24 Season 7

24 Season 7 Episode 5 Promo (12:00PM – 1:00PM)

Promo for 24 Season 7 Episode 5 (12:00 PM – 1:00 PM). Renee disobeys orders to search for Jack and Tony without backup. Emerson forces the Matobos out of their safe room. YouTube Link: 24 Season 7 Episode 5 Promo

Renee Walker is shot and buried alive in 24 Season 7 Episode 5

24 Season 7 Episode 5 Press Release (12:00-1:00PM)

JACK BAUER, THE FBI AND PRESIDENT TAYLOR RACE AGAINST TIME IN AN EFFORT TO THWART TERRORISTS ON AN ALL-NEW “24” MONDAY, JANUARY 19, ON FOX As the threat of terrorism escalates, Jack Bauer is forced to take matters into his own hands to avert the imminent crisis facing the country. Meanwhile, lives are on the… View Article

24 Season 7 German Promos

Here are two excellent German promos for the 24 Season 7 Premiere. Unless you understand German you probably won’t understand what they’re saying, but that doesn’t really matter because the visuals and music are so cool. YouTube Link: 24 (Twenty Four): Season 7 – German Trailer 1 [Premiere] YouTube Link: 24 (Twenty Four): Season 7… View Article

Tony Almeida grabbed by Jack Bauer 24 Season 7 Episode 3

24 Season 7 Episodes 3 and 4 Press Release (10:00AM – 12:00PM)

JACK IS BACK- AND SO IS TONY ALMEIDA! THE THREAT FACING THE NATION HAS GLOBAL IMPLICATIONS IN PART 2 OF THE SPECIAL 2-NIGHT, 4-HOUR “24” SEASON PREMIERE EVENT MONDAY, JANUARY 12, ON FOX Series’ Milestone 150th Episode Since Jack Bauer has been pulled from his senate sub-committee hearing to assist with the deadly domestic threat… View Article

Jack Bauer is on trial in the 24 Season 7 premiere

24 Season 7 Episodes 1 and 2 Press Release (8:00AM – 10:00AM)

JACK BAUER IS BACK AND THE CLOCK STARTS TICKING ON THE SPECIAL 2-NIGHT, 4-HOUR “24” SEASON PREMIERE EVENT SUNDAY, JANUARY 11, ON FOX Part 2 of the 2-Night, 4-Hour Premiere Event Airs Tomorrow Night Season Seven picks up in the months following 24: REDMEPTION after Jack Bauer sacrificed his freedom for the safety of innocent… View Article

Elisha Cuthbert filming 24 Season 7 finale, Kim Bauer on fire

24 Season 7 Finale Set Pictures – Elisha Cuthbert on fire

It just wouldn’t be 24 if Kim Bauer wasn’t getting herself in trouble. Here’s some set pictures of Elisha Cuthbert being doused with flame retardant gel and filming a scene in the 24 Season 7 finale where Kim escapes a car accident and her arm catches on fire. Hey, at least it’s not quite as… View Article

Howard Gordon Discusses 24 Redemption

Last night main character Jack Bauer’s return in the two-hour television movie “24: Redemption” led Fox to a rare Sunday night victory in the ratings, according to Nielsen’s Fast Nationals. Showrunner Howard Gordon discusses the program in an exclusive TVWeek.com day-after interview with TelevisionWeek Publisher and Editorial Director Chuck Ross. Mr. Gordontells of the real-life… View Article

Manny Coto and Evan Katz interviewed by TVAddict

First the good news. On a recent visit to the set of 24, your very own TV Addict (alongside a small group of fellow journalists) got to spend a good thirty minutes grilling the incredibly affable 24 executive producer writer hyphenates Manny Coto and Evan Katz on everything from which fan favorites might soon be… View Article

Howard Gordon on 24: Redemption, 24 Season 7

It’s been a long wait for 24 fans. A whole season was pre-empted last year due to the writer’s strike, but it’s brought back the show energized and better than ever. And the long break even afforded the creative team to craft a stellar two-hour prequel 24: REDEMPTION which airs Fox on Sunday, November 23… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland on cover of TV Guide November 17 2008 issue

Kiefer Sutherland lands cover of TV Guide

Kiefer Sutherland tells the Nov. 17th issue of TV Guide, “It’s so great to be back in Jack Bauer’s shoes”. In the mag, the 41-year-old actor also shares personal photos and captions from the South Africa set of 24: Redemption. Here’s a snippet of the cover story: After way too many delays, 24’s long-awaited Season… View Article