Fox Valentine’s Day Promo – Jack and Renee

This was a Valentine’s Day Promo made by FOX featuring nearly all of their shows (Fringe, Bones, Human Target, House, Family Guy, and 24). It aired during American Idol last night. All of the scenes were previously aired (Jack and Renee stuff was from episode 4), but people were asking for this promo so here you go:

YouTube Link: Fox Valentine’s Day Promo – Jack and Renee (HD)


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[..YouTube..] Cute promo. I’ll give it that.

[..YouTube..] YEEESSSSS Jack&Renee!!!!!

[..YouTube..] WHAT SONG IS THIS?? thanks haha

[..YouTube..] The song is “What You Do To Me” by the artist “BlakRoc”.

[..YouTube..] I don’t like Renee anymore since she got all violent but yes she should join Bauer in the bedroom.

When’s the last time Bauer had some enjoyable sex?

[..YouTube..] Jack & Renee!!!! <3 <3 <3

February 12, 2010 at 4:16 pm
This is So cute. I LOVE Jack and Renee :)

[..YouTube..] Jack and Renee….bring it on!

[..YouTube..] @twentyfourspoilers thanks so much!! you rock.

[..YouTube..] which episode is that at 0:22 of bones ?

[..YouTube..] Renee was good in season 7 but in season 8, you started to wonder why Bauer even had feelings for her since she was so unpleasant to be around

[..YouTube..] Renee looked really sexy walking in

Jack was like: “Yea…I’m gonna bag that” ;)

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos What are you talking about? I hated Renee in Day 7 but absolutely LOVED her in Day 8 – so much so I was very POed they killed her off.


[..YouTube..] Well, then yo’re one of the few.

I never knew many people who didn’t like her but everyone I knew who watched Season 8 found her revolting. Some of them even liked the fact that she died.

I didn’t like it that she died since that makes her entire subplot from last season pointless.

I wish they hadn’t invented her period or had kept director Jon Cassar around longer to make Season 8 actually exciting & entertaining as opposed to the predictable embarassment it was

[..YouTube..] Awww I miss Renee :(

[..YouTube..] 24 fringe und doc house….
the three coolest series ever

[..YouTube..] @LAqirl The Goop on the Girl. Season 5.