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Great interview by Annie Wersching (who plays Renee Walker on 24).

What should we look forward to?
This coming Monday is a pretty big one for Jack and Renee. I was actually surprised that they showed a little of it in the promo from last week. Like you said about the fans accepting her, it will be interesting to see how they will all respond to Jack and Renee sort of finally getting a little bit closer. For the most part I’ve heard good things. But then you have your fans who legitimately think that Jack Bauer loves them and that they’re going to marry Kiefer Sutherland and they want to push Renee off a cliff.

There was a sense that the season got off to a bit of a slow start but that it has established real momentum over the the last three or four episodes. When you were working on this season, what was your sense of how it was progressing?
It’s interesting because last season Renee had such a huge arc from the very first episode to the last episode. And I was in almost every episode. This season is definitely different for me in terms of filming because I have more bursts of activity. But those bursts are bigger. When I was in, there would be four or five really intense Renee episodes and then that would die down… Last year I was in the FBI and the character always knew what was happening overall at the White House. And this year Renee is on her own with Jack. It was a little bit harder this year for me to get a grasp of what the overall arc and vibe of the season was going to be like. But definitely these last three or four episodes, for whatever reason, seem pretty old school 24. Which is so much fun.

Where do things stand on filming?
Friday is the last day of shooting. It’s the very, very end of hours 23 and 24 and the final scenes of hour 24 have already been shot. Because we shoot two episodes at a time over three weeks. What’s being shot Thursday and Friday are not necessarily the last scenes of the show. So the last moments have already been shot. Which is just crazy.

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So I guess she’s not going to die? I mean, why would she be at the last few hours of shooting if she was?


@alice the plot said something tragic happens to Jack that’s personal. But what and who to him is personal? His family?, Chloe (I heard a dark rumor about her this season)?,Renee(seems like she lives through to the finale.) No idea really but I’m racking my brain to weigh the different options of what could happen and so far I’ve got nothing. Darn you 24 for being so twistedly clever. :)

It might be Kim who may have an uncredted appearance.

unfortunately..she’s dead..still upset.. :( can they do this..

24 is a very sexy drama and i love to see it
and i like specialy jack and annie and kim and etc girl who work in 24 i love all of u gause
im from afghanistan