Jack Bauer interrogates Santa

YouTube Link: Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus (via Rebel Christmas Card 2009)


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[..YouTube..] poor santa.

[..YouTube..] mucho lolz!!

[..YouTube..] ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[..YouTube..] Nice one…made my day


[..YouTube..] Finny sheet mang.

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[..YouTube..] haha, this is awesome, naughty naughty Jack

[..YouTube..] EPIC!!!

[..YouTube..] ROFLBAUER!! = )

[..YouTube..] Win. This video is made of win.

[..YouTube..] I thought that was pretty awesome XD

[..YouTube..] The Bush Era regarding terrorism…

[..YouTube..] Santa… so passionate, so wise, if only he could bring peace to the world with his incredible words…

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[..YouTube..] This was done really well

[..YouTube..] What movie/tv show is the Santa clips from? I swear I’ve heard that dialogue before.

[..YouTube..] lol. that was great

[..YouTube..] This could actually be an episode for 24.


[..YouTube..] OMG LOL NO offence but SUPER PUSSY LOL

[..YouTube..] Bet you cant click here! :P

[..YouTube..] LMFAO wtf all tuff guy n now epic at the end…u tell him santa lol xD

[..YouTube..] Lovin it
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hurry guy

[..YouTube..] I would let Jack Bauer interrogate me.

[..YouTube..] hahaha hilarious


[..YouTube..] wow that was awesome

[..YouTube..] Yup and it worked.

[..YouTube..] I lol’d so hard. we need more creative shit like this on youtube. 5/5

[..YouTube..] LOLL so cool

[..YouTube..] LOL awesome. Good show chap!

[..YouTube..] That was epic!

[..YouTube..] LOL. Jack Bauer is on the naughty list of Santa.

[..YouTube..] lol i like how jack switched clothes every cut XD

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[..YouTube..] That was the best video ever! Thank you for this!

[..YouTube..] who found this cause it is neat and sure love it if that was on a 24 series.

[..YouTube..] They did this with cut scenes… Wanna know how I can tell? 1:33 Jack has no coat. They cut to santa and back to Jack at1:39 and he has a coat! …They think they can pul the wool over my eyes. HA! :)

[..YouTube..] @1PATRI0T
bravo Sherlock

[..YouTube..] @1PATRI0T What are you retarded?

[..YouTube..] captain obvious is obvious

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer breaking into tears after being put on the naughty was brilliant.

[..YouTube..] LMao
LOL that was so good

[..YouTube..] I don’t get why people like this. Must be some sort of meme..

[..YouTube..] I’m guessing that you’ve never watched 24.

[..YouTube..] amazing

[..YouTube..] Brilliant! Great stuff! “You son of a bitch!”

[..YouTube..] @1PATRI0T
I the video was funny and you made it more funny with your comment…hahahaha….yeah men your good…hahahaha..

[..YouTube..] @1PATRI0T
Oh dude, you need help..

[..YouTube..] this is so funny

[..YouTube..] well duuuuhhh
its a parody for christmas xD

[..YouTube..] haha good shit!. Can’t wait for new 24 in Jan! wooot


[..YouTube..] omg…..

I can’t stop laughing…..



[..YouTube..] hahaha

[..YouTube..] lol this was hilarious

[..YouTube..] Nooo! The republicans got ahold of Santa! leave the old socialist alone!

[..YouTube..] Hilarious!!! how funny is 24

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[..YouTube..] lol so like we have to wear these slutty outfits we have to wear for my college volleyball team! I can’t believe it!


[..YouTube..] AMAZING

[..YouTube..] wat the fuck is goin on here lol did he kill him lol

[..YouTube..] i love his northern accent as well!!

[..YouTube..] ‘youre on the naughty list now’

‘you son of a bitch…’

[..YouTube..] this is sooooo brilliant!:)

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[..YouTube..] Brilliant!

[..YouTube..] Thanks for pointing that out, Captain Obvious. Instead of “Fake!”, try “Awesome editing skillzz, it made me LOL inside, Moar plzzz.”


[..YouTube..] What is this from?

[..YouTube..] did he die?

[..YouTube..] its 24

[..YouTube..] @Autonova

“Oh, and Jack… merry Christmas.”

(Jack cries)

[..YouTube..] ahahah

[..YouTube..] made my day

[..YouTube..] RY:
Merry Christmas, Kiefer Sutherland.

[..YouTube..] lmfao this is great. very nice editing.

[..YouTube..] jack keeps swithing clothes how quick

[..YouTube..] I’ve watched it 5 times, excellent! Laughed so hard my face is red…made my day!
“Give me there names!” “dancer prancer” *throws shit* “stop wasting my time, GIVE ME THERE NAMES” that’s my fav part and
“you’re in the naughty list” “you son of the bitch” omg epic. Santa is evil and Jack’s sad face is golden. Good stuff, more please!

[..YouTube..] incredible editing

[..YouTube..] wow I thought it was real for a second

[..YouTube..] Lmao!! Didn’t go on and on like some other edited clips do! Brilliant!

[..YouTube..] Brilliant!

[..YouTube..] what is this from?

[..YouTube..] Hahahahahahahahaha!

[..YouTube..] Good stuff!!!

[..YouTube..] @boyzalan

how could you stupid son of a bitch???

its obviously fake you retard cunt piece of monkey shit

[..YouTube..] Season 4

[..YouTube..] Chill out. Believing it was real for a second doesn’t deserve that type of harassment.

[..YouTube..] @karmaloko

The question is: Why are you behaving like a total douchebag for no reason?

[..YouTube..] I really thought it was real, especially if you see the version with better surround sound. lol!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @Omegado

just kidding, lol


[..YouTube..] Well, t’was not funny!

Merry christmas anyway!

[..YouTube..] happy holidays

[..YouTube..] AWESOME ROFL I loved it!

[..YouTube..] @qfina Thanks

[..YouTube..] haha thats hilarious

[..YouTube..] That’s AMAZING!! LMAO

[..YouTube..] “Jack…Your on the naughty list now.” lol

[..YouTube..] Haha Santa is bad ass!


[..YouTube..] this is funny

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[..YouTube..] “I DONT BLEIEVE YOU” lol.. too funny!

[..YouTube..] Now that’s funny!!

[..YouTube..] “merry Christmas” lol

[..YouTube..] Which episode is the “you son of a bitch” bit from?

[..YouTube..] Awesome! Lol

[..YouTube..] LOL that’s funny.

[..YouTube..] If anyone would like to listen to the song that plays in the background, search for “24 Soundtrack – The Bomb Detonates”

[..YouTube..] Your on the naugty list now Jack, the naughty list. PMSL LAWL LOL LMFAO LMAO
Funniest thing i hurd all year!! Nice one

[..YouTube..] awesome just awesome hahahahahaha

[..YouTube..] LOL Histerical!

[..YouTube..] the nawwty list!!

[..YouTube..] HAHAHAHA!! That’s hilarious!!!

[..YouTube..] Well done! =D

[..YouTube..] HOHOHO, naughty, naughty Jack !
Hilarious XD

[..YouTube..] Only Jack could call Santa a Son of a Bitch. Lol

[..YouTube..] why does santa have blood on him?

[..YouTube..] Check out Tiger Woods a mistress carol remake lol

[..YouTube..] Whats the difference between Santa and TIger woods? Santa stops after 3 Ho’s.

[..YouTube..] Whut.

[..YouTube..] haha I am so silly when I’m drunk I totally click on these bogus links!

[..YouTube..] @deepsnowed hahaha

[..YouTube..] This is SO funny. Very clever!

[..YouTube..] This is great.

[..YouTube..] wtf well ok i was jus waiting 4 santa 2 get his cut out :(

[..YouTube..] 5 STARs

[..YouTube..] Deliver billions of toys to good boys and girls just from the purity of his heart? BULLSHIT. The clues are everywhere. Look at the beard. The metrosexual pizazz. A kinky costume? Always watching ur kids? And why do you think he’s laughing all the time? Cause he’s getting away with it. Working at malls to have kids sitting in his lap? It’s a huge operation, elaborate scheme on a genocidal level. Billions of kids on the same night. A molestacide.

Yes, everyone. Santa is the king of pedophiles.

[..YouTube..] why thank you :D

[..YouTube..] MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!! We have to stop this evil sick bastard! He lures them with gifts…. just like a pedophile.

[..YouTube..] greatness

[..YouTube..] hahaaa that was well executed

[..YouTube..] I actually felt sorry for the poor bastard. Imagine if you woke up Christmas morning to find nothing but a bloody lump of cole under the tree? I’d be pretty bummed out. Poor Jack :(

[..YouTube..] Santa? More like Socialist.

[..YouTube..] this made me cry inside….

[..YouTube..] haha bummer…

[..YouTube..] @heartion lmao too funny man

[..YouTube..] Would be better of Jack Bauer’s clothing didn’t change 18 times in the clip.

[..YouTube..] Brilliant editing

[..YouTube..] LOLOL…hilarious. Excellent editing.

[..YouTube..] It would be better if you got off your arse and did something even remotely challenging and funny like this and then come back and post a comment that doesn’t tell the whole world what a failure you are at life.

[..YouTube..] haha “Give Me The Names!!” ” Well.. theres blitzer… hahaha


[..YouTube..] Only realised towards the end that it was edited.
Brilliant work, nonetheless.

[..YouTube..] santa goes bad lol

[..YouTube..] BRA-FUCKING-VO
I was smiling throughout most of the vid. Multiple lols were included. Excellent shit indeed.

[..YouTube..] poor santa hes always jolly and happy even tough they fucked him up =(

[..YouTube..] “you’re on my naughty list, jack”


[..YouTube..] Not funny, but good editing.

[..YouTube..] fab editing…this is awesome!!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack has the amazing ability to change shirts in a matter of milliseconds.

[..YouTube..] I think you mean Bra-fucking-ho ho ho :P

[..YouTube..] Ahahaha!! That was kinda funny. I feel bad for Santa…

[..YouTube..] This made my year.

[..YouTube..] Glorious comment.

[..YouTube..] ho hoh hohoo

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[..YouTube..] Quality! Well done!

[..YouTube..] excellent…..

[..YouTube..] Santa’s day is coming…. Loved it!

[..YouTube..] this is brilliant

[..YouTube..] That was Great

[..YouTube..] Awesome… but this does not constitute a true Jack Bauer interrogation. If it was, he would have followed through on his threat, popped Santa’s eye out, and then made him watch a live satellite feed from the North Pole where Jack would have his men standing by to execute the reindeer one by one until Santa spilled the beans. He just didn’t have the stomach to interrogate Santa properly. And no, Jack doesn’t give rats ass about security cameras.

[..YouTube..] Awesome… but this does not constitute a true Jack Bauer interrogation. If it was, he would have followed through on his threat, popped Santa’s eye out then made him watch a live satellite feed from the North Pole where Jack would have his men standing by to execute the reindeer one by one until Santa spilled the beans. He just didn’t have the stomach to interrogate Santa properly. And no, Jack doesn’t give rats ass about security cameras.

[..YouTube..] Now I wonder how he spends new years eve, *pictures Dick Clark Tied up in a chair Jack: “Tell me about the Ball your dropping in Town Square”*

[..YouTube..] damn it

[..YouTube..] it looks like they ruffed santa up a bit….

[..YouTube..] jack bauer is a fucking psychopath that show is the reason why we torture. fucking neocons watch that shit and eat it up

[..YouTube..] Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen STOP WASTING MY TIME

[..YouTube..] hahahahahha awesome

[..YouTube..] His reaction to the “Naughty List” is fucking priceless!!!

Cracks me up very time.

[..YouTube..] What a clever scene! I love the story, dialogue and very very good editing, tho i noticed Jack wearing different clothes in different shots…. and no clear shot of him and santa together, but I’m nitpicking I know – I really do think it’s classic!! thanks for sharing – made my Christmas (I know, I’m on the naughty list too!)

[..YouTube..] Frakkin’ ace

[..YouTube..] GENIUS..!!!!

[..YouTube..] Which episode ISN’T it from?

[..YouTube..] Your on the naughty list now…

You son of a B-

Blixen, Rudolph, those are the names!

[..YouTube..] If I could rate this more than five, I would.

[..YouTube..] Fkn epic !!!

[..YouTube..] this is a welll minted video!! haha lol

[..YouTube..] Dear Santa, just a few little tips
Jack Bauer Co-authored the naughty list with Satan.
Jack Bauers name is written on the naughty list in blood not his own.
Ever notice how it never snows on 24? Jack Bauer hates snow.
Santa sneaks into homes. Jack wrecks them.
Santa visits every home in the world in 24 hours. Jack saves the world two or three times.
Jack Bauer doesnt give presents. He takes them.

[..YouTube..] The greater miracle isnt Santa fitting all those items into his Christmas sack. It is Jack Bauer fitting his items into his sack.
Every year Santa sends Jack Bauer a Christmas list. It goes something like this. Dear Jack. I have been a good boy this year. All I ask for is you spare my life. Sincerely, Santa
No two snowflakes are alike because Jack Bauer never repeats himself.

Santas toy workshop used to be in the USA. Jack Bauer hates child laborers as much as terrorists.

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer never catches the cold, but if he did, hed interrogate it.

One Christmas Santa invited Jack Bauer to a sit down meeting to ask him if he was naughty or nice. Jack kicked over the table, tied him to the chair and said, I answer to no one.

Whats the difference between Santa and Jack Bauer. Santa has help bringing joy to the world. Jack is a federal employee.

One year Santa delivered Jack Bauers presents late. He now lives in the North Pole. Nuff said.

[..YouTube..] Santa gives coal to people on his naughty list. Jack Bauer gives bullets.
Ever notice how nobody has actually seen Santa since the 70s? He hired Jack Bauer to kill all the witnesses.
People on Santas naughty list get coal in their stockings. People on Jack Bauers get cement in their boots.

Does anyone else wonder why Rudolph rides alone on Santas sleigh? Lets put it this way. Santa cleans up after his reindeer now. Thanks for keeping our streets clean Jack.

[..YouTube..] Santa doesnt visit Jack Bauers house. Not because Jack doesnt deserve presents, but because nobody is stupid enough to sneak into Jack Bauers house.
In honor of Jack Bauer snow men are always made with three balls, because it would be impossible to even fathom anyone having two balls as big as Jacks.
Hey Santa. Jack Bauer puts his pants on 3 legs at a time you read that correctly.

[..YouTube..] If Jack Bauer received coal in his stocking, he would make diamonds out of them.

[..YouTube..] That is gold!!! Loved it!!

[..YouTube..] I caught the end of this on some entertainment show and thought it was a real episode. Genius though. Very funny.

[..YouTube..] lol this is freakin beastly :D

[..YouTube..] jack bauer is a pussy. straight up and honest.

merry christmas

[..YouTube..] that was awesome

[..YouTube..] this is Madness!!!

[..YouTube..] I want to be on santa’s naughty list so he can suck and jerk my cock dry while fucking me in my ass with a huge 14 inch dildo

[..YouTube..] this is SPARTA!!!

[..YouTube..] Loved it! you naughty boy. lol

[..YouTube..] Absolutely brilliant.

[..YouTube..] LOL fcking funny good job 5/5

[..YouTube..] this is how its done.

[..YouTube..] The word “there” is something you use for a place or thing, for example: over there or there you have it. Their on the other hand is used in for example: For their sake. Their dog got lost. Give me their names.
On a second thought, Jack says “Give me the names”, so your quoting is inaccurate.

[..YouTube..] i guess (you’re) video is better?

[..YouTube..] are you a teacher?

[..YouTube..] Alvedonglass – Yes. And how about these:
‘ It’s ‘ means ‘ it is ‘, not ‘ belonging to it. ‘
‘ Its’ means ‘ belonging to it. ‘ (No apostrophe)
‘ You’re ‘ means ‘ you are,’ not ‘ belonging to you.’
‘ Your ‘ means ‘ belonging to you.’ (No apostrophe)
‘ Her’s ‘ – There is no such word. It is ‘ Hers.’
I’ll probably get all flamed out for making these distinctions, but that won’t make me wrong (for now). However, I realize the language we use is changing very quickly.

[..YouTube..] That was so well put together. Very impressed.

[..YouTube..] Absolute win!

[..YouTube..] Probably the best thing I’ve seen all year; FUCK YEAH, SANTA!

[..YouTube..] Good one!

[..YouTube..] fenomenal !!!…..

[..YouTube..] Who was he actually interrogating in this scene?

[..YouTube..] actually these are 2 scenes cut together…. watch Jack’s clothes ;-)

[..YouTube..] pretty cool :)

[..YouTube..] *props* on that one buddy , its funny as fuck!

[..YouTube..] Two Words:
Master Editing!

[..YouTube..] don fuck with jack bauer

[..YouTube..] no shit, sherlock

[..YouTube..] @com34x:

Actually Jack interrogated Nina Meyers in this scene. And with the knife it was Walt Cummings from Season 5.

[..YouTube..] I love this so much

[..YouTube..] Ha, that’s what you get for messing with Santa …

Nice work!

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer gets humbled and pwned by Santa Claus? That’s awesome! xD

[..YouTube..] Hilarious!

[..YouTube..] hill-fuckin-arious!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! :]

[..YouTube..] lmaoo the directing is excellent!!

[..YouTube..] greatness

[..YouTube..] Totally amazing. 5 stars

[..YouTube..] LOL Fantastic!

[..YouTube..] Thanks for the info. Great Editing!

[..YouTube..] thanks

[..YouTube..] Your on the naughty list now Jack….the naughty list…..


[..YouTube..] the knife looks like a MT H.A.L.O.

[..YouTube..] JB: You son of a bitch…

[..YouTube..] AMAZAZING!

[..YouTube..] Santa and children should never be killed in a movie. Go Santa!

[..YouTube..] Hilarious


But yeah, I lol’d.

[..YouTube..] Santa is such a badass.

[..YouTube..] I CAN’T WAIT FOR 24!!!

[..YouTube..] A new Christmas classic !!

[..YouTube..] Great stuff!!! Love me some 24…

[..YouTube..] this is hilarious!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Absolutely clever!

[..YouTube..] I applaud whoever created this, because it is awesome.

[..YouTube..] This was so well put together I actually thought this was the next season of 24.

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[..YouTube..] This was absolutely awesome. Five stars for sure.

[..YouTube..] LOL your on my naughty list now jack oh snap.

[..YouTube..] I’ve been on Santa’s naughty list for years. You get use to it after a while.

[..YouTube..] haha well done!

[..YouTube..] Let me guess, busted for breaking and entering?

[..YouTube..] Awsomeness!!

[..YouTube..] 5 *****
genial ^^

[..YouTube..] Wow. For a second i thought this is for real…

[..YouTube..] hahah that was great

[..YouTube..] first time i saw this i thought it was real……..man this is has so much awesome in it

[..YouTube..] I think Mrs. Clause uses parental control locks on their TV as it took 7 seasons before Santa finally put Jack Bauer on the naughty list…

Jack realizes that he must choose between presents and keeping the country safe at 1:48

[..YouTube..] very cool :)

look for “rascal worlds ugliest dog sings christmas carol” awesome as well

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[..YouTube..] great video!

[..YouTube..] So diculous is RI-diculous. Haha! Loved it.

[..YouTube..] HAhahahahAHa lol omg

[..YouTube..] Wow this was great

[..YouTube..] I like when Jack says You son of a bitch…..

[..YouTube..] Ingenious! Bravo!

[..YouTube..] WOW!!!
just Wow……

[..YouTube..] OMG This is so Awesome!!

[..YouTube..] That’s Just Not Right !

[..YouTube..] Hah. At first when Jack reacted to Santa saying he was going to be on the naughty list, I was like, “Oh weird, he must be having some type of weird flashback when he was a kid.” I had no idea it was edited until I read the comments.

[..YouTube..] check out my funny vid it’s hilarious! much funnier than this.

[..YouTube..] SANTA IS NOT FROM ENGLAND!!! NO, everyone knows hes from charlotte, north carolina, or concord, but santas hard as fuck, possesion with intent to distubte/ stolen goods

[..YouTube..] LMAO 1:30
Your on the naughty list Jack
You son of a Bitch

[..YouTube..] It was a good idea poorly executed :/. I mean, Santa wasn’t scared in the slightest. Some quivering and genuine stress in his voice would have be hysterical. South Park did this right.

[..YouTube..] Haha…..Bauer got owned

[..YouTube..] my only problem is tha jack kept changing his clothes (i understand when its based on video of him talking but not of when hes walking out the door they he changed like 4 times when all could have just used one clip….)

[..YouTube..] Santa is from Finland!

[..YouTube..] ahhhaahahhahahaha

[..YouTube..] The clothes change cos they used clips from lots of interrogation scenes from different episodes. You should be impressed not criticising! They’ve managed to create their own story out of bits and pieces. Have a go if you can do better hokage102364!

[..YouTube..] if u werent a retard u would have seen i said at the end as in when one clip would have sufficed u dont need more than one clip to show someone walking out a door 1:36 so go cuck ur self dude it just so happens i 5 starred and faved this cause i did like it i was just simply pointing somthing out so maybe u should just keep ur retarded mouth shut

[..YouTube..] true this is hella fun xD

[..YouTube..] Editing was pretty cool. Simpsons did it right though

[..YouTube..] That’s because Santa kicks butt :)

[..YouTube..] omg i thought it was real haha

[..YouTube..] @kille6 then you are retarded

[..YouTube..] I have seen this old guy at Gautanamo !!! sure!

[..YouTube..] Americans. Please remember that the ‘right to remain silent’ also includes posting idiotic arguments on online forums, youtube and message boards.

[..YouTube..] haha it looks to real

[..YouTube..] nooooo not the noty list :(

[..YouTube..] I’ve been on that damn list before. Its no fun at all. None at all. :(

[..YouTube..] hahaha this is hilarious

[..YouTube..] brilliant !

[..YouTube..] you’re on the naughty list.

[..YouTube..] This comment sucked so hard, it’s unbelievable.

[..YouTube..] He’s not messin around when he says your on the naughty list… i know… :(

[..YouTube..] I lol’d.

[..YouTube..] Brilliant

[..YouTube..] hahahahahha

[..YouTube..] hahaha well done.

[..YouTube..] Santa:this is going to be a long night becose i dont know shit!

[..YouTube..] ROFLMAO hahaha

[..YouTube..] omg..that was hilarious

[..YouTube..] this is awesome!

[..YouTube..] WElll done

[..YouTube..] “You son of a bitch!” >:|

[..YouTube..] he backed down lolllllll


[..YouTube..] xD

[..YouTube..] i know this is just me BUT … why has the santa got a rusian accent??? WTF!.
Santa comes from Lappland , finland

[..YouTube..] @Bestever4everSince



[..YouTube..] @Bestever4everSince of COURSE ITS FAKE U DUMBASS GOD UR AN IDIOT

[..YouTube..] kill the santa

[..YouTube..] lol great 5/5

[..YouTube..] I feel santa’s presence everytime I do something I know that is wrong. It’s like he’s telling me to do evil. Oh wait, I meant satan. oops



[..YouTube..] I love it.

[..YouTube..] he is terrible at interrogating

[..YouTube..] i’m crying with laughter XD

[..YouTube..] @secretorganisation kill santa and you will kill your fathers lover

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[..YouTube..] @mccclellen7 this isnt fake

[..YouTube..] trolling is fun

[..YouTube..] I guess it would have been even funnier if I knew the original scene.

[..YouTube..] what movie is this can anyone tell me

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[..YouTube..] @bzn500 fuck your orpheus. merry christmas.

[..YouTube..] no presents for u this year … ur on the naughty list now jack…. the nauuuuuuughty list…it sounds so perverted:))))

[..YouTube..] at 0:52 he sounds welsh

[..YouTube..] Thanks Big Willy

[..YouTube..] HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so funny!!!!

[..YouTube..] Brilliant!

[..YouTube..] dude…is the guy in a real movie and they just added the santa part?

[..YouTube..] LMAO
nice compilation of scenes

[..YouTube..] The crying makes this 3x better.

[..YouTube..] haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dat was totally wicked ……ah weak

[..YouTube..] it’s a tv show.. called 24

[..YouTube..] yea its fake…lol

[..YouTube..] watch?v=wm-waccwdXI
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[..YouTube..] LOL…24 is my favorite show! Must say this was funny as hell….dude did a pretty good job making this up. That ending crying scene made me die laughing!

[..YouTube..] santa is british??

[..YouTube..] Santa ain’t a limey Brit.

[..YouTube..] hes obese, fat and stupid so he has to be american

[..YouTube..] LMAO
You obviously failed Geography at school. Can you ‘be’ more stupid?

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[..YouTube..] epic lol ever

[..YouTube..] That’s **#*ed up

[..YouTube..] How the hell did anyone find this funny?

[..YouTube..] of course hes fat obese a pedophile hes british all right and stupid and made 100 baby elfs

[..YouTube..] St. Nick lives in the North Pole he isn’t an American so reason he has funny accent….

[..YouTube..] this is gr8

[..YouTube..] OMG I love the weird stuff in this vid, reminds me of the shower scene I did last week

[..YouTube..] WOWW Miley Cyruss really has a nice body, can’t believe she would do this.i watched her video @ WowMiley (dot) – get it for free com

[..YouTube..] ..no. St Nick was Turkish, all the more reason for Jack to want to interogate him, LMAO!!

[..YouTube..] Freeze the vid at 1:05 and you’ll see it’s not Santa

[..YouTube..] No …seriously ?

[..YouTube..] Who plays Santa? He’s great!

[..YouTube..] This is an English accent first of all, not American. Secondly, it’s a spoof video? It might take the edge of it slightly if he was speaking Russian or Danish. Though please feel free to film your own version using more probable languages :)

[..YouTube..] hahahaha

[..YouTube..] Nicely done.

Someday they’ll get that bastard Santa to reveal all his secrets.

[..YouTube..] As John McClane once said:

“Best Christmas bonus I ever got!”

Awesome video.

[..YouTube..] Santa should have offered Kiefer some booze. Bad santa….

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland is the ultimate hollywood sell out. (which is why this video is funny)

He’s agreed to propagandize that “torture is okay”, and he’s doing it for a constitutionally illegitimate regime. He’s a piece of trash.


[..YouTube..] hilarious!! good job putting it together!

[..YouTube..] Lol Nice vid +5

[..YouTube..] i don’t like this video :(

[..YouTube..] Awesome. 24 is a solid show. If you disagree it’s because you’re a terrorist.

[..YouTube..] That’s great.

[..YouTube..] type in “tik tok parody tiger woods” in the youtube search engine
you’re GUARANTEED to laugh

[..YouTube..] hah!

Just saw Worlds Ugliest Dog Singing Silent Night, one ugly dog. very funny.

[..YouTube..] Well done. Demented, but well done.

[..YouTube..] I like when Jack says, you son of a bitch….

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[..YouTube..] Hellarious!

[..YouTube..] Fuck you and miley cyruss

[..YouTube..] Way nice. Good quality, plus it made me laugh. Thanks. Merry Christmas!

[..YouTube..] You son of a bitch! lol

[..YouTube..] Incredible… This video justifies YouTube’s existence. Well done.

[..YouTube..] Santa > Jack lol
merry christmas !!!

[..YouTube..] Kate my roommate dared me to put these pics up online

[..YouTube..] this is epic

[..YouTube..] the naughty list nooo lol

[..YouTube..] “No presents for you this year.” lol

[..YouTube..] why does he keep changing his clothes?

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[..YouTube..] hahahaha good job

[..YouTube..] Poor Jack now he is on a naughty list

[..YouTube..] how does santa deliver presents for kids living in apartment buildings? how does he deliver them for homeless kids? it sounds to me like that story was made to appeal to kids of the american upper-middle and anything above it, while disregarding any of the lower classes.

[..YouTube..] Hope your kidding. Otherwise your a moron!

[..YouTube..] The legacy of Santa precedes HVAC technology. Do you think he skips houses with a burning fire in the fireplace? Santa is a pro at B & E, fireplace or not.

[..YouTube..] lol anyone see a moron on this page?

[..YouTube..] GREAT VID! :) first one i’ve liked since i broke my femur :)

[..YouTube..] Ho ho ho!

[..YouTube..] just love how he had a coat one second and the next he didnt lol… well put together. 5 stars

[..YouTube..] pff… stupid. you think too much into things and try to find fault in the making which ultimately causes you to come to the conclusion that the world is in favor of someone over another.

its not that complex. the story just happened that way. no one fucking invented santa with the intention of ridiculing the lower class.

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[..YouTube..] Someone beat Jack at hisown game? I think that’s a sign of the apocalypse

[..YouTube..] OMG THIs shit was amazing.. And guys Merry Xmas lmao

[..YouTube..] What an performance, you could improve the last 3 sec scene…

[..YouTube..] I can’t stop watching this bs, it’s so freaking funny.

[..YouTube..] this is sad funny

[..YouTube..] DAMN! Santa broke Jack Bauer. The normal human being doesn’t stand a chance. XD

[..YouTube..] Not bad. Could have been really good, it’s just a little lack-lustre.

[..YouTube..] hahahahahaha

[..YouTube..] will someone tell me what epls this is

[..YouTube..] Its an editing job. Not a real episode.

[..YouTube..] No shit its fake.
But its funnny! lol

[..YouTube..] GBSEVENCOM


[..YouTube..] love the ending

[..YouTube..] lol.. shudve make jack rip his eyes out using scenes from SAW

[..YouTube..] cant believe jack is back for next year and also lost

[..YouTube..] Brilliant vid – definately a 5/5 on my behalf :P

[..YouTube..] mental! awesome job!

[..YouTube..] hahah!jack is on the naughty list XDXDXD


[..YouTube..] awesome job

[..YouTube..] jack bauer shows no mercy :-D

[..YouTube..] looks so real!

[..YouTube..] Awesome!!!

[..YouTube..] @iluvmypet errrm no because that would of made it look rubbish

awesome and clever editing.

[..YouTube..] I can’t find this episode in my boxed sets..???

[..YouTube..] @vleon1012 cus’ its not an episode. its edited. If you see closely, jack’s wardrobe changes & stuff. they got clips from the show. (:

that made me laugh. LOLOL.

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer is no hero. The character is a bully and an arsehole.

[..YouTube..] Well done, great job.

[..YouTube..] jack bauer is an unamerican nazi pig.

fantastic video effort BBKlefer! thanks!

[..YouTube..] Ha, ha, ha… Awesome!

[..YouTube..] jack could have improved his tactics by raping some of santa’s elves in front of him, then sticking a long object with acid on it and shoving it up mrs. claus. santa would have signed anything then. that’s how it’s done at US black sites world wide. that’s the land of the free at work. this is how the new world order’s merc force rolls.

[..YouTube..] hahaha :D wtf

[..YouTube..] Awesome:D:D:D!!!

[..YouTube..] Very cool but seriously, this needs to end with the ticking clock.

[..YouTube..] My only question is whose blood is on Santa’s shirt?

[..YouTube..] you need help.

[..YouTube..] @escalus84 the naughty kids

[..YouTube..] Ha ha!

[..YouTube..] gay fag is gay

great video

[..YouTube..] yeah you’re right. there’s a US black site across the road from me. It’s disguises as a chuch. The priest is a CIA operative. I think that they raise horses there (to intimidate the prisoners). They’ve also developed this new laser which they point at their fingertips. Apparently that’s like the worst kind of torture there is. Can’t believe the UN’s staying silent on this atrocity..

[..YouTube..] What have we become?
Is this a joke?
I can’t recognize our country anymore
we have to go back to our roots
we have to

[..YouTube..] If something this evil passes for humor in our country now, we are close to the edge.

[..YouTube..] I’m sure you’ve all noticed that all this crap is always federal.
Want to throw them a curveball? All 50 states break up. Declare sovereignty and secede back to our roots, now.

[..YouTube..] dead puppies

[..YouTube..] 24 is one of the biggest propaganda shows ever bar none. It rivals everything I have seen from the Nazis. Hitler and Goebbels would be proud.

[..YouTube..] Now this is just flat out funny……I don’t care who ya’r right there now thats just funny.

[..YouTube..] 24 is turning into the X-FILES ??? WTF ? That was really supposed to be Santa I guess

[..YouTube..] lol tht was awesome well done

[..YouTube..] wait til he finds out about the little helpers

[..YouTube..] You’re all a lost cause. Arkansas rebels. We’re outta here

[..YouTube..] lol Santa’s british

[..YouTube..] I think that was Irish.

[..YouTube..] A lost Santa Cause?

[..YouTube..] That was cut pretty good!

[..YouTube..] `OMG have you seen WowTaylor~.~com?! Taylor Swiftt is soo hot~

[..YouTube..] Jack a bad child

[..YouTube..] NOw i have seen it all, man i used to watch this show when it first started, but Dam!! Come on!!! Everone is getting tortured now-a-days even pagan gods.

[..YouTube..] Keifer Sutherland was jailed 4 times for drunk driving. Ha. No wonder he’s a drunk. Can’t stand 24 BTW never watched it.

[..YouTube..] NOw i have seen it all,man i used to watch this show when it first started,but Dam!!Come on!!! Everone is getting tortured now-a-days even pagan gods.This is got to be a spoof or a joke?This was really the one of the shows?

[..YouTube..] @undergroundbasement …dude, this is fan-made.

[..YouTube..] Absolute magic! :D

[..YouTube..] he “naughty list” – You son of a bitch!

[..YouTube..] 24 is garbage.

[..YouTube..] 24’s action is good but the plot and story are so fucking cheesy.

[..YouTube..] Love the face he makes when Santa tells him he will be on the naughty list LOL!

[..YouTube..] this is awsome!

[..YouTube..] Santa is pretty tolerant, I’d put Jack on the naughty list way sooner.

[..YouTube..] im loving this santa he takin it eazy sittin back while playin mind games with crazy ass jack bauer he got em a few times made him stay silent at the end of that video u know jack took it hard and u know he tackin all that to bed with em lmao!!!! he gonna be losin sleep tonight lol!!!

[..YouTube..] Hah! What a great video.

[..YouTube..] for like half the video i actually thought it was real, omg due this was hilarious, very well made

[..YouTube..] amazing edit

[..YouTube..] what film is the santa from?

[..YouTube..] One should never interrogate Santa.
Jack should watch Afternoon Pondering

[..YouTube..] I wouldn’t know, I was never a fan of this propaganda pushing show anyway, where the premise of every show is always bowing down to Govt. thugs and giving up rights

[..YouTube..] your on the noughty list now, the noughty list

[..YouTube..] @undergroundbasement
If you didn’t watch the show, how do you know what it’s about?!!!


Who made this video?

I can not believe such an AWESOME video exist

[..YouTube..] “You’re on the naughty list now, Jack. The naughty list.”

(Shocked silence)

“You son of a bitch.”

[..YouTube..] Santa hates us because of our freedom’s,what don’t you people get!!!

[..YouTube..] What the hell, was this an actual episode?!!!!

[..YouTube..] THis shit is funny!

[..YouTube..] For the nonexistant love of the destroyer, this is gold!

[..YouTube..] Bauer deserves to have his throat slashed, lying face down in the gutter, with a baton shoved deep into his ass. Just like all of you fluoride-guzzling retards who cant see the underlying messages these shows present to you.

[..YouTube..] Awesome video. Great show and the editor did a terrific job cutting this video together. You’re on the naughty list, the naaauugghhhtttyy list .

[..YouTube..] yeah, season 4

[..YouTube..] Harsh. Not all 24 viewers are ‘fluoride-guzzling retards’ who feel tempted to descend into an orgy of violence and torture against Muslims Its like the whole ‘does videogames/heavy metal/rap music/violent movies’ turn peope into maniacs. Granted there are peoplewho do, but they must surely have some underlying mental health issue to begin with anyway, and whether its 24, 50 Cent, Gears of War, being dumped by their girlfriend or missing their fave TV show. Theyre a time bomb.

[..YouTube..] Please, please, please, please do this same clip with a guy dressed up like Jesus Christ! You know, he came from the middle east, dressed in a robe, the angels are on the roof…. and now you’re on the hell list, the hell list Jack. Oh, and Jack, Jesus loves you.

[..YouTube..] Silent clock

[..YouTube..] This is amazing lol. I’ll cut out your left eye!

[..YouTube..] @dgnsage Oh please… what is that underlying message?

[..YouTube..] Miley Cyruss secks vid online absolutely free WowMiley {.} COm

[..YouTube..] Omg this is insane. AH man the kind if fun I would have doing this episode would be awesome. I imagine they were laughing often.

[..YouTube..] @dgnsage maybe some us DO see the messages, we just like to see the world burn in an inferno of hate.

Honestly though, STFU, life is about being happy, and watching this show is enjoyable. End of story.

[..YouTube..] lol i love 24

[..YouTube..] Oh my lol. Many wins.

[..YouTube..] LMFAO 1:07 look how long is his threat
and even says it quick

[..YouTube..] Love it, just love it. :)


[..YouTube..] You’re on the naughty list now



[..YouTube..] “WowMiley * c0m [email protected] Miley Cyruss secks tape ReAL!~

[..YouTube..] My ex-wife wanted greetings this season from me, so I sent her this link! Let her make the analogies.

[..YouTube..] hahaha “U son of a bitch”

[..YouTube..] oh man, I would hate to be on the naughty list. You really fucked up now jack

[..YouTube..] Excellent video!!!!

[..YouTube..] OMG hav you seen WowMiley~.[com?! Miley Cyruss is soo hot

[..YouTube..] Fantastic, Jack Bauer Yeah!!!

[..YouTube..] The naughty list?
Oh NO!

[..YouTube..] Santa is from finland isn’t that nice

[..YouTube..] naughty list!

[..YouTube..] Great!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] wooooooooow

[..YouTube..] Epic! They should feature this on AOTS if they haven’t already.

LOL @ “the naughty list”

[..YouTube..] Hahahaha!

[..YouTube..] lmao that was good

[..YouTube..] “you son of a bitch” i love 24! This video is hilarious! lol

[..YouTube..] OMG. THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!!

[..YouTube..] wtf? haha loved it!

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[..YouTube..] This is so fking brilliant xD

[..YouTube..] Remember: The only way to get an interrogator off your back is to tell them they get no presents from you.

[..YouTube..] lovely XD

[..YouTube..] the NAUGHTY list

[..YouTube..] This is sooooooooooooo Awesome!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] is this a movie or just a video i am clueless

[..YouTube..] Very well done! Sure, Jack’s clothes change about 30 times, but the lighting and camera movements are perfect, unlike most slapped together videos of this type, making it look and feel real. Also, the pained look on Jack’s face when he learns he is not getting presents for Christmas is priceless!

[..YouTube..] When Jack told him to prove that he was Santa, Santa should’ve told him:

”I know how the Chinese kidnapped your Teddy Bear Mr. Tiddles during Christmas Eve, Jack…” xD

[..YouTube..] LOL Wonderful!

[..YouTube..] +1 Awesomeness

[..YouTube..] Dammit Santa…tell me what I got! We’re RUNNING out of TIME!

[..YouTube..] Fun stufff :)

[..YouTube..] `~Miley Cyruss secks on tape! WowMiley DT COM_


[..YouTube..] that is sooo good! funny funny hohoho

[..YouTube..] “Give me their names”

*Throws da table*

“STOP WASTING MY TIME,GIVE ME THEIR NAMES” LMAO!!!! funniest 24 vid as so far..LOL

[..YouTube..] wow, i love this

[..YouTube..] HAHAHAHA! best ever

[..YouTube..] why do I keep gettign msg: an error has occurred, please try again later. ONLY on this vid???

[..YouTube..] I dont get it :(

[..YouTube..] that was great

tight work

[..YouTube..] this is so how homeland Insecurity would deal with this “Security Risk” ,

[..YouTube..] fuck you :)

[..YouTube..] that’s so awesome xD

[..YouTube..] Do you have issues? :]

[..YouTube..] one moment he doesnt have a jacket on and then out of nowhere hes wearing a jacket>

[..YouTube..] i think jack would have eventually gotten those names…

[..YouTube..] HAHAHA, that was awesome!

[..YouTube..] wow thats amazing

[..YouTube..] -Taylor Swiftt secks vid with Nick Jonas WowTaylor D-O-T COM

[..YouTube..] xDDD

[..YouTube..] i swear if that asshole lay a hand on santa ill *shakes fist*

[..YouTube..] some fun shit :D

[..YouTube..] Voted for as best 2009 movie at the fullmovieonline(.)net awards

[..YouTube..] You have two dads :)

[..YouTube..] WORLD CLASS!!! LMAO!

[..YouTube..] It’s so, so true to life…

[..YouTube..] OMG that was funny.
The Person did a very good job at editing the video. It timed up perfectly from the 24 Footage.

[..YouTube..] saaantttaaaa!

[..YouTube..] LOL!!!! This was done wonderfully! Excellent editing!

[..YouTube..] holy shit lmao

[..YouTube..] That’s hilarious

[..YouTube..] thats too funny. i’ll be laughing for days.

[..YouTube..] Haha! That’s friggin hilarious!!

[..YouTube..] Ara Andonian is a big homo.

[..YouTube..] Great splicing, but they screwed up with the knife. Jack has a combat flick knife, and they close up shows a steak knife.

[..YouTube..] Haha brilliant vid. I love it how Jack throws the table to the wall, but immediatly after seems to lean on it again at 1:02!! Top editing!

[..YouTube..] awesome haha.

[..YouTube..] well spotted

[..YouTube..] awesome :D

[..YouTube..] You are on the …NAUGHTY list!

:O …..You SON of a B*TCH!

[..YouTube..] I think it may have been a chair. But I agree, I busted a gut laughing!

[..YouTube..] what season is this?

[..YouTube..] you son of a bitch XD

[..YouTube..] @TheGreenMonsta43

Season 1, if you pause at certain spots…you can see nina’s hair. You can also see some of the clips are repeated, and the author put the audio over it, still funny tho.

See Nina 1:03 and 1:25

[..YouTube..] LMAO OMFG FUNNIEST SHIT EVER, this is when Jack interrogates Nina i htink in season 2

[..YouTube..] Jack looks so young :O

[..YouTube..] Oh jack jack just had to rough up santa

[..YouTube..] lol lol lol lol

[..YouTube..] Lol, what, no overuse of DAMNIT

[..YouTube..] Awesome. I love this. Superb editing.

[..YouTube..] 1:25 it is not Nina but James Heller


[..YouTube..] HA! HA!

[..YouTube..] Assistam ! eu recomendo muito o video que vou passar é muito engraçado !


[..YouTube..] haha hes like i know how it looks the Beard

[..YouTube..] – No presents for you this year
– I don’t believe you :D

[..YouTube..] omg fuckin funny lol my top fav now

[..YouTube..] LOL “I’m Santa”….. “Prove it”

[..YouTube..] GIVE ME THE NAMES!

[..YouTube..] ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Your on the naughty list this year Jack. The Naughty list.

[..YouTube..] Watching him cry at the end—that’s almost as painful as watching Tim Tebow cry…

[..YouTube..] That was so good! I loved it!

[..YouTube..] HOLY SHIT!!! Best 24/Jack Bauer parody, EVER!

[..YouTube..] hahahahhahahahaha

[..YouTube..] I hope they make an Easter Bunny version

[..YouTube..] gimme the names!

[..YouTube..] Haha! This is the best! Jack bauer is the “bomb”!!!!

[..YouTube..] Damnit!!!


[..YouTube..] WHO is playing Santa? His voice is so familiar…

[..YouTube..] hahahaha lol

[..YouTube..] “You son of a bitch!”

[..YouTube..] just started watching 24 from the beginning! LMAO!

[..YouTube..] that was so corny

[..YouTube..] this is great…….miss those interrogations from those old episodes

[..YouTube..] lolololololol

[..YouTube..] “flying without a passport”

[..YouTube..] He came in with a sweather, he left with a jacket! HE MUST HAVE GOTTEN HIS PRESENT!

[..YouTube..] santa just “Jack bauer’d” jack bauer

[..YouTube..] very good editin what episode is that from 24

[..YouTube..] its from more than one episode.. Jack’s clothes keep changing. But this was great

[..YouTube..] this was great..

[..YouTube..] OWNED! that old bastard

[..YouTube..] what Santa do get shot down over israel lol

[..YouTube..] WHERE ARE THE PRESENTS??????????? xD

[..YouTube..] They need to make a jack bauer video game!! 24 hours long, in real time.. A mix between mass effect, splinter cell, max payne and cod? It has too be a third persoon shooter. with a deep storyline and rpg system.

[..YouTube..] @TheLiquidBlaze they have one. It’s called 24

[..YouTube..] Yeah but thats on the ps2 and it wasnt a great game. Im talking about a game on the ps3/360.. a game as good as mass efect

[..YouTube..] ROFLMAO!!! hahahaha!

[..YouTube..] Music makes me think of The Witcher if you have played the game ;)

[..YouTube..] Santa goes out and gets caught by the law.. nice.

[..YouTube..] DAMN IT! maybe santa is a terrorist, he deliver a package in my dog house and after a couple of minute it explode, damn that santa hahaha……

[..YouTube..] i’m on santa’s naughty list :'(

[..YouTube..] “We have Santa on satellite Jack”
“What options do we have before Santa reaches LA”
“The Navy is scrambling F18s as we speak General Walsh is on standby”
“Copy that Chloe have them shoot down Santa as soon as they lock on to target”
“HO HO HO MERRY *kabooooommmm!!!!!!*”

[..YouTube..] Santa is a terrorist now. Poor guy has to have anti missile defence systems on his sleigh now.

[..YouTube..] 1:27

[..YouTube..] 1:36
I like the wardrobe change :)

[..YouTube..] fukin Jack Bauer… he pissin me off treating santa like dat!!

[..YouTube..] why does santa have brown hair in some scenes

[..YouTube..] I have a friend that I swear is the spitting image of Jack Bauer

[..YouTube..] but does he have the intensity of jack bauer?

[..YouTube..] funny stuff

[..YouTube..] That was cold funny.

But yeah, Jack’s on the naughty list for:
Torturing his own brother
Giving out the WET list
Injuring Tony’s ankle
Holding up a convience store
Snipping the pinky off the Russian Consulate
Killing Marshal Goren
Told Ms. Palmer to shut up and fired a shot at her
Causing a prison riot
Sacrifices Audrey’s husband
Gets a Chinese Consulate killed
Murders Chris Henderson

[..YouTube..] Fucking Amazing! xD

[..YouTube..] @Tupe1993 – good one :)

[..YouTube..] waterboard the fat bastard …get Cheney on to it !

[..YouTube..] The TSA would actually do this…after they molested him first

[..YouTube..] Fuck tyranny. all of you who think torture is cool… go to hell.

[..YouTube..] Santa deserved the torture. He wouldn’t answer the questions. He got off light, if you ask me. If you’ve done nothing wrong – you have nothing to worry about. If you’re not a terrorist, then you have nothing to hide. If you’re “with us,” then why wouldn’t you answer a few questions? Why would you mind checkpoints? Pat downs? Biometric scans? What do you have to hide? Are you hiding something? Maybe you should come with us. Trust us. It’ll be okay. We’re the good guys. Wave your flag. Wave. Wave.

[..YouTube..] This is so goddamn fucking epic xD

[..YouTube..] Jack bauer is a zio nist ? ?

[..YouTube..] The Rothschild family name was originally Bauer.

[..YouTube..] why was santa so bloody? lmao

[..YouTube..] The apple sure fell far from the tree.

[..YouTube..] His many decades of dealing with being called a Russian spy has harden his soul to even this brutal interrogation.

[..YouTube..] jajajajajaja epic !

[..YouTube..] @Tupe1993 the SOB im still waiting for my gameboy pocket

[..YouTube..] ohhh how cute, the United Nazi’s of America are keeping Santa “Safe” as well!

[..YouTube..] 50 people made the naughty list.

[..YouTube..] this reveals the true evil driven by American media, which thinks it can appeal to ignorance of the Oprah cult masses. To them Oprah is the female godhead embodiment of all goodness, and Bin Laden/Sslam the male Satan,
Simplistic oafs.

[..YouTube..] Sun Tzu once wrote, “If your enemy is weaker than you, conquer him. If he is stronger than you, join him. If he is Jack Bauer, you’re fucking dead.”

[..YouTube..] (Continued) Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism,
will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know this? For this is what I have done. I am Caesar.”
— Julius Caesar

[..YouTube..] “Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fevor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword.
It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the
mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry.

[..YouTube..] “If tyranny and oppression ever come to this land, it will be under the disguise of fighting a foreign enemy” ….Andrew Jackson, (7th) President, 1829 – 1837

[..YouTube..] thanks a lot america yet another thing you fucked me out of

[..YouTube..] @Tupe1993 HAR!

[..YouTube..] THOUGHT CONTROL: There is not much difference between Jack Bauer torturing Santa Claus (aka Odin, Leader of d Gothic Gods) n d Inquisitor torturing Witches, (Women Herbalists n Midwifes) for Heretical Thinking.

[..YouTube..] 48 hrs TV Programs r Programmed by d Programmers so that d Programmed accept torturing anyone d Ruling Elite find a threat, just like d Inquisition was used to torture anyone who’s Thoughts where a Threat to d Church. By making it Possible to Torture Arabs, Muslims n Palestinians for Thought Crimes d Ruling Elite make it Possible to torture Americans, Brits n Canadians for Thought Crimes.

[..YouTube..] @jacobyte100 funny it sounded like he answered the questions to me and a ba humbug to you too

[..YouTube..] whats the deal with him putting a jacket on in less that one sec @1:35 to 1:40 ???

[..YouTube..] @jacobyte100 Are yuo serious !?Have you ever come accross any of these words ? : Fascism, Hitler, Incrementalism, False Flag, Totalitarianism, Operation paperclip, Operarion MK ULTRA, project mockingbird, project montauk !?!!?!?!?!?

“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety” – Benjamin Franklin


[..YouTube..] 51 People are on the Naughty list now

[..YouTube..] 24 disgusts me, so I really loved this vid. Thanks for posting.

[..YouTube..] Definitely on the naughty list for that guy! JUST LEAVE SANTA ALONE!

[..YouTube..] @manelmariarodrigues
Congratulations on embarassing yourself by totally missing the sarcasm.

[..YouTube..] The naughty list, Jack.

[..YouTube..] This video is funny. If it wasn’t for Jack Bauer’s badge, he would be just as horrible as the Joker from the movie Dark Knight. Maybe worse.

[..YouTube..] 1:04 “GIMME A NAME?” He said that to Nina in the second season of 24.

[..YouTube..] Merry christmas !

[..YouTube..] @Tupe1993 That’s ok, 0bama is gonna close it down any day now.

[..YouTube..] Jack needs to Interrogate… The IMAM OBAMA…!

[..YouTube..] Jack’s face at the very end literally made this video for me.

[..YouTube..] Very cool, who ever made this video was amazing

[..YouTube..] Drunken Click Disorder (DCD). 51 people missed the volume control or Like button and accidentally hit the thumbs down button instead. Now there is no doubt in my mind that this disorder exists. I’ve seen the problem with other videos too.

[..YouTube..] dont fuck with Jack Bauer Santa you idiot

[..YouTube..] @AnAEl1313 DAMN IT!

[..YouTube..] Santa deserved to get his butt kicked…. he’s brainwashing kids all across the world.

[..YouTube..] @jacobyte100 “If you’ve done nothing wrong – you have nothing to worry about. If you’re not a terrorist, then you have nothing to hide. If you’re “with us,” then why wouldn’t you answer a few questions? Why would you mind checkpoints? Pat downs? Biometric scans? What do you have to hide? Are you hiding something?”
Nazi Germany all over again. People are to stupid to see it =/

[..YouTube..] @GRX3000 I’m hopefull 2012 whipes the planet completly clean of people. To many people piss and moan about this or that.

[..YouTube..] @jacobyte100 Watch out for flag waving–they are labeling flag wavers terrorists, too. Our Nation has become a NIGHTMARE.

[..YouTube..] 54 small kids watched this. lol

[..YouTube..] this made me cry

[..YouTube..] @Tanarus20 Oh snap! We missed one guys! Quick put him the extermination camp now! HE KNOWS TOO MUCH!!!

[..YouTube..] Massive LOL @1.28 and @1.40

F”king ace is this.

[..YouTube..] @Tanarus20 You aren’t really retarded are you? You’re just kidding with people right? 2012 is where the Mayan Calendar stopped being recorded, its not the end of the world. Just the end of a defined era.

[..YouTube..] @BrandonTheKralik Hopeful doesn’t imply that I believe it would happen or not. Hopeful means the planet is in such a sad state (Gulf, politics…etc)

[..YouTube..] 2 movies mixed LOL

[..YouTube..] OMG that was soooooooooooo funny.

[..YouTube..] oh u want to die abi

[..YouTube..] @Tanarus20 But 2012(As in the Apocalypse) is not going to happen. I don’t even know why you mentioned it. Did you feel clever when you typed that in?

[..YouTube..] How can “2012” be related to this video?. Anyone who thinks predictions can happen need shooting.

[..YouTube..] What episode is this from?


[..YouTube..] “You’re on the naughty list!”
“You son of a bitch.”

[..YouTube..] This made my day

[..YouTube..] Guys could anyone tell me, at the end where Jack is crying, what season is it from again? And what happened to make him cry like that? Thanks..

[..YouTube..] That is the end of season 3, if I remember correctly. What exactly made him cry, I don’t remember, but I do remember it was a pretty harsh season. There was a biological threat and a building was contaminated. The villian refused to talk, so he threatened to throw the villian’s daughter into the building. I think he cried because he was ashamed of the things he had to do to stop the terrorists. It was before he got thrown into the Chinese prison, so before the time he stopped giving a fuck.

[..YouTube..] Actually IIRC Jack was crying after Chase got to the hospital after Jack was forced to cut his hand off. But yes it was the end of Season 3. You didn’t often see Jack Bauer break down in tears and when you did you remembered it.

[..YouTube..] SC: “You’re on my naughty list now, Jack. The naughty list.”
Jack: “You son of a bitch.” :DDD

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 He also cried when he had to shoot and kill Curtis Manning. That was a powerful scene. He had to kill a friend to save a killer. Jack’s a better man than I.

[..YouTube..] I could’ve sworn he killed Curtis Manning in a later season. I thought it was season 6.

[..YouTube..] I always knew santa was an asshole=p

[..YouTube..] LOLMFAO “You son of a bitch”

[..YouTube..] The day Jack Bauer cried, a whole African village was raised above the standards of poverty.

[..YouTube..] @WorldOfSnakes end of season 3

[..YouTube..] @SilkroadGaz I’m not surprised! Even if I don’t remember much of season 3, except for the main lines about what happened between Tony and Michelle, even if I don’t remember much, I remember this season as being the best for me. It was so tragic, and people I just did not expect to die kept dying! It was a memorable season I think. I’m gonna see it again!

[..YouTube..] @jacobyte100 if you really summarise it, is the establishment of total trust…or the destruction of all trust. would you believe in a system which soughts to “maintain” its confidence by the harrassing the people they started out to protect? people need privacy for it is our most basic truth…thoughts cant be heard and that’s gone pretty well so far. I mean santa is as much of a person as any of us..sure we dont see him…but we know him just as well…he deserves liberty!!!!

[..YouTube..] was that wen he was interigating audrie raines?

[..YouTube..] thats one evil santa

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 It is, it’s one of the first episodes I think.

[..YouTube..] @apug6 There were clips from a few different interrogations. Two I know for sure. When he yells “GIVE ME A NAME”, thats from when he interrogated Nina Myers in season 2, and the part where he was talking about cutting out his eye was when he was questioning walt cummings from season 5

[..YouTube..] rOLinG on the freaking FLoor LaugHinGxDDDDD

[..YouTube..] “The naughty list” lmao!

[..YouTube..] Fantastic….! Such a Great Parody…..!

[..YouTube..] No one wants to be on Santa’s Naught List.

[..YouTube..] I think when he walks in, that was the scene where he was supposed to interrogate Nina Myers, you can see how he wears different clothing in the next scene. I just noticed that now….

[..YouTube..] lol he is on the naughty list now!!! lmao! poor jack, i wander what he asked santa for christmas? what ever it was he is really upset about being on the naughty list now! he should have just cut him, that would show him who the boss was! THUMBS UP IF YOU THINK SANTA SHOULD HAVE BEEN CUT!

[..YouTube..] your on the naughty list…
you son of a bitch

[..YouTube..] I just fell off my chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Does anyone besides me think that Jack asked for a normal life for Christmas? (which he won’t get now that he’s on the naughty list)

[..YouTube..] Best 24 Parody ever on youtube =)

[..YouTube..] I don’t think that the knife in some of the shots was Jack Bauer’s $350.00 Halo knife.

[..YouTube..] seriously what is there to dislike about this so so funny

[..YouTube..] fuck man, this is sooooo funny! i think i shit my pants watching this. haha seriously though Jack Fucking Bauer is a badass

[..YouTube..] @Openeyes777 A normal life is what he wanted for Christmas

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 it was season 6 where jack killed curtis. episode 4 when curtis wanted to kill al assad

[..YouTube..] This is a legendary masterpiece. Santa Claus is a big meanie head.

[..YouTube..] 57 people were put on the naughty list!

[..YouTube..] Funny shit! I’m favortizing this.

[..YouTube..] that was awesome!

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 it was

[..YouTube..] man this was the best show ever!!! and this clip was fu**** hillarious dam it!!!lololololololol

[..YouTube..] WTF! Australian Santa?!?

[..YouTube..] is he upset because he’s on the naughty list?

[..YouTube..] I laughed so much at this! a very well made video :)

[..YouTube..] Hahahahahahahahaha

[..YouTube..] Jesus, nice spoiler for people who haven’t seen it yet, can this comment be deleted plz?

[..YouTube..] ANYONE notice that Jack has a T-shirt / Jacket swap half way through this clip..!?

Have a look!

My mate Rob just noticed!

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 Yap! shot him in the neck!

[..YouTube..] Truth hurts… but not as much as JACK BAUER!;)
Supermans only weakness is Kryptonite and that’s why Jack Bauer is laughing at him.
If Jack Bauer would ‘ve been in the movie “300”, the movie would be called “1”!
You never knew what happend to the Joker after Batman caught him in “Dark Knight”?…The answer has got 2 words…JACK BAUER!

[..YouTube..] F***ing funny


[..YouTube..] He did kill Curtis in Season 6. It happened when Jack was protecting Assad, right before the nuke went off.

[..YouTube..] They should’ve ended it with Jack shooting Santa in the face. Take the scene from the beginning of season 2 when Jack shoots that guy during interrogation then cuts his head off.

[..YouTube..] EPIC! That was the whole thing with Nina too lol

[..YouTube..] If anybody has time would love for you to check out Jeffy Knerr singing pray. he is 11 years old and singing to the vetrens for choir at school. Ginnyrae32 or just Justin Bieber Pray ( Jeffy Knerr) than kyou so much!!!

[..YouTube..] “Your on my naughty list now Jack…The naughty list.”….. “You Son of a Bit*h” HA HA

[..YouTube..] this is gold

[..YouTube..] President Palmer: I hope you can get a refund.
Wayne Palmer: A refund?
President Palmer: From whoever sold you that load of crap!

[..YouTube..] This shit was realy funny

i allmost Half exspected Santa to Say

Happy Holidays

insted of Merry Christmas for Political Correctness sake


[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 yeah he shot Curtis in season 6

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 yes he did for triying o kill assad

[..YouTube..] jack has been baddddd!!! no presents this year! LOL xD

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 not to mention having to execute ryan

[..YouTube..] Lol I love it

[..YouTube..] Give us a wank

[..YouTube..] this is fake!

[..YouTube..] @jehfes thanks for pointing out the obvious

[..YouTube..] 58 people are gonna get fucked up by Jack Bauer

[..YouTube..] This is some seriouse cutting skill!

[..YouTube..] ho ho ho holy shit!!!!! It’s JACK BAUER!!!!

[..YouTube..] PMSL!! Awesome! But santa should’ve never put Jack Bauer on the naaughty list! lol

[..YouTube..] thats not Jack Bauer!!! The REAL Jack Bauer would choked Santa Claus THEN threatened him THEN beat Santa to pulp!

[..YouTube..] @morgothFLOW lol i dont know how they did it but it needs some recognition!

[..YouTube..] Loads of jack Bauer vids, but this is the best. Need more like this

[..YouTube..] 24 is a little meh to me, but this video is hilarious.

[..YouTube..] @jehfes No Jack Baur is a real person and he goes around saving the world in 24 hours!! Woot!!

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 yes he did

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer killed Osama Bin Laden

[..YouTube..] Fucking genius

[..YouTube..] so was he the real santa? or did it ever say?

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 He did kill curtis.

[..YouTube..] thumbs up if jack bauer killed osama bin laden

[..YouTube..] “How long have you been planning this operation?”

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 it was :)

[..YouTube..] that was funny!!!! jack bauer on the naughty list lol

[..YouTube..] Youre on the naughty list :D
– You son of a birch xD

[..YouTube..] the incredible hulk once got so angry he turned into jack bauer

[..YouTube..] Chuck Norris can do whatever he wants, only if Jack Bauer approves of it.

[..YouTube..] Awesome!

[..YouTube..] Really good video, allmost would think it was relly in one of the season.
If you look closely you can see Jack clothes chancing and you can hear audio chancing too when Jack says how he cuts Santa’s eyes

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 yes he did cause he was about to kill a person with intel who tortured his partners in the army

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland drinks to forget what Jack has done.

[..YouTube..] @bristow8411 yea he did……. not sure waht season tho……. but yea……. he had to or else curtis was gonna bring him in i think…… its been a while since iv seen that epiode .

[..YouTube..] who the fuck can dislike this

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