24 Season 8 Comic-Con Panel – Full Video

Here is the full 24 panel from Comic-Con 2009 courtesy of kjbsvfan. It’s split up into four parts due to YouTube’s ten minute video limit restriction but they’re all embedded below for easy viewing.

However if you’re the type of person who just wants to see the brand new footage from the season 8 premiere, watch that here.

via kjbsvfan / YouTube

via kjbsvfan / YouTube

via kjbsvfan / YouTube

via kjbsvfan / YouTube


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[..YouTube..] Yes, that’s what I thought too when I first saw this. I’m not going to apologise for it because I’ve heard worse. But thanks for the notification anyway.

[..YouTube..] yay yay happy to see starbuck again

[..YouTube..] love freddie prinze this season gonna be good.

[..YouTube..] I love this show…This is only TV show I watch

[..YouTube..] thanks for posting this. looks like you had fun. I was at the 24 panel last year. I hated not being there this year . :)

[..YouTube..] starbuck!!!!

[..YouTube..] Surprisingly good audio quality. Awesome.

[..YouTube..] This is taken with a high end camcorder- not a cellphone- that is why the audio is good :)

[..YouTube..] Same here! LOL

[..YouTube..] She’s unfortunately playing a role very different from her Starbuck character on 24

[..YouTube..] i have more footage of this

[..YouTube..] Anybody knew will Tony be in season 8?

[..YouTube..] Did you notice what Kiefer said? He said: “Season 8 will take us back to season 1.” Could that mean that this has something to do with Nina Myers or maybe even Teri Bauer? And if Donald Sutherland really shows up in season 8, I can’t imagine what kind of role that would be.

[..YouTube..] Hm, interesting video but sadly it’s hard to hear and understand this way, so can you write down what did Rajskub sad?

[..YouTube..] love to hear kiefer, he is sooooo sexy! thanks

[..YouTube..] thanks love to hear kiefetr talk.

[..YouTube..] kiefer is manly and HOT!

[..YouTube..] Can anybody write what Kiefer saying? I’m not good in english and I dont understand him. Thanks a lot!

[..YouTube..] Thank you so much for putting this up!

[..YouTube..] “I forgot, my wife is big here.” Hilarious

[..YouTube..] love freddie, cant wait 2 see him in24.

[..YouTube..] what kind of a dumbass name is starbuck

[..YouTube..] does he remind you of your dad?

[..YouTube..] Liar. It’s a rick roll.

[..YouTube..] hey guess what i luv twilight and harry potter and 24 cuz kiefer is pretty sexy and i luv club penguin and ryan is americas sweetheart

[..YouTube..] Thank you so much for these videos!!!!

[..YouTube..] Mary is sexiest nerd I know lol

[..YouTube..] Sean Callery’s music is amazing.

[..YouTube..] very good audio quality and wonderful to see the amazing producers and actors of 24 !

[..YouTube..] “Introduction of renee is fantastic!” WHUUUUUUUU!

[..YouTube..] i’m not understanding, could someone explain me what is “comic con” ? i’m from argentina :(

[..YouTube..] i love freddie! So excited to see him on 24

[..YouTube..] i wanna smack the parent and the baby!

[..YouTube..] best show on TV,,, by far

[..YouTube..] u are rite

[..YouTube..] 24- the best-

[..YouTube..] who is starbuck?

[..YouTube..] I don’t understand why kiefer doesn’t have a british acent…

[..YouTube..] Battlestar Galactica! Great Show

[..YouTube..] katee sackhoff is fecking brilliant..she oughto be acting a lot more in movies..she was just amazing in BSG

[..YouTube..] I bet Freddie Prinze Jr. is beside himself that he’s on such a wonderful show!

[..YouTube..] 8 years in America (from what we know) probably explains it

[..YouTube..] Raised in Toronto, he’s Canadian really.

[..YouTube..] hell yeah to the desi’s who love anil kapoor!

[..YouTube..] that’s what I was thinking. starbuck, sounds like the single coffee shop before it became a national chain

[..YouTube..] Final Season of 24? I just saw the latest show at lightsnightstvshows (.) com

[..YouTube..] Final Season of 24? I just saw the latest show at lightsnightstvshows (.) com

[..YouTube..] Happy to see Anil Kapoor!!

[..YouTube..] so are they going to kill of jack or not? lol

[..YouTube..] jack jack bauerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[..YouTube..] anil kapoor is awsome

[..YouTube..] *thx* for $haring !

[..YouTube..] i love mary lynn

[..YouTube..] @xluv4dancex wtf doess club peguin has to do with this?

[..YouTube..] “I know her!” David Fury

[..YouTube..] honestly those who don’t understand Bollywood (That’s everyone) for Anil Kapoor to do this is just way unexpected

[..YouTube..] God I love Mary Lynn. “Totally party?”. A comic genius :)
And Kiefer rocks of course. I miss this show so much. I’ll just have to keep watching these clips on YouTube until the movie comes out. That’s just sad… :/

[..YouTube..] lol hahaha dana walsh stupid terrorist

[..YouTube..] I love Mary!! She’s epic!!

[..YouTube..] I love Anil Kapoor…