Kiefer Sutherland on Letterman… in a granny dress!

Poor Kiefer lost a bet with his buddy and had to wear a dress on Letterman. Props to Kiefer for keeping his word, but something tells me his friends and colleagues are never gonna let him live this down!

Source 24 Spoilers on YouTube


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[..YouTube..] gotta love him man!

[..YouTube..] He is terrific!!


[..YouTube..] OMG….I LOVE Kiefer…Too funny! Thanks for sharing!!!

[..YouTube..] got to give him credit for going through with the bet. it says a lot about his character.

[..YouTube..] Dear Keifer,
Get over it. It is not that big of a deal to wear a dress ;)

[..YouTube..] I used to hate him before but after this.. gotta love a guy who is man enough to go thru with this! Lol

[..YouTube..] that was amazing! bahahahah

[..YouTube..] “you have no friends in the rodeo any more”

[..YouTube..] 10th. =]

[..YouTube..] I think he is lovely in any clothes he wears.
But watching him doing this makes me love him more, if possible.

[..YouTube..] Nice Dress did he borrows it from his grandma ???
but he have some real tits ,to wear this dress
with proud with a lost bet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @efftehiia

Dear Lack of Sense of humour.

He lost a bet and honoured it


[..YouTube..] Only Bruce can truly pull this off;-)

[..YouTube..] ” did you loose your purse?” Haha…

[..YouTube..] <333333333 loveeee himmm!!!!!! can't wait for 24!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] He was going to put on pantyhose, but they ripped and he threw them across the dressing room, shouting “DAMN IT!”.


[..YouTube..] Could have chosen a prettier dress

[..YouTube..] Nice dress, nice guy!!!!!!

I love him!!!!!

[..YouTube..] i love that he’s a man of his word… but he shouldn’t have bet against the Ravens!

[..YouTube..] kiefer, i love you my man but thats what ya get for goin against bmore pal!!!! haha

[..YouTube..] Oh. mah. gawd. I’m down BWAHAHAHA. I love this man.

[..YouTube..] He looks like Schlitzie from the movie, Freaks. Everybody, right now, type in “Freaks big scene” to see what I mean

[..YouTube..] gotta love letterman … “Wow… Did you lose your perse ?” hahaha

[..YouTube..] Jack : “Couldnt u have found me a better dress, DAMMIT Khloe”

Khloe: “Jack Im sorry, it was the best I could do”

Jack: “Fine…call me when you have something new”

Khloe: “FINE!!!” *rolls eyes*

[..YouTube..] You can not do dance a moccasin! is not a slipper!
David cause disgust ..You are without style.

by the best italian style

[..YouTube..] So f… Original
It seems thatbis new bio “living dangerously” got it wright!
Dont know lots of of poeple who would had the gots to keep their word like that!!!
Go kief go!

[..YouTube..] That is the most relaxed I’ve seen Sutherland in an interview. Usually he is so nervous, to the point once of not remember his own name. Must be something “freeing” about being in drag. Although, having worn a kilt before, you’d think he’d know enough not to FLASH the audience (briefs, huh, Kiefer?). Letterman is a master interviewer and comedian. This is hilarious.
I don’t feel quite so bad about NE’s loss now, somehow.

[..YouTube..] It’s interesting… “Dave Andreychuk” is the “former” friend that he made the bet with. So we can thank the former left winger for this gem!

[..YouTube..] Lol he looks good in a dress.

[..YouTube..] Soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
Nice legs Kiefer....;D

[..YouTube..] Nous avons parlé de cette video sur Staragora dans l’article :
Voici un petit jeu auquel on ne reprendra pas Kiefer Sutherland, alias Jack Bauer dans la série 24. promis, avant d’apparaître dans une émission à grande audience, il ne fera plus de pari stupide. Mercredi soir, sur le plateau du Late Show de David Letterman, Kierfer Sutherland s’est présenté vêtu d’une…

[..YouTube..] The comic cinema need Kiefer with urgency.
Why don´t make a comedy?.

[..YouTube..] …This… is…
A new “Basic Instinct” ?…
Kiefer have a great sense of humour.

[..YouTube..] Brilliant v v funny

[..YouTube..] He’s like Jack : he has only one word: when he says something he does it…whatever it takes ! and what a sense of humour !!!!! Really a great star !!

[..YouTube..] He actually has nice legs.

[..YouTube..] haha, so cool! I love Kiefer!
But Letterman was right, Kiefer should have bought a nicer dress ;) shaved his legs and wore high heels hehe

[..YouTube..] just proves this guy has balls in real life aswell. well done kiefer !

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[..YouTube..] At 2:22 he said the guy who he made the bet with is named Dave Andreychuk…. the hockey player??

[..YouTube..] lol bruce and now kiefer.

two bamf’s wearing dresses
on letterman…

I’m pretty sure kiefer could’ve
wore some pants under the
dress, but its all good lol.

This changes nothing with what
I think of him as an actor.

[..YouTube..] Well now I’m convinced he’s a man of his word on top of being an overall badass.

[..YouTube..] Oh I fancy him so much.
Please hurry up day 8!

[..YouTube..] Oh my god! I feel so bad for him, but he’s awesome!

[..YouTube..] i’d still do him, dress and all ! YUM

[..YouTube..] Fantastic! lmao! Theres a guy who’s word can be counted on! lmao Great actor as is his dad. And a hell of a horsemen also. With some of the crazy shit his dads done over the years I’m sure he was laughin’ his ass of at this. I’m also sure it’s been recorded for future use! lol We haven’t seen the last of this gig! lol

[..YouTube..] Wonderful humble guy.

[..YouTube..] I’m sure Donald is proud.

[..YouTube..] “heres the star…” lmao, that was great

[..YouTube..] Well, I’m not taking him shopping with me if that’s what he’s going to pick out for a dress. rofl. It’s really very ugly.

[..YouTube..] Dave Anderychuck, the former NHL star?

[..YouTube..] He’s the only man who can pull off wearing a dress.

[..YouTube..] lol, u can’t sit like that kiefer wen ur wearing a dress.

[..YouTube..] “didya lose your purse?” Classic.

[..YouTube..] What a cutie!

[..YouTube..] Kiefer is such a quality human being. I admire him as an actor. He’s awesome on 24, and seems like a straight up guy. Great skills and really relaxed with himself. On top of his game.

[..YouTube..] OH…MY…GOD…LMAO :) You’ve got to love that man.

[..YouTube..] What is the band playing when he walks in?

[..YouTube..] @xiala1980 lol….that was the point.

[..YouTube..] I know. I think I’d be more freaked out if he picked a really pretty dress. :)

[..YouTube..] @fhdq The Kinks, “All Day and All of the NIght” (as a nod to “24”?) They should have gone with “Lola” by the Kinks instead.

[..YouTube..] Now finally there is a man of his word, good to find an honorable man in Hollywood!

[..YouTube..] Wow, Dave is power hungry dick~

[..YouTube..] It surprises me in 24 he seems very outspoken and direct, but really hes very shy and humble. Its very hard to concentrate though with what he’s saying, because I’m like ” Never in a million years would I ever have thought I’d see him in a dress and all I can imangine is him in a store looking for a dress now.” Though props for actually going through! Go Keifer!

[..YouTube..] nice but..what kind of problem letterman has with his moccasin?o.O

[..YouTube..] nice but..what kind of problem letterman has with his moccasin?o.O

[..YouTube..] He cracks me up!

[..YouTube..] Hee!

And yeah, he really is very different from his character. It’s weird to think of a long time TV star as shy, but he does come across like that in all te interviews I’ve seen with him.

[..YouTube..] lol he keeps kinda flashs the camera. it’s called side way sitting

[..YouTube..] the hockey player ? !!

[..YouTube..] @beatle11 i guess so ?

[..YouTube..] @1917jon guess so !

[..YouTube..] David the vampire from lost boys WOW

[..YouTube..] looks like bruce willis… a bit

[..YouTube..] That’s a cool look for the next season of 24 (if fox decides to make a 9th season after all)

[..YouTube..] I. LOVE. HIM.

[..YouTube..] I love the boots .. wonder where I can get a pair

[..YouTube..] “Did you lose your purse?”

Nice one, Dave.

[..YouTube..] true legend =)

[..YouTube..] That takes guts! Go Keifer!

[..YouTube..] he looks sooo much like bruce willis to me lol

[..YouTube..] He actually looks… tempting.

[..YouTube..] Letterman is a tool!

[..YouTube..] i wanna have sex with jack bauer!!

[..YouTube..] Gotta love Keifer!!!

[..YouTube..] An awkward moment

[..YouTube..] i like his voice and his legs and chloe o’brien

[..YouTube..] #LMAO

[..YouTube..] It doesn’t look half as bad as I imagined it would! I love the fact the man can ridicule himself.

[..YouTube..] I hope he do some films in the next day because i love kiefer as actor and i dont want he close he in the character of jack bauer.

[..YouTube..] From killing terrorists to cross-dressing. Is there nothing Jack Bauer cant do? If you ever meet Jack Bauer and he says to you “I’m your only chance of getting out of this alive”, you’re fucked cos when you cross-reference it and widen the search parameters it translates to “put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye”. JACK BAUER FUCKIN RULES!!!!

[..YouTube..] Poor guy. He couldn’t wait to get out of there. He looked humiliated. I don’t get this need for guys to humiliate each other. Sure it’s funny but it’s kinda cruel. I’m friends with the guy who made him do this on FB and he wrote that he and some of his friends (including Kiefer) just have this kind of back and forth with each other. I gotta give it to Kiefer though, what a guy… took it like a man. Love him, love 24, love Mary Lynn Rajskub, waiting for the movie.
Nice legs ;)

[..YouTube..] hahaha!!! the guy who used to be my friend. man, this is awesome

[..YouTube..] he is so funny trying to hid his underwear! Now he knows just how much attention women need to pay when wearing skirts/dresses in public.

[..YouTube..] It takes a lot of balls to do that! :D

[..YouTube..] He is a KING for going through with this! And such a sport about too!!
You can’t get any manlier than that..
I’m officially in love..

[..YouTube..] what the hell?

[..YouTube..] Letterman is such a dickhead.

[..YouTube..] Jack Baur can get away with anything, this is proof! Nobody dared from the audience called him on it and even letterman was afraid rofl. Jack Baur from president!

[..YouTube..] LOL!!

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer kicks ass! I’m a huge 24 fan, and actually season 8 starts today here in Finland. Hope it’s really good for a final season!

[..YouTube..] Why is Kiefer wearing a dress? I’ll tell u why.. Kiefer and this 60 year old gal had wild sex.. he had to go to Mr. Letterman so quickly, he accidentally left w/ my dress on.. It was a one night stand, so we really don’t talk much. So if anyone sees Mr. Sutherland, tell him I pressed and clean his underwear.. they are ready for pick up. And if he wants another go..I gladly be his hoe

[..YouTube..] I LOVED IT! *-*

Save Sutherland.
Save Bauer.

I miss 24 already. ;/

[..YouTube..] @ziyalofhaiti hahaha, right!

[..YouTube..] i want that skirt NOW

[..YouTube..] i wonder if he shaved….

[..YouTube..] A Cute, Asian Girls for you

[..YouTube..] I thought it was part 1 of 13…damn.

[..YouTube..] I don’t care if he’s a drunk-ant-semite with bad music taste. that guy is the shit. amazing dude!


[..YouTube..] @gurkengrumpel how does he have bad music taste?

[..YouTube..] @melas169226

I can’t give you a link to prove it right now, but he said in an interview that he opened up an independent rock music label, because ‘there is just so many great artists out there that don’t get a chance’
well sounds like sum pretty shitty music,

funny though that you picked up on the musictaste-part since I also said ‘drunk’ and antisemite :D

[..YouTube..] @gurkengrumpel i only picked up on the bad music taste because have you ever argued over peoples opinions on other people/celebs on youtube?
the conversation goes on forever.
so if you would like me to pick up on the other comments, he’s not a drunk, yes he made a couple mistakes while drinking. So? He even said in an interview he was ashamed, humiliated and very sorry. Also he apologized to his family,friends,and coworkers.and has it happened again?no.&how is he antisemite?

[..YouTube..] @gurkengrumpel (cont) plus he has more bands now, he has/had Lifehouse, Rocco Deluca and the Burden, Billy Boy on Poison, Honey Honey, and a new one Jim Stapley you might want to give them all a listen before you judge on the one band he had when he first started. im not criticzing you on not liking him because you did say “that guy is the shit. amazing dude!” but he isn’t a drunk, antisemite or have bad taste in music.

[..YouTube..] This guy is just legendary!!

[..YouTube..] Need to marry you ****

[..YouTube..] sexy still

[..YouTube..] Hot stuff either way

[..YouTube..] OMFG HE’S SO <3<3<3

[..YouTube..] if you like jack bauer like the facebook page: Jack Bauer is a God

copy this and paste in in every jack bauer video to make a riot!


[..YouTube..] @gurkengrumpel Umm how is he an anti-semite?

[..YouTube..] Poor guy. lol he’s so cute in a dress :)

[..YouTube..] A lot of guts to do that, just goes to show how laid back of a guy he is, that he actually went through the bet, i bet most people would say fuck off im not doing that infront of millions of people on national television…. well look what kiefer did. Good on ya buddy!! I would still be your friend!

[..YouTube..] Deu 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

[..YouTube..] He is SO CUTE

[..YouTube..] @LiberalBuster I don’t mean to be offensive but did anyone ask you about the bible? I guess not! So get out of here!

[..YouTube..] @MercedesKawasaki Shut up MercedesKawasaki. Be thankful someone quotes the bible your moron.

[..YouTube..] One word: HOT

[..YouTube..] @LiberalBuster. Please do not give out quotes from a fairy tale(aka the bible). There is no god. Stop believing in children’s stories. Science for the win!