24 Season 8 Promo: Jan 17th, New York Gets Jacked #2

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[..YouTube..] I didn’t see Doug anywhere.

I saw kattee getting choked but where’s Doug?

[..YouTube..] 4 second mark (between the scenes of the car flipping over), he’s standing in a doorway with his gun drawn.

[..YouTube..] Okay, cool.

I’ve seen that in all of the promos though but no matter how many times I watch these clips, I can never see his entire face nor can I see who’s firing the gun sideways in the car (I think it’s Tony Almeida BTW).

Anyway, yeah, I knew Doug was going to be in this new season

Who is doug?

@Ditch – it’s actor Doug Hutchison, he plays a terrorist. He’s recently seen as Horace Goodspeed on the TV show Lost.

[..YouTube..] WTH?!?!?! Is that Tony?!?!?!!?!? Please say it’s Tony. I love Tony. Can’t WAIT for January 17th!!

[..YouTube..] what’s up sean

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