24 season 8 Promo: Survive (Extended)

This one is mostly similar to the original debut promo but contains fifteen seconds of additional footage (one minute compared to 45 seconds).

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8 “Survive” Promo (HD)


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[..YouTube..] I love seeing Jack happy with Kim and her daughter. It’s great that Renee is back, she was so good in season 7.

Season 8 looks awesome.

[..YouTube..] doesn’t the sniper guy at 0:22 look like Tony Almeida?

[..YouTube..] No, not even a little bit.

[..YouTube..] Ba’al from SG1 in it? Awesome

[..YouTube..] It’s Cliff Simon, who played Ba’al in Stargate SG1

[..YouTube..] Holly cow! Jack is back. I guess is not the end world after all

[..YouTube..] can´t waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] YAY CTU and Renee are back!!!! :)

[..YouTube..] look forward it!

[..YouTube..] Sweet! I can’t freakin wait!

[..YouTube..] I need to set a timer…
january 17th…
january 17th…

[..YouTube..] no Freddie Prinze Jr. is trapped in a burning car at 0:18! He’s not going to die right?

[..YouTube..] Holy shizzzzzzz this is going to be amazing! Can not wait!

[..YouTube..] cant wait for Jan 17

[..YouTube..] If im not mistaken this will be the last Season of 24? Something big HAS to go down.

Also, i think i see Starbuck in this promo.

[..YouTube..] jack is back …………portugal esta a tua espera ansiosamente por dia 17 .

[..YouTube..] I hope he dies.

[..YouTube..] Jack the best and still undefeated!

[..YouTube..] Just to claify we dont know if this is the final season, FOX are currently in talks about this issue right now but the tipping point will be how Season 8 preforms in the ratings, if they do well (which they should) and Kiefer and the writiers are happy another one should be given the go ahead. So no final season talk until its been absolutely confirmed by FOX.

[..YouTube..] best series ever!!

[..YouTube..] well, let’s hope he doesn’t follow the path of the Jack Bauer prodigies that came before him…..

but then again, considering what happened to both Chase Edmunds and Mike Doyle….well….things doesn’t look so hot for our new Director of Field Ops….

[..YouTube..] cant wait for new series of 24. a old bollywood actor plays the president of the UN

[..YouTube..] Starbuck at 0:47 ??

[..YouTube..] yeah she’s in this final season.

[..YouTube..] Emm final season, why are you going around spreading this shite, there is absolutely no information to suggest this is the final season, FOX are waiting for this seasons ratings… Kiefer himself has said that the audience will dictate whether or not the show returns. Stop spreading lies at this point until you know the bloody facts.

[..YouTube..] @quiteapackage no this is the last season no matter what keiffer even said so he said he works 16 hour shifts and he doesnt have a girlfriend or anything so he has decided to finish the show

[..YouTube..] Emm no this isnt the last season, Kiefer does actually have a girlfriend but hes also the highest paid actor on TV so as long as that continues he wont be going anywhere soon. Your post sounds so stupid, I can just see Kiefer when hes signing his contract with FOX “What about my girlfriend” get a grip.

[..YouTube..] I really love 24.. I hope this won’t be the last season
just make it until day 24! I can’t get enough of bauer!

[..YouTube..] 24 :D <3

[..YouTube..] I have watched every hour since hour 1 of Season 1… I am very much looking forward to this season!

[..YouTube..] Actually he plays the President of a fictional middle eastern country Kamistan

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer must have so many health problems. He’s been beaten, tortured infected with a bio weapon. didnt he have a heart attack in Season 2?

[..YouTube..] he’s escorting an informat and people are trying to kill him? Reminds me of 16 blocks

[..YouTube..] Does anybody know the music in this trailer? Looked around for it but there are no forums about it?


[..YouTube..] very sad to see Kim survived and that stemcell treatment worked out. The optiomal start of the season woulda been Jack waking up with Kim dead and him getting real angry at america. How could they miss suchan opportunity?

[..YouTube..] jacks grandkid is cute…

this season is in new york!!! – i so cant wait

[..YouTube..] hello masura… what do u expect from an “Angry on America Jack”… Jack is best being angry on bad guys bro..

[..YouTube..] really want to see Renee Walker this season, Jack Bauer immortals. The best tv-show. I so cant wait!!

[..YouTube..] Watch all season of “24” online for free in high quality at:


[..YouTube..] Watching this promo, I see a big change on 24. Looks good… can’t wait!

[..YouTube..] This commerical is SOOO cute!!! :)

[..YouTube..] Not sure, but I’m glad ur not a writer on the show.

[..YouTube..] Hey you cunts better not kill JACK in this movie