24 Season 2

Xander Berkeley as George Mason in a 24 Season 2 Promotional Photo

Xander Berkeley interviewed by Sci-Fi Online

What was it that first attracted you to the role of George Mason in 24? I have to confess to pure ignorance on my part on what I was getting myself into. But that’s how things work out sometimes. There was a writers strike and it looked like production on a lot of movies would… View Article

TV Guide picks 24 as best show of 2002

The new issue of TV Guide is sure to ruffle a few feathers among television fans. The magazine has released its picks for the best shows of 2002. Topping the list this year is “24,” the Fox drama set in real time and starring Kiefer Sutherland as a secret agent battling terrorists in Los Angeles…. View Article

Kim Bauer 24 Season 2 Promo Pic

’24’ May Be Hazardous To Actors Health

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) – Apparently saving Los Angeles from nuke-wielding terrorists may not just be dangerous for the fictional characters on FOX’s hit espionage drama “24.” According to 20th Century Fox spokesman Chris Alexander, star Kiefer Sutherland — who plays counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer — tripped while coming out of his trailer and damaged his… View Article

24 Season 2 Episode 8 Promo (3:00PM – 4:00PM)

Promo for 24 Season 2 episode 8 (3:00 PM – 4:00PM). “Jack Bauer is trying to stop a terrorist attack that could cost millions of lives. Now, he gets the break he’s been waiting for. Hang on for a ride you’ll never forget.”

Marie Warner and Reza Wedding kiss

Marie and Reza’s Wedding Page

Fox has put up an invite to Kate Warner’s wedding on the official 24 website, which is pretty neat for the fans. I’ve reproduced it below: When I was introduced to Reza over two years ago in my father’s company, I knew that we would be together forever. Fortunately for me, he felt the same… View Article

Nina Myers is taken into CTU for questioning

24 Season 2 Episode 5 Press Release (12:00PM-1:00PM)

CTU SCRAMBLES TO RECOVER VITAL INFORMATION, JACK WANTS TO BE REASSIGNED, PALMER BRINGS A NEW MAN ONTO HIS TEAM ON AN ALL-NEW ’24’ NOV. 26 ON FOX While CTU scrambles to recover vital information, Jack forces Mason to assign him to another case. Meanwhile Palmer brings a new man, Roger Stanton, onto his team; Kim… View Article

Jack Bauer with a shotgun in 24 Season 2 Episode 4

24 Season 2 Episode 4 Press Release (11:00AM-12:00PM)

JACK FINDS A KEY TO THE NUCLEAR THREAT, PALMER UNCOVERS DECEPTION ON HIS STAFF ON AN ALL-NEW ’24’ TUESDAY, NOV. 19, ON FOX Jack turns the tables and finds a key to the nuclear threat while CTU suffers a critical setback; President Palmer uncovers deception on his team and must make hard choices about who… View Article

Sara Gilbert as Paula Schaeffer in 24 Season 2 Episode 3

24 Season 2 Episode 3 Press Release (10:00AM-11:00AM)

JACK JOINS A DEADLY MISSION, KATE AND HER FAMILY MAY BE IN DANGER ON AN ALL-NEW ’24’ TUESDAY, NOV. 12, ON FOX Jack’s undercover work pays off when he joins a deadly mission. Kim risks everything to save Megan from her violent father. Kate Warner learns that she and her family may be in danger,… View Article

Extra talks to 24 Season 2 cast ahead of premiere

The countdown is over for the return of “24.” Now, ‘Extra’ goes snooping for secrets from tonight’s premiere. “Extra” buckled-in on the classified set to see what season two secrets we could uncover. The race against time is on again! Kiefer Sutherland and the cast of “24” are back for another heart-stopping season of beat-the-clock… View Article

24 sponsorship deal spells trouble for BBC

An unprecedented sponsorship deal between the US maker of cult TV thriller 24 and Ford could mean major chunks of the first episode of the second series are cut when it appears on UK screens. Car giant Ford has paid over £1m to sponsor the first episode of the second series of 24, which will… View Article