24 Season 8 Episode 11 Promo (2:00AM-3:00AM) #3

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×11 (2:00AM – 3:00AM) Promo #3 HD


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[..YouTube..] What, no Renee? *le gasp*

[..YouTube..] What does Jack say in the start (to the kid)? I played it 3 times and all I can make out is “play with you”

[..YouTube..] @astrobodingo I am done playin’ with you

[..YouTube..] This show is going downhill.

Unlike all 7 seasons, I will not buy this piece of shit on DVD

[..YouTube..] try watching southland thats an amazing show

[..YouTube..] Actually this is the kind of season you should buy on DVD, just becasue it dosen’t play well on TV, means it will on DVD. Pacing is always so much better on DVD

[..YouTube..] I never liked it since it’s original run on NBC despite being by the writers of ER but I congratulate TNT for letting the writers continue their show when NBC was being a jerk.

The best crime show will always be Law & Order & it’s spin-offs.

CSI is torture porn. NCIS is always good & even better now that 24 sucks.

[..YouTube..] It doesn’t matter. If I’m not looking forward to next week, that mean’s it unexciting, poorly executed & even Kiefer looks bored as hell.

Plus, whenever there was something truly unrealistic, the writes always seemed to ask that the viewer just go with it.

Here, they’re just don’t give a shit.

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos

Well thats your own opinion, Kiefer looks bored? How can you tell, I think he looks the same as he did when filming Season 5. I find this season very well executed, the pacing and development of this season is something I found lacking in previous seasons, theres a direction and a sense the writers know exactly where they’re headed.

24 is unrealistic, there isnt anything realistic on 24, you just have to go along with everything. But hey you dont like it, you dont.

[..YouTube..] I was exaggerating on the bored look.Main problem is that half the cast is a bunch of unhelpful characters esp.Cole & Dana. I thought they were gonna be good guys but nope, they’re traitors. Anyway, you sound like you haven’t seen all the seasons. It totally lacking here since Season 6 but that season at least had excitement & the acting rose above the plot holes.I just want this season to end immediately so they can film the movie they’ve talked about for so long. It’s almost as bad as LOST!

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos

I can ensure you I have seen every season many times. What we have here is a season that is telling a story, its not about action, its not about explosions, its simply about telling a story, and for the first time in 24 history, these stories are being told without the need of mindless plot devices such as explosions which are usually used to carry the story along, this season the story comes first, theres simply no need for action, it’ll come when it comes and until then

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos

You should enjoy the story. Now I found episode 10 very intense, and from this promo this episode looks set to be another intense episode. If you dont enjoy that, well theres nothing we can do but I can appreciate what the writers are trying to do here. If your over on 24 board on IMDB I’m UltimateQAP, I think you’ll learn there just how dedicated I am to 24.

[..YouTube..] I was looking forward to it when the S.W.A.T. team showed up but since the director doesn’t know how to stir up excitement or tension (this is partially due to Jon Cassar leaving which is a shame because he was one of the many things that made the show work), I’m not looking forward to this next episode.

Plus, the adopted Middle Eastern kid just came out of nowhere. Often when there was a twist, it felt necessary. Here, that plot twist felt cheap & that’s due to the villains lacking menace

[..YouTube..] yah man no commercials and u don’t need to wait for a week

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos there was a really good cop show back then called Boomstown its one of my favorite shows but NBC Canceled it

[..YouTube..] Yeah, and it had one of my favorite character actors named Donnie Wahlberg, brother of the even superior Marky Mark Wahlberg

[..YouTube..] Yup, 24 along with Lord of the Rings made the DVD stable packs a hit

[..YouTube..] Yah to bad they canceled it :( i really liked it it was better then that the wire show

[..YouTube..] Yeah, all the good shows have ended recently (The Shield, 24, Star Trek & it’s spin-offs, Stargate SG-1) & now they’re replaced with shit like Stargate Universe, Entourage & even Keeping up with the Kardashians!

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos yah 24 season 8 is probably the last season then NBC might pick it up

[..YouTube..] Does anybody know where I can watch the fulll episodes 8 -11? I unfortunately missed it.