Hrach Titizian to guest star in 24 Season 8

Hrach Titizian in Homeland
Hrach Titizian in Homeland

Actress Necar Zadegan posted on her Twitter that she ran into an old friend while filming on the set of 24:

ran into hrach titzian today. First the tiger, now 24:) Remember that Float audition way back? thats right, we’re in this together dude.
8:11 PM Aug 4th from web

A day later, Hrach also confirmed he was shooting on 24:

I just got home from shooting “24”. What a great show! And a great crew! Too bad it’s supposed to be the last season:(
10:46 PM Aug 5th from web

According to his IMDB listing, Titizian is playing a character named Nabeel.

Source: Necar Zadegan & Hrach Titizian Twitter