind the scenes stuff, and much more. Gustave: When I nicknamed you “Bitchelle,” I didn’t think I’d ever have to talk to you. Reiko Aylesworth: I was actually pretty pleased with… View Article

24 Season 2 Episode 23 Press Release (6:00AM-7:00AM)

JACK ATTEMPTS TO BRING IN THE COMPUTER HACKER, PALMER WANTS TO FIND OUT ALL HE CAN ABOUT PETER KINGSLEY ON ’24’ MAY 13 ON FOX Jack attempts to deliver the one person who can help to prevent the military attack now close at hand. Meanwhile, Palmer continues the push to prove the country is going… View Article

Tony Almeida drugs Ryan Chapelle in 24 Season 2 Episode 22

24 Season 2 Episode 22 Press Release (5:00AM-6:00AM)

JACK FINDS THE MAN WHO FORGED CYPRUS RECORDING, TONY PUTS HIS CAREER ON THE LINE TO HELP JACK, PALMER WINS OVER A CRITICAL ALLY ON AN ALL-NEW ’24’ TUESDAY, MAY 6, ON FOX Jack finds the man who forged the Cyprus Recording, but encounters resistance to bringing him in. Meanwhile, after Chappelle makes a major… View Article