24 Season 8 Episode 11 Promo (2:00AM-3:00AM) #2

“The next 24 is going to be a blast” … uh oh!

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×11 (2:00AM – 3:00AM) Promo #2 HD


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[..YouTube..] i wonder how does Jack make it so her mom dies too? did he wire her with the same explosives? or did he threaten to kill her?

[..YouTube..] @omalor it looks like thats Cole holding the mother just outside of the chamber door thing (dunno what its called). So if the kid blows himself up she’d get taken out in the same explosion.

[..YouTube..] it’s an oxygen tank, i’m pretty sure. So it’ll probably cause a pretty big explosion, not great for anyone in the vicinity.

[..YouTube..] It’s official. This show now sucks!

I loved all the first 7 seasons but this one has not lived up to it’s potential.

I’ve kept watching it nonstop & so far it’s not rewarded the viewer in any way.

Reality T.V. is sounding Emmy-worthy right now & we all know that’s not true!

[..YouTube..] Jack makes it ’cause he’s a ninja.

[..YouTube..] in that case, Cole would be taken out too, though he has this thing for surviving explosions..

[..YouTube..] @astrobodingo that’d have cole and jack working together at last!

[..YouTube..] hey just wondering do any of you know if agent aaron pierce will come back

[..YouTube..] So Cole is working on getting rid of evidence right now, then he gets contacted by some hick looking for kevin wade. then he has to go all the way to where the kids mom is. that seems like it would take up a big part of the episode. Does this mean that Jack will be standing in front of the oxygen tank for the majority of the episode?

[..YouTube..] @demonsayion hes retired from secret service after what logan did to him. but he came back in season 7, broke his arm and left again.
the guy is probably eating pie and saying
“madam president”

[..YouTube..] watch full free
on tvevent.

[..YouTube..] this season of 24 really sucks…