24 Season 8 Episode 11 Promo (2:00AM-3:00AM)

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×11 (2:00AM – 3:00AM) Promo HD


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[..YouTube..] Episode 10 was awesome!! God I love 24

Cant wait for this episode to start.

[..YouTube..] 00:14 AAararrrgghhh!!!! Who is he (the actor)????

[..YouTube..] @waltergalt – Stephen Root (Milton from Office Space)

[..YouTube..] Yes, haha, I just got it as well. He was on Pushing Daisies for a while too.

[..YouTube..] i’m not liking the lack of renee in this preview. :(

[..YouTube..] can’t wait for next week — hopefully renee will be on

[..YouTube..] WTF, Dana’s plot not going to stopped?

[..YouTube..] the whole thing blew me away

[..YouTube..] Hey, there was only the brief Jack and Renee scene in episode 10 and they better have her in this episode.

[..YouTube..] what’s name of the actor playing the sucide bomber’s name? i swear i saw him on other prime time shows!

[..YouTube..] Your right he played the gay friend of Larry in the 2006 fox comedy “The War At Home”.

[..YouTube..] If you watch the “I’m Not Bluffing Promo” on this channel you’ll probably see a spoiler to what happen to the kid and maybe Jack.

[..YouTube..] The dana walsh storyline is by far the worst 24 storyline ever.

[..YouTube..] @Jaderox13 yeah it seems she’s sitting out for a few episodes… not sure if I mind. she’ll probably come back.

[..YouTube..] @insultguy I’m seriously wondering how there can be a connection to the rest of the plot… did they just put this in for the fun of it…?

[..YouTube..] @jjb1011jjb last episode was so good =) looks like things’re shaping up pretty nicely, I’m looking forward to see where this goes…

[..YouTube..] I disagree

[..YouTube..] I think 24’s ratings are way downhill this year. does anybody know if Im correct or not?

March 1, 2010 at 10:20 pm
No Renee? :(

[..YouTube..] @JesusButtFucksYou

Definately. Apart from the first 4 episodes, this season has been very poor. Yesterday’s episode was slightly better than the dross before that but it was still lacking something. Hope they can improve asap.

The Dana Walsh plot is one the most boring things ever and seems completely pointless. It just seems like an excuse to give Katee Sackehoff something to do.

It also doesn’t help that neither Freddie Prinze Junior or Anil Kapoor (Islamic Pres) can act. Both are awful.

[..YouTube..] i say: this is going to be the best episode so far…you´ll see!

[..YouTube..] shut the fuck up nigger

[..YouTube..] The thing blows up, they show it in the preveiw for the Im not Bluffing Preveiw, really good music in this preveiw!

[..YouTube..] oh yeah! it was buggin me since i saw the episode… u have a great memory, thanx!

[..YouTube..] @SpartanRunner04 jack blows up in the same preview if you look closely

that look´s pretty good and the last both episode’s was good, too.
But i think the guy with the bomb want´s to defuse the bomb at the end of what will be to late, so he will die.
it looks like jack get´s hurt?

[..YouTube..] 24s ratings have falled the past 3 weeks but this is explaninable. First for the past 2 weeks we’ve had the olympics and all shows were impacted by that. Second we havent had a great lead in, its only repeats of House the past 3 weeks, so instead of our usual 14 million lead in we’ve only had a 6 million lead in, so next week when a brand new House episode airs hopefully we’ll be back to 10 million.

But remember 24 is still in the top 10 with DVR numbers, once DVR numbers are counted, we

[..YouTube..] actually go over the 10 million mark.

[..YouTube..] I second that!

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best show ever!! how do i get the directer and make another season like thehannah montana show fans did. You don’t how much i love this show, this show is a million times better than csi miami

[..YouTube..] Rami Malek!!! =)