24 Music Video: I Will Be (Jack & Kim)

Here’s a great Jack Bauer & Kim Bauer fan video made by virginieb20 showing the relationship between Jack and his daughter.

YouTube Link: 24 Music Video: I Will Be (Jack & Kim)


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[..YouTube..] nice nice nice good :)

[..YouTube..] Super vidéo encore !

J’aime beaucoup aussi cette relation père/fille depuis le début de la série. Je trouve dommage que Kim s’éclipse un peu sur la dernière saison d’ailleurs même si Jack pense avant tout à elle et à sa famille avant de s’exiler…

[..YouTube..] awwwwww this is so sweet

[..YouTube..] Yes very nice video

[..YouTube..] Really great done! Thank you !

[..YouTube..] Trés sympa cette vidéo, merci ! Moi aussi j’aime bien la relation Jack/Kim , en fait beaucoup de fans n’aiment pas le personnage de Kim moi je l’aime bien, elle a beaucoup évolué

This is touching! Thank You VIRGINIE for making it and then sharing it. It means so much! You truly captured the heart of JACK’S relationship for his family and KIM’S for her father. May they be reunited somehow in the upcoming movie 24. WHY should JACK have to continually suffer for the people he is trying to protect? He needs family time too! and we need to see him get it.

[..YouTube..] omg that video was just awsome well done for putting it together and just the right song to go with it also :D

[..YouTube..] Actually this is the best mixed video i’ve seen on Youtube!!! Please make one more after the last season? Like a tribute to 24 or something? You just got an subscriber, thanks!

[..YouTube..] @rthames555 Thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate it.
I have ideas for a few more videos but I need to rewatch season 7 and 8 for that…
so it may take a while before I can really work on those. Good idea though to make a sort of tribute video. I’ll try to try ^^ Thanks again.

[..YouTube..] OMG this video had me in tears. You did an excellent job. the clips and everything wow just a wonderfull job.

[..YouTube..] @logansbiggestfa Thanks from the bottom of my heart. i’m sorry I made you cry ^^

[..YouTube..] amazing. i was in tears also!

[..YouTube..] seriously your vids are soo good please keep them coming

[..YouTube..] @caty25 Thank you :) I’m currently working on a new video.

[..YouTube..] dude this is an awesome job.

[..YouTube..] How sweet & perfect. Kim & Jack have one of my favorite 24 relationships too. I love Kiefer/Elisha scenes. They always make me happy.

[..YouTube..] Wooow!!!!!!!!!!! excellent!!!!!! i love love love sooooo much kim and jack bauer!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore 24 and Kim & Jack have one of my favorite 24 relationships!!!! 5 stars!!!

[..YouTube..] This is beautiful! <3 Jack/Kim are my all-time favorite father/daughter relationship depicted on film. I adore them! There's never enough fanvids of them on here. Thanks for making this. :-) I hope you make more.

[..YouTube..] Good jop, very very very good vid. :)

[..YouTube..] This song makes me really cry, and all Jack’s hard work for the world & for her daughter. Although, sometimes Kim blame and let down his father but, Jack is a very kind father. I always compared my dad to Kim’s dad. I thought every father can be like Jack Bauer saving and protecting his family. This song really suit for Jack Bauer’s life.

[..YouTube..] This video is more than Amazing.. Every time when I see this video I cry.. :((