24 Season 8 Episodes 15 & 16 Promo (6:00AM-8:00AM) #2

Mostly the same as the first, but shorter and with one new scene of Jack saying you betrayed your country.

YouTube Link: YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×15/16 (6:00AM – 8:00AM) Promo #2 HD


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[..YouTube..] Looks like Jack confronts Weiss for betraying President Taylor and then interrogates Dana.

[..YouTube..] It looks that way. Thank you Sherlock! :)

[..YouTube..] YES! Jack is going to kill Dana. That is so overdue.

Hmmm….looks like Jack gets a piece of Rob Weiss too.

[..YouTube..] omg awesome! how do u rate 5stars? if i find out i wil :D
24 <3

[..YouTube..] Why is the videos no longer iPhone compatible??

[..YouTube..] @TransformerslNC i just tried this video on my iPhone (3G) and it worked fine. Not sure why it doesn’t work for you.. i didn’t change any settings or anything on my videos so it should work just as before.

Cant wait for Monday! 15,16,17 and 18 are suppose to be awesome!

[..YouTube..] @PredatorBrendan No I think he’s talking to Adrion Bishop, the leader of the field team.

[..YouTube..] Why is Jack wearing a button-down shirt when he’s talking to Dana? Did his field clothes catch on fire?

[..YouTube..] OMG this will rock big time

[..YouTube..] is the season over now?

[..YouTube..] Do you guys notice that Jack has an other outfit on 0:13 then in the real episode? It’s a complete different shot.

[..YouTube..] you know what’s stupid about this trailer a lott of scenes in this promo are not in the episodes like the return of charles logan and jack interogist dana that’s in episode 18.

[..YouTube..] I’m really going to buy this one on DVD. ::> Saw it online at

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[..YouTube..] At 0:13 Jack is wearing a different shirt cause that shot is from Episode 18. He goes to confront Dana because Renee got shot and died. That’s why he had to change shirts