24 Season 8 Episodes 15 & 16 Promo (6:00AM-8:00AM)

Here’s the promo for the back-to-back episode (15 & 16) on April 5th. “For eight seasons, 24 has pushed television suspense further than any other show. Next Monday, it begins its final countdown. It’s the final ten hours of the final season.”

“Tick Tock, Mr Bauer. You are running out of time.”

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×15/16 (6:00AM – 8:00AM) Promo HD


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[..YouTube..] EPIC!!!!!

[..YouTube..] EPIC! So damn excited!

[..YouTube..] AWESOME! 24 ROCKS!

[..YouTube..] 8/7 central..?

So it’s 1 hour earlier… right?

[..YouTube..] CHARLES LOGAN!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Dayem!

[..YouTube..] @Hakkai96

Its two hours, 8 and 9 next monday.

[..YouTube..] @Hakkai96
Yes, 1 hour earlier than from when it usually starts, wherever you are.

[..YouTube..] “For eight seasons, 24 has pushed television suspense further than any other show.”

With the music playing over that and the montages…that is true epic epicness.

[..YouTube..] Hassan knocking out Jack, Charlie’s return, Dana shootin’ up CTU, Cole vs Dana, and Jack interrogating Dana…….. I CAN’T GODDAMN WAIT!!!

[..YouTube..] 24 was amazing tonight but that promo is very special, its all offical now. Anyway glad to see Season 8 delivering the goods now, it was awesome. Tick tock!!

[..YouTube..] I’m going to cry my eyes out during the finale, i’m not afraid to admit it. I dunno what i’ll do without this show.

[..YouTube..] Is it freaking next Monday yet? Dammit!

[..YouTube..] Charles Logan. Hell yeah :)
and dana walsh needs to die a slow painful death.
perhaps with a towel.

[..YouTube..] FUCK YES!!!!!!!! anyone who has been hating on this season needs to go FUCK THEMSELVES! JACK BAUER FTW

[..YouTube..] I admit I’ll be in tears when the show ends, its not right.

[..YouTube..] @Hakkai96

On IMDB, it says that 2 episodes are airing next Monday.

[..YouTube..] Dana Walsh: “Tick Tock Mr Bauer You are running out of time”. Jack Bauer: “THATS MY LINE YOU FUCKING CUNT!”

[..YouTube..] @chris0186

It also says it in the promo, do you just miss these things on purpose or something?


[..YouTube..] OMFG,

[..YouTube..] they need to let jack torture her

[..YouTube..] clearly the greatest show in existance.

[..YouTube..] Wooohoooo!! LOGAN!!!

[..YouTube..] I hate it when the decision to cancell a Television Show occurs midseason! That doesn’t give the producers, writers, actors Etc enough time to properly plan a Series Finale! Seriously, why couldn’t Fox have decided that this would be the final season before production began!

On a lighter note, I think the final 10 hours are going to be awesome! This week’s episode was great! Wonder when it’ll get out that Dana’s a dirty agent.

[..YouTube..] I just hope the show doesn’t end with Jack dying. That’s all I ask! Please please please don’t send 24 off like that! End it with Jack and Rene starting a life together in LA or something, so that Jack can be closer to Ki, her husband, and his granddaughter, who is a hoot I might ad!

[..YouTube..] Typo. Meant to say Kim.

[..YouTube..] Logan baby!! Yes!!!!!

[..YouTube..] I can’t wait for these two episodes!! And I CANNOT wait to see Jack beat up Dana!

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best show ever created, fuck the rest, this is the bomb.

[..YouTube..] The greatest show of all times

[..YouTube..] What we know for sure is Dana and Weiss are facing punishment judging by the preview and Hassan is making a sacrifice to protect the US so he can buy Jack and others more time to stop the threat.

[..YouTube..] omg Dana Walsh is a bitch.

They should get Wayne Palmer back in

[..YouTube..] @DorvellTStewart He won’t die.. They are filming a 24 movie after the series is over.

[..YouTube..] @DorvellTStewart they’re already done filming the season. before season 8 began, the producers said there was a slim chance 24 would come back for a 9th season. i don’t think FOX is cancelling. i believe it’s more of that it’s that time to say goodbye to the series and let it have a great ending.

[..YouTube..] DIE DANA DIE!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] The movie doesn’t necessarily have to be set after the last season…

[..YouTube..] I’ve heard that they’re still working on a 24 Feature Film, so it’s not completely over yet!

[..YouTube..] All I know is that I can’t wait to see Jack intarogating Dana! That’s gonna be fucking EPIC!

[..YouTube..] @DorvellTStewart That would be epic for sure.

[..YouTube..] Dana is not going to get away with that!

[..YouTube..] I just cant wait to see Jack intarogating Dana! Thats gonna be a fucking two hour!

[..YouTube..] What’s up, Logan? :)

[..YouTube..] @Garyyx24
But who tells you that the plot of the film plays after season 8. Maybe the film tells a story between the seasons or it tells the story of Jack’s life before season 1. (sorry for my bad english, but it isn’t my native language)

[..YouTube..] 0:01 – PALMER! :’ )

[..YouTube..] It’s a shame Don LaFontaine didn’t live to do this promo, having left us in 08. He would’ve made this promo sound even more epic than what it already does!

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland have stated that the film is tied into season 8.

[..YouTube..] OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait


[..YouTube..] OMFG! Just awesome!

[..YouTube..] Who’s closet is Bauer standing in?

[..YouTube..] @DorvellTStewart Who is Don LaFontaine? O,o

[..YouTube..] Next week, STARBUCK vs. BAUER! (two badasses battling it out)

[..YouTube..] @DorvellTStewart Never mind, I looked it up on wikipedia. He was THE VOICE that we’ve always heard in trailers. Too bad he’s gone..

[..YouTube..] The greatest mistake ever on 24 … Bringing Charles Logan back! How he “died” in S6 was the best way ever to get him out with honour.
Now the authors bring him back and destroy it all … are they silly?!

[..YouTube..] Seriously? With this being the last season, they had to bring him back or else people would be pissed that there was no closure to his character.

And I don’t see how getting stabbed by his psychopathic wife is going out with honor..

[..YouTube..] hey just wondering is it true they are making a 24 movie if so when will it come and what ever happen to wayne palmer

[..YouTube..] Tic Tac Mr. Bauer – Your running out of time

[..YouTube..] thought last week’s episode was disappointing (especially the ending involving Walsh), but I loved this week’s episode, and next week looks sick

can’t wait

[..YouTube..] Logan? now that was unexpected, i thought he died, really cool though. And it’s about time for Dana to pay for her actions, a little torture “wouldn’t hurt”.

[..YouTube..] Dana is turning into Starbuck! Finally, what I was hoping for all season long. Gotta love Katee Sackhoff!

Yes, both Sutherland and Gordon have said that the upcoming movie is NOT a prequel. it follows S8.

[..YouTube..] hahahaha gooo logann!
i want to see how dana takes some tourture!
if she had a brittish a ccent when she said the tik tok thing, it would of been hillarious!

[..YouTube..] I never ever thought that I would see the final episodes promo this early, yet I can’t stop watching!!! IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!

[..YouTube..] Logan returns? God on earth why, what the bloody hell is he going to do?! Become the new Jack Bauer or something?! NO! There’s only one Jack Bauer, simple as. He’ll probably screw things up will Logan, but Bauer’s not going to let things boil over. 24 = WAS ONE OF THE BEST (when all is said and done of course), IS ONE OF THE BEST, WILL ALWAYS BE KNOWN, AS ONE OF THE BEST!

[..YouTube..] Tic Tac? They’re not giving Jack a mint you know lol!

[..YouTube..] Love that Dana-line: “Tic tac Mr. Bauer, you are running out of time”!

[..YouTube..] that first shot of jack, is that season 7?

it looks like that president taylor demands tarin and hassan will survive, 24 need more victims.
and charles logen is one of the best actors in 24

[..YouTube..] it’s tik tok (meaning that hands a clock moving and time going by), not the mint, tic tac

[..YouTube..] @TheNextAirJordan23 I know that lol, I know she said ‘tick tock Mr. Bauer’, I was just joking about that’s all.

The trailer looks so sick but is this the trialer for the next two episodes or for the last 10 hours? Also does anyone know when the series finally is going to air?? This is the best show ever to bad to see it end… I am very curious to see how they end it… are they going to kill off the main characters i hope not…. also is there a 24 movie comingo ut still? Til Yok Mr. Bauer time is running out is know my favorite 24 quote!!!

[..YouTube..] Logan is still alive?!?? .. sighz… can’t believe it’s the final season

[..YouTube..] @Casino007Royale2 Yes, it’s either when he leaves the Senate Hearing, or when he’s at the FBI for the first time. In any case, it’s episode 1 of season 7.

[..YouTube..] No one actually ever dies in 24. It turns out, Nina survived. She’s going to kill Kim in the final hour of the series. But, Teri (Jack’s wife) didn’t die either. Teri’s gonna save her daughter right before Nina gets to her. Oh, sorry, for the spoiler.

[..YouTube..] @ZoneInRelic5BC Did you miss the scene where they tell you that Nina survived? Actually, Nina is running this entire operation. She’s the one who Dana is working for. Oh, and yeah, you probably missed it, but Teri is also alive too. She’s in a coma. I think they’ll bring her back this season though.

[..YouTube..] Taylor looks PISSED!

My belief… Ethan faked the heart attack!

[..YouTube..] You’d think Jack would drop the “Mr” nonsense once in a while. Calling Hassan Mr President after he turns on him and calling James hellar Mr secretary after he karate chops him in the throat makes him sound like an awfull like arse!

[..YouTube..] That’s right! I think Ethan Kanin faked the heart attack in order to listen in on Weiss and the General who’s actor is from Jericho. He probably has a recording device in his pocket (he always carries one as we learned in Season 7). He is probably taking evidence to incriminate Weiss.

[..YouTube..] Damn good idea but I doubt it.

[..YouTube..] greatest show on tv, gonna miss this every mondays now. Long live Jack bauer!!

[..YouTube..] The final season !! OMG that makes me cry !!!

[..YouTube..] when does mike madsen show up?!?!

[..YouTube..] Rahm Weiss is fucked!

[..YouTube..] wooooaahhhhh!!!!!! it’s the lst season!!!!
well i just say
24 is really the best!!!!

[..YouTube..] Where is Aaron….:( no major role like S5 in this season? very disappointed!

[..YouTube..] @DorvellTStewart yeah, i hope we see some old school jack interrogation methods on her. She’ll just push him to that point and piss him off just enough…

[..YouTube..] @tangram108, please document where you found this information. Sounds like a crock of bullshit to me.

[..YouTube..] I HATE MONDAYS… cause I have to wait for 24 to play…

[..YouTube..] Wheres tony???? who was nina meyers working for. We will never know :O

[..YouTube..] @DorvellTStewart Lol, did you miss all the comments “zomg Logan is back”? It was a joke. 24 just has this tendency to bring back seemingly dead characters. I mean, if Nina came back in this season, I wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe even President Palmer. He’s still alive too.

[..YouTube..] Dident charles logan got killed my his x in season 6??

[..YouTube..] It’s been said that Hassan is only in this season for 15 episodes. the next two are gonna be the 14th and 15th. I have a feeling in the second one, he’s gonna go. -___- Sigh.

And at the end, Jack/Kiefer looks reminiscent of season 1 when he was in a room with Victor Drazen.

[..YouTube..] @MrKugalskap he flatlined at the end of an episode — Jack Bauer’s flatlined at least twice on the show

[..YouTube..] if u guys wanna see what the Expendables trailer would look like if KIEFER “JACK BAUER” SUTHERLAND was in it, look it up , i put it on youtube !

[..YouTube..] I want the creators to kill Jack at the end of this season (I know the won’t) cause I don’t wanna see such a GREAT SERIES die a meaningless death…. shame on FOX for ending it all :(

[..YouTube..] OMG LOGAN!!! I wanna see that roll out, and from the looks of it, looks like cole is gonna stop dana from escaping, I wanna see how that turns out…

[..YouTube..] LOGAN!!!! <3 While slimy, he's been one of the most interesting characters in 24 history.

[..YouTube..] Logan wasn’t dead on season 6?

[..YouTube..] tony should appears =C

[..YouTube..] @omardco21 i thought logan died to

[..YouTube..] F*CK CHARLES LOGAN!?!?!?

[..YouTube..] jack better not die. I’ll be pissed

[..YouTube..] hassans throat slit.

[..YouTube..] @Fatman10001 Yes, he got the silent clock. He deserved it.

[..YouTube..] Hassan is done :(((( I liked his character, oh well. It definately made my stomach churn at the silent clock…

[..YouTube..] @MetalxMusicxChannel I liked him too. I really admire how he resisted the terrorists, even after torture. I was sad to see him dead.

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 I doubt Hassan died… Think about it.. 8 more episodes? What will end up happening? Not saying that he didnt, just throwing that out.

Probably might have been a copy cat, just as u remember “He is stronger than we thought”, they didnt unmask the mask man, Samir maybe might have ditched along with Hassan.


[..YouTube..] My jaw dropped at the end…I can’t believe Hassan is done for…we have to save 24!!!

[..YouTube..] I’ll miss 24. It’s been 8 seasons worth watching. Kick their asses once again, Jack!

son of a bitch asshole excuse for an ex-president fucking LOGAN is back !
i couldn’t believe it when i was told had to see it. I don’t know why but i’m sure he’s in on it, or am i speculating too much….
ps: i hope they find that cop’s body Dana walsh killed and shid in the wall coz it might gonna start stinking …

[..YouTube..] “Tick Tock Mr Bauer”

[..YouTube..] They better not kill Jack or Rene the mans been through enough

[..YouTube..] @TentionB shame renees dead..

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
ithey could of put her in critical condition, and it would of had the same effect on Jack.

Jack take down Taylor!!

[..YouTube..] @TentionB OMG JACK KILLS TAYLOR!!!? That would be HELL.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
whoa, whoa, Jack does not kill Taylor i just want him to for what she did.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB I know, i was just predicting :P Well I agree with taylor I want the peace agreement to be fulfilled, Peace over Justice!

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
me and you are rivals lol
I am with Jack on this one, justice should always be served an agreement based off lies will never hold.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB “never” means nothing in politics!

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
but since President Tailor built her campain on morals, and had her daughter locked up! blocking justice is spitting on her daughters face, President Hassan’s wife (can’t remember her name), and the oath she took.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB There was no greater good to locking up her daugter, peace – was not involved.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon Shes still spitting on the morals and oath she took, everybody is entitled to the truth and justice, both of which president is blocking.
If she truly believes in the greater good, she should tell Hassans wife the truth, and let her decide.
“House built on sand” springs to mind.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB No, because the concept of the greater good is to deny a lesser good, telling hassans wife would be accepting the high risks that would deny the greater good. She will do whatever it takes to get the peace. Whilst everything is entitled to truth and justice, the concept of revenge derives form justice and is flawed in the sense that it will destroy peace.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB Does peace come to mind when one is executed? Does killing one in execution will contribute well to the mistresses welfare? Is there not a flaw in the concept of justice.. when peace- being neutral, prevents the most wars to come.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB What are morals if they have no intention? What is an oath when it exhausts the President’s personal opinions?

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon telling Hassans wife, would be what you expect anyone who has taken their oath as president to do, if the truth comes out how do you think the people will feel knowing the USA knew and made the decision for them, to ignore the facts, the terrorists have stated they feel that Hassan was weaking and selling out their country and this adds backing to that concept, that the americans that talk of justice hid it for their own vision.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
There is no proof, just assumption that Dalia would not sign up to the peace agreement if she knew the truth after all she agreed to continue on his behalf did she not.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon i disagree we have laws not only to protect the members of society, but to stop members of society turning into vigilantees.
Laws are placed there to stop peoples personal ideologies from how they feel punishments or others should live.
what the president is saying is her ideologies is greater than the legal system this kind of mindset can lead to dictatorship, as most dicatators think they are doing the greater good.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB As Jack said, he wants justice not revenge but due to the presidents actions, she is forcing him to seek Justice himself. To my undertsand every American citizen has the right to Justice.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB But that assumption is very likely, its not like taylor would not regard these chances.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB He implied revenge as taylor had mentioned that he feels very obliged to do this because of personal feelings, Justice comes from the root of revenge. Obviously he was moved to find the murder after renee’s death. They have the right to justice, but sacrifice must be made when the lack of such gives an unknown peace to a chaotic country

[..YouTube..] @TentionB However, those dictators cannot be compared to that of the president, when it comes to THESE decisions they are independantly made by the president- it’s her job to be the strongest force in the US government where discretions must be made to achieve the distant goal. Capturing the russian dude and stopping the peace won’t help anyone but to merely get what he gets- its not like letting him go will result in the absolute turmoil of american society.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB But the FACTS are that the peace MUST be maintained. Peace is the ultimate goal, you’re walking in circles and not overcoming the point that peace comes first. Hassan wanted peace, not the epitome of revenge. They would feel surprised, content, or in dismay but the point is that their country achieved a PEACE that hassan DIED for.

[..YouTube..] The world doesn’t need a peace treaty. What they should do is unleash Jack Bauer to scour the globe, and in 24 hours there will be world peace.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon right apologies for the delay lets get back into this.
As Jack clearly said, if he wanted revenge he would of taken it himself, and we all know he has the skills to do this.
He wanted justice.
justice and the revenge do not go hand in hand, Justice is there to proctect people and rehabilitate criminals, justice prevents vengence hence why vigilantees are often punished by the law

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
I agree peace is needed, but not at the expensive of the justice.
In 24 it is America that is deemed the country that can resolve these issues and bring the russians etc to the table, you know why? because of the justice system it has, the democracy, the bills of rights and the oaths those in power take and the way american puts its people first. President tailor is spitting on all of this and deeming herself above these foundations because she feels she is right.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB
which is why i compare her to a dicator, look up dicators nearly all of them feel in their hearts of hearts, what they are doing is for this imaginery greater good. when In fact they are doing is hurting themself and their people.

[..YouTube..] you say what tailor is doing will not hurt americans but actually when the truth gets out, it could and would severly damage the US reputation as well as her own, the peace process will be tarnished and relations between the countries who sat down will be severed.
Dhalia would never trust the US and may even become and enemy of the US due to this it could also allow the terrorist to claim this is what they have been saying all along, and it was the US that help kill hassan.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon yes we are walking in circules, as it seems i am Ethan and you are Logan.
like Ethan i agree that it may not happen now, but it will happen and when it does happen, an open and honest relationship with Dhalia and her country is worth more than a peace agreement based on deceit.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon yes we are walking in circules, as it seems i am Ethan and you are Logan. like Ethan i agree that it may not happen now, but it will happen and when it does happen, an open and honest relationship with Dhalia and her country is worth more than a peace agreement based on deceit.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon pt 2
they will always remember what was sacrificed to maintain and open and honst relationship with their country and the US and that the US stands by their laws and morals which is priceless. Authorising a tortue is dispickable action for a country like the US.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB Justice for Justices sake means Revenge for Revenges sake instead of peace. She IS the president as I have said before and these kind of discretions must bemade in a situation like this. Describing our government doesn’t justify the lack of peace for revenge

[..YouTube..] @TentionB She isn’t gonna hurt america if he lets peace exist in a destructive country. most dictators are power hungry and delusional

[..YouTube..] @TentionB Thats why the truth is trying to be sealed- and controversy will also have 2 sides of the coin where people will agree and disagree. The peace process wont exist anyways if we went to justice now instead of doing it NOW. the evidence that will allow the truth out only reveals the russians, so unless they’re stupid they’ll take that.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB Deceit? It’s called “The Prince”- the end justifys the means. Sometimes the truth hurts too much for people and are arrogant to accept peace- peace is the ultimate neutrality of a devastating, unstable human race.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB The torture I agree is stupid- but that’s out of topic and I’m discussing on peace over justice. But those morals also indicate to fight for a greater good! Sacrifice is neccesary to provide this! it’s been written in history

[..YouTube..] @TentionB If it was not at the expensive of justice then how was it served to soldiers killed and massacred by US soldiers? Did they ever come back to life? Was justice truly served? If the US was fighting a war on japan and had a decision whether to let an evil dictator who killed 1 million people to go- OR have peace for at least 50 years. 50 generations of people worldwide- Killing the dictator isn’t gonna help anything but satisfy our needs to make things fair when life truly isn’t.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
this is not justice for justice sake, this is justice period, as mentioned time and time again justice prevents people taking the law into their own hands i.e. jack killing Dana (just seen the episode)

[..YouTube..] @TentionB justice, for what? Theres a reason to everything- justice period means justice for justices sake. i think its obvious into jacks intentions and how he uses “justice” as a justification of his actions when really they are drived by personal vendatta.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB To do Justice is to SERVE justice, therefore it means justice for justice’s sake.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
its the knock on effect that would hurt america did you hear dalia’s speech, she talks about integrity and moral charater and trust and thanks the president for this, all of which are traits the US is known for.
the knock on effect is severly damaged relations and US deemed as un trust worthy nation who was part of the conspiracy.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
there is a difference between stupidity and a moral, legal and ethical obligation, authorising a tortue spits on all of the above for what?
trying to seal the truth is an awful act of anyone person, tot hen have the person holding it tortued and killed is even worse. Dalia and her people are entitled to the truth and the president has no right to with hold it from them.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
the ends do not justify the means, and how does it sound when the people of the nation find out a woman was tortued and was later to be excuted because she held the truth. this si not what america stands for as this is no different to what a dictator would do to anyone threatening his empire.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
i am disscussing tortue as it is valid to my point, as i mentiond tailor is showing traits of a dictator, and has done her first dictator move.
authorising a tortue something the US is against.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon i’m talking about Justice over peace in 24 world keep in mind. since you bring the argument, a permanent peace based on open and honest relationship is worth more than a temporary peace for 50 years.

[..YouTube..] when countries like the US and UK go to war like in the 1st world war, when it was all said and done guess what happened those who were captured alive were brought to justice and tried for their war crimes. so no we did not bring the soilders back to life and the loss of life is always sad, but without them justice and peace we see in europe today would not be.
bottom line without justice there is no peace

[..YouTube..] @TentionB What was the means of executing the woman? For peace. Your analogy of the president to a dictator is massively flawed because her purpose in doing this is for PEACE and not to defend the USA- america is the epitome of peace and freedom- diversity- we stand for this. we don’t stand for gore and revenge.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB And yet- im not discussing about torture as it has no relevance to the sacrifice for a greater good- now you’re talking about METHODS FOR the greater good.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB A permanent peace won’t even BE PRESENT if not- at least for 50 years.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB Do you think everyone that commited war crimes got away? I doubt it. Justice and PEACE you mention? What would be the world if NOT for peace? Justice= equality in punishment but peace promotes the deafening of punishment in itself and the absolute end of VIOLENCE- sot hat JUSTICE may not be used in the future because justice is for CONSEQUENCE that DISRUPTS THE PEACE.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon the analogy stands, as she is acting like a dictator as mentioned all dictators think they are serving this deluded greater good, how is denying a man justice, torturing a woman then threatening to start a war with Dalia’s country killing masses of innocent a greater good? it is the act of a bully.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
No it is not, Justice is there to protect the masses, to prevent people turning vigilantee like Jack is doing now, and as i said to you without a good system peace can never be sustained.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon i mention torture as the greater good talk is a delusion.
how is torture, blackmail, cover ups, bullying and mass murder a greater good.
the president authorised a tortue something which goes against the backbone of what the US stands for.
if we all were to use this deluded greater good argument and put ourselfs above the law there would be anarcy.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
it is better to maintain the high moral’s and reputation that has been looked after for decades before you arrived, than for you to come and tarnish a good legal system, damage the country’s and your own reputation. or worse leave the country open to black later.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
I think you missed the point i made, you were talking about people dying in wars and i said it was not in vein. they had justice served as those that were caputured alive were tried for their war, it stopped people from being tortued and destroy and rebuild kicked in and those countries were rebuilt up with a watchful eye ensuring the country maintains the human right acts and their UN agreement.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
you actually think justice/law hurts peace, what do you think the human rights acts is? without Justice there is no peace.
Justice is not always a consequence of a bad action, justice is there to help elighten and break people sterotypical views.
Age, race, disability and religious discrimination and child support so a parent is not left struggling on their own. Peace is meaingless without justice and justice should never be comprimised because one thinks they are above it.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
on a side note, we have 1 hour left and i can’t wait to see how this ends whats your prediction for the end?

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
lol i have just realised the last episode has aired, so i am going to watch that ASAP.

as the season has ended so has debate with it, i think one thing is for sure we both feel passionately about corner and we will never compromise.

let me know what your thoughts of the season.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB Peace is NOT deluded- those are METHODS to get the greater good. I am talking about the mere importance of peace over justice.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB People don’t NEED to turn vigilante- its because somewhere in there minds fair must be fair when it brings no good but self satisfcation… Preventing a peace won’t protect the masses either

[..YouTube..] @TentionB PEACE is the greater good. As I said BEFORE those are METHODS to get the greater good. I am talking about how peace is OVER justice. anarchy? no. GOvernments purpose to maintain order- laws are merely tools of the government, and only ONE of the tools. We make laws- but its not like laws are set in stone forever.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB Damage a reputation? That bad face of america would be painted away when they realize they had at least SOME good intentions- hence peace. Reputation is above peace? Since when is this true? “I don’t want to look bad, so lets not do it.”

[..YouTube..] @TentionB No the point of that statement was to adress the fact that justice is not always served- and yet our government still retains its order.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB Have you ever wondered why there is no peace without justice? It’s because people can seem to gather themselves over the fact that making an eye for an eye is only for self satisfaction as if humans have made a natural law of inevitable karma. Justice IS a consequence- its basis is to make things fair- at the cost of another. Sterotypical view is a bad action- hence justic ewill be served for it.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB How is peace meaningless? Peace is the end of all fears, the end of all worries, the end of pointless death- where justice brings just more consequence for those who try to disrupt the peace. If there is no peace in the first place justice has no place. It is total war without peace. Peace and justice intertwine with each other, but justice’s goal is to MEET peace but peace is served with more methods than JUST justice.

[..YouTube..] @TentionB Pretty sad ending. Very intense 5/5. Movies coming out.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon
I got mixed emotions about the ending, i’m happy Tailor done the right thing but i think its tragic that Jack has to live on the run again, considering how happy he seemed at the begining of the season as a grandpa. i can’t picture what the movie will be about but here’s waiting.
it’s been good debating with you get brain thinking until we clash over something else lol

[..YouTube..] @TentionB i’ve been debating in replacement for studying for the finals :)
too lazy. could be about like Russia Vs. USA or something! i love chlooe