24 Season 8 “24 Reasons” Promos

FOX has begun to air a series of brief ten second promos called “24 Reasons [to celebrate the season]”. I assume there will be 24 of these promos in total (right now they’re being aired out of numerical order). I’ll update this post adding new ones as they air. You can watch all of them together via the embedded playlist video below:

24 Reasons Promos Playlist

YouTube Playlist Link

“24 Reasons” Promos


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[..YouTube..] Lapiduch FTW!

[..YouTube..] 24 is great!

[..YouTube..] lol it sounds more like “this january on Fuck”

[..YouTube..] lol, tackling a guy while sitting on a chair. Still can’t beat the vampire jack though.

[..YouTube..] I just love those two together. Jack and Renee are the best.

[..YouTube..] i agree … jack has tainted her from last season :P

[..YouTube..] I don’t what you mean by tainted.

[..YouTube..] he turned renee into a mini jack near the end lol :P

[..YouTube..] Yes, she did change into the female Jack near the end of Day 7. Renee rather put justice over job to get things done like Jack always does.

[..YouTube..] love 24 jack bauer is still awesome

[..YouTube..] Is that Herc from “The Wir” getting pwned by Jack? Awesome!

[..YouTube..] All those assault rifles on the wall and Jack tried to steal a pistol?! I guess he wanted to give himself a weakness to make it more fair for the terrorists he’s about to kill.

[..YouTube..] hahahaahaha thts great

[..YouTube..] lol! Awesome! I wonder where Jack was stealing from, all those guns, almost seems like Jack was stealing from CTU or a police station, heh…

[..YouTube..] If Jack still has his CTU Id badge on his Jacket he probably wandered off too the CTU Armory and tripped a security sensor.

[..YouTube..] whats up with all these reasons to celebrate the season? its not that big !!!

[..YouTube..] it looks like CTU

[..YouTube..] Time to kill off Jack and give the show over to Renee? hmmm….