24 season 8 Promo: Run This Town

YouTube Link: 24 season 8 “Run This Town” Promo (HD)


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[..YouTube..] fantastic promo. This will get them away from their Playstation 3, from their XBOX, from their Wii….from their pocket pool.

[..YouTube..] Jack in the man. ” You’re going to tell me what I want to know, it’s just a question of how much you want it to hurt”.

[..YouTube..] pause it at 0:12 …looks like he’s going to kill that guy a little harder than the usual terrorist.

[..YouTube..] is this a joke ?

[..YouTube..] Cool trailer, lame ass rap music.

[..YouTube..] “Who Is Jack Bauer ????” Ah, the final words spoken by so many different dickweeds on so many different days…. :-)

[..YouTube..] LMAO my thoughts exactly…

[..YouTube..] “Who is Jack Bauer”

“Who is Jack Bauer…? Who are you, and how did you get a job at CTU?”

[..YouTube..] its the return of the god, jack bauer

[..YouTube..] And yourself…

[..YouTube..] Ruined by the nigga music.

[..YouTube..] never be so eager to see a tv series like this!!

[..YouTube..] Great song matches the trailer…..pshhhhh who is Jack Bauer?!who the hell are you?!

[..YouTube..] Chloe…. so sexy

[..YouTube..] yeah, suck it stupid terrorist we don’t know yet

[..YouTube..] Great song for an awesome show! can’t wait

[..YouTube..] How is it possible for someone to NOT know who Jack Bauer is in the 24-verse?

The man has saved not only the United States, but quite possibly the world, countless times, and saved multiple Presidents. Furthermore, Season 7 had him brought in front of the Senate for a public hearing & questioning. Unless the government covered up his involvement, Bauer should be well known, at least in government circles.

[..YouTube..] “Who is Jack Bauer?”

“The dude that’s gonna shoot your stupid ass in a minute!”

[..YouTube..] WOW…who is Jack Bauer??? The man with the highest body count in all of CTU.

[..YouTube..] remember, he’s got the highest body count in CTU.

[..YouTube..] that guy must have been living under a rock for the last 10 years!!!! wtf, he’s only saved the world a billion times

[..YouTube..] Check out my version of “Run This Town” on my youtube page. Let me know what you think.



[..YouTube..] How would the guy know Jack Bauer?

I mean we heard Palmer in Season 6 episode 18 “thanks to our various law enforcement agencies” He didnt say Thanks to Jack Bauer, even though we know ourselves it was Jack who saved the day.

In 24 world they dont thank Jack Bauer, they thank CTU or the FBI, so even though the guy is an ass for not knowing who Jack Bauer is, Jack hasnt really been publicly thanked in 24 world for his work has he?

[..YouTube..] yes but jack is one of the most famous CTU angants so you would think a CTU worker would know him

oh and BTW at the end of season 1 a reporter directly praised Jack Bauer for saving david palmers life on TV

[..YouTube..] How many years ago in 24 world was that, like 15 years ago, that new CTU guy was probably in high school, what would he know? I take your point though.

[..YouTube..] fair enough, plus CTU was dismantled so chloes probably the only ctu angent left from the old days

[..YouTube..] Jack is probably famous because of his trial in Day 7. Chloe said to him (in 7.03) that she watched it on an american channel. In 7.20, Hodges told Jack he agrees with his methods, he was digusted to see a patriot like him on trial. So with senator Mayer’s murder plus president Taylor owing Jack, the charges were dropped. Thus, lots of people saw why Jack is on trial : he did whatever he could to protect his country, the means may be illegal but necessary and such a devoted person is admirable.

[..YouTube..] The promo was ruined by the gangsta rap for it’s background music.

[..YouTube..] Not just white guys like 24. god forbid black music in the background. sorry no dude music for ones!

[..YouTube..] And your idiocy ruined this youtube video’s comments. The song is awesome, don’t be a moron MaxxtheSlash.

[..YouTube..] Know what’s better than gangsta rap in a 24 promo? Music that actualy fits the theme of the show.

[..YouTube..] like what? ho just rock! right

[..YouTube..] He is well known, at least within those agencies. Especially after the senate hearings and everything that came to light during.

[..YouTube..] Just because someone is legendary doesn’t mean people NEED to thank him. (well…I would lol)

JMO, they know cos he’s a legend. He’s a legend because he’s AWESOME. :D

[..YouTube..] he’s hot!

[..YouTube..] woOOoo o_O THENK’S واو شكرا ^_^

[..YouTube..] hell ya jack bauer runs this town!

[..YouTube..] finally!!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack is such a badass

[..YouTube..] Who cares if the song is awesome TheHypaLink? Though that may be true, the song has absolutely nothing to do with the series.

[..YouTube..] @LordofOnionRings agreeddd!!!

[..YouTube..] who is the ultimate specialist Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris ?

for me is Bauer

[..YouTube..] what a promo

[..YouTube..] jack bauer is like the brett farve of counterterrorism, he’s never really going to retire

[..YouTube..] Chloe returns!!!!!

[..YouTube..] she never left

[..YouTube..] I was talking about the return on January 17

[..YouTube..] freddie prince jr and katie sackhoff? fuck this show

[..YouTube..] Busco quien me preste la season 8 de 24 !!! Gracias !!!!!