24 Season 8 Promo: Run This Town (version 2)

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8 “Run This Town” Promo #2 (HD)


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[..YouTube..] love 0.32 looks badass indeed

[..YouTube..] best promo yet, it gets me the most excited for the new season!

and that song is soo fitting…

[..YouTube..] 0:14

Jack is in CTU. Notice the black CTU director walk in in the background?

[..YouTube..] So Epic
So Action-Packed

[..YouTube..] Kiefer *———————-*
i luv him…..<3

[..YouTube..] The guy that punches Jack…ain’t gonna last past 10 pm. 50 bucks. In fact, I’m looking forward to yet another sweet Jack Bauer kill…

[..YouTube..] Why talk of Season 9 as final? The success of the 24 series should be able to sustain interest to many more seasons. So much is happening in the world and story writers are aware of this. I recall MASH had 11 seasons.

[..YouTube..] kiefer sutherland has said this is proberly the last season but he and the writers have always said they wana end 24 with a movie

[..YouTube..] Kiefer has never ever said Season 8 would be the last. He has always said as long as the audience wanted another season and the writiers could give another season he would be there to do it. As to whether we will get another season, I think it will depend on how Season 8 does in the ratings.

[..YouTube..] actually he has said this is proberly the last season and yes it will be judged by ratings but he said the writers are struggling to keep the storylines as good as they have been there will only be a 9th season if the writers feel they can do it but this season looks amazing


That’s a good tagline!

[..YouTube..] “kiefer audience will dictate end” into google its the first link. I think this proves FOX are waiting for the ratings of season 8 before they decide.

[..YouTube..] Could you please provide a source for Kiefer saying the writiers were struggling, that sounds absolutrely ridiculous

I’ve just found this interview he did before season 8 started filming he says with Ausiello that says

“Whether season 8 is the end or not, I dont know, he continues. I
love making the show, so Im leaving my options open. And in all
fairness, I think the audience will dictate that more than anybody. I you type

[..YouTube..] So excited. Can’t wait!!!!!!!

And, Chloe looks amazing this year. I mean, 0:25 SO SEXY!!!!!

[..YouTube..] I can’t wait!! This season looks so good

[..YouTube..] i took what i said from what kiefer said to empire magazine its should still be on the site if you wana check they qoute him saying its proberly the last season but weve all ways wanted to end it with a film your taking the quote wrong if you really want we could compare dick sizes but like your gf ul be sorely disappointed

[..YouTube..] man, season 8 looks very good with the slo-mo camera angles in the urban environments…but as before roll with the:


[..YouTube..] ok so i just wana say all the bitchin and moan dont mean nothing the writers have done a brilliant job with everytime does it matter if its the last season? yeah its been good while itys lasted but theres only so much you can do with jack bauer before it becomes stale and stupid lets just enjoy it at its best before all the fan rage brings it down and yeah quiteapackage im talkin to you amognst others if they wana end it so be it least we had a good ride while it lasted lets just enjoy it eh

[..YouTube..] You seem to have taken this personally, all I asked for was a source, theres no point saying something you cant back up.

Kiefer himself said the show will continue as long as people keep watching and the writiers can keep things fresh, which is exactly what they’ve been doing for the past 9 years.

But your comment on the writiers struggling is the worst most made up comment I’ve ever read, as if Kiefer would acknowledge such a thing publicly. Theres people just like you over on the 24

[..YouTube..] The kind that come out with all the shit of the day but never any sources, then when you ask for them they turn on you. Get a grip

[..YouTube..] Also what bitching and moaning, you degraded yourself first with that pathetic dick comparing comment.

[..YouTube..] hahaha i did give u a source if you had botherd to actully read what i said and as for degrading myself with a dick comparing comment did i really quiteapackage? irony anybody? its a show dude get over it

[..YouTube..] You told me to go to some site, you started this stupid argument. You get over it.

[..YouTube..] i told you where the interview where he said that was i dont know what more you want you made this an argument dude all i did was post a comment which i have every right to your the one who acted like i broke into your house on xmas morning and pissed on your kids

[..YouTube..] You didnt give me a source, you took the coward way out and told me to go to some site (but the interview may have expired now), you couldnt actually provide a link. You know its not that hard to do, even provide a quote or something but why the hell would Kiefer (whos been working on the show for 10 years with the same writiers) come out and say “they’re struggling now” I mean can you comprehend how utterly stupid you sounded when you posted that.

[..YouTube..] Haha, I love that “New York gets jacked”! :D Awesome.

[..YouTube..] season 8 looks HD lol.

[..YouTube..] made a personal ring tone from 0:00 to 0:40 of this video on Tube 2 Tone[dt)com.

[..YouTube..] bunch of winy bitching girls,who gives a fuck lol

[..YouTube..] 3 weeks away, i cant wait!

[..YouTube..] Yeah, but we get wait almoust year, here Finland :/

[..YouTube..] 0:28 chole looks like michelle dessler or is it just me

[..YouTube..] No dude, Chole just became a BILLION TIMES HOTTER WOOW! kinda funny she started off as not hot and now shes smokin!

[..YouTube..] I hope Tony Almeida comes back for Season 8!

[..YouTube..] @Zain844 tony was truly evil. remember?

[..YouTube..] lets hope this season was better than the last

[..YouTube..] i actually liked him better when he was evil.

[..YouTube..] jack was never evil

[..YouTube..] damn staright!!!

he just does what he has to do to get the job done.

“If you don’t tell me what I want to know, then it’ll just be a question of how much you want it to hurt. ” season 5

[..YouTube..] @Zain844
Yeah, I’d also like to see Tony back in it, he was cool, whichever way you take him. Though if Renee can get transferred to CTU NY, after whatever happened with Alan Wilson in the FBI interrogation room, then who knows? Although Tony did kill a senior FBI agent last time round, it was a little more than when he broke protocol, and potentially committed treason, to save Michelle. But, I digress, bring back Tony. Good or evil!!

[..YouTube..] I want to see Jack in the first episode (before the shit hits the fan) maybe at the gym working out or Sparring with someone so we atleast see how he stays in shape that would be cool

[..YouTube..] Can’t wait for it!

[..YouTube..] i reallllyyy reallllyyy hope they keep makin them and tony is there and WHAT HAPPENED TO AUDREY??? AUDREY NEDS TO B EXPLAINED ONE FINAL TIME IF SHE’S GOING TO B CUT OFF FOREVER!!1

[..YouTube..] CAN’T WAIT!!!! sooo exited!!….waiting for so long:>)) kiefer is the best :>)))

[..YouTube..] All series are amazing. I cant wait to see Jack Bauer Again. I have been waiting for this so long! Its gonna be fabulous :-)

[..YouTube..] @Yeroc357 Wow you really weren’t following the story in season 8, were you…

[..YouTube..] what is the name of that song in the trailer?

[..YouTube..] Charles Logan is coming back!!! Woo hoo! but, quick question, WTF happened to Karen Hayes ??? And while im on the subject, Martha Logan, wat happened to her? Arron didnt go into much detail in season 7. sorry for bad speling

[..YouTube..] Run This Town

[..YouTube..] it definitely seems like the writers have turned around and are now back good stuff. I loved season 7 far more then 6 and season 8 looks promising. I cant wait!!!!

[..YouTube..] it tells you at 20 seconds in…

[..YouTube..] @Ienjoyacidpops

I agree and why in season 7Jack feel still guilty for Teri and not for Audrey

[..YouTube..] lol , new york gets “jacked” :P