Kiefer Sutherland’s ‘The Confession’ trailer

Here is the long-awaited debut of The Confession, Kiefer Sutherland’s new series that will air on Hulu in March. Kiefer Sutherland definitely nails the bad-ass hit man role!

YouTube Link: Confession – Series Trailer


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[..YouTube..] This looks awesome, very well put together trailer. A teaser for sure!

[..YouTube..] PERFECT!!!!! ( Applauding now)

[..YouTube..] This is gonna be awesome…love it :D

[..YouTube..] Just one word: FANTASTIC!

[..YouTube..] Thanks so much for posting so quickly !

[..YouTube..] hmmm….my “awesome series is approaching” sence is tingling…

[..YouTube..] Anything that has Jack Bauer and Magneto in the same movie is something that I’m definitely going to watch.

[..YouTube..] @kuunami thats not magneto. that’s john hurt.

[..YouTube..] JACK BAUER IS BACK :D:D:D thumbs up if u love kiefer <3

[..YouTube..] yeahhhhhhhhhhhh , i need a good show ,i hope it is :)

[..YouTube..] OMG, must watch!!! But it kinda sucks that it’s coming out on Hulu. I hope that Hulu works in Canada by March -.-

[..YouTube..] @kuunami Thats not magneto dumbfuck -_-

[..YouTube..] Omg


[..YouTube..] @BlackHawk4744
No it’s not, it’s the just the actor that plays him.

[..YouTube..] I’m Watching this….


[..YouTube..] Vigilante justice ftw

[..YouTube..] Quiero verla YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Looks a lot like the church scene in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

[..YouTube..] never been to your page before . I dont know how you got my name or if someone is using it. anyhow gooday

[..YouTube..] seems like dexter killing for justice

[..YouTube..] @spearofconquest
Calm down penis breath, my mistake. It looked him.

[..YouTube..] looks amazing!!

[..YouTube..] OMGOMGOGMOMGOMGOMGOMG I’m gonna rape this series with my eyes…. several times

[..YouTube..] @kuunami Penis breath?God you are such a 12 year old.

[..YouTube..] They Think They Can Cancel 24… But Guess what , They Can’t Cancel Jack (he’s out to kill Again )

[..YouTube..] @spearofconquest
yeah, because calling someone a dumbfuck because he mistook an actor is extremely mature right? fuck off.

[..YouTube..] DROP THE GUN

[..YouTube..] SuperB acting.. for a web serie :O thats crazy, why aint it on TV?

[..YouTube..] 24 maybe finshed, by all i see is JACK BAUER!

[..YouTube..] 3 Guys are in a cafe.

The first guy says “I have the smallest arm in the world.”

The second guy says I have the smallest head in the world.”

The third guy says I have the smallest dick in the world

They all go to the Guinness Book of World records.

The first guy comes back and says I really have the smallest arm in the world.

the seconds guy returns and says I have the smallest head in the world.

The third guy comes back and angrily says WHO THE FUCK IS JUSTIN BIEBER

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland is EXTREMEMLY HANDSOME! And. whomever Directed this ( @BradMirman) did an EXCELLENT JOB! ;p

[..YouTube..] poor keifer’s going to be stuck playing this jack bauer type role forever now

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland FTW!

[..YouTube..] john hurt??!!
the storyteller


[..YouTube..] i still watch 24!!

[..YouTube..] @Maiku2010 So?

[..YouTube..] @HappyHurpesPro just saying im a fan of keifer sutherland

[..YouTube..] @hectoralindsay What did u watch the movie with with Mickey Rourke were he was an assassin too?

[..YouTube..] …And then Kane had a son. Thy end.

[..YouTube..] This is going to be soooooooo good! I can’t wait until March!

Can someone tell what Kiefer saying at 0:36 point please?

@Guest he says “In fact I’m supposed to kill someone tonight.”

[..YouTube..] OMG it’s KIEFER SUTHERLAND!!!!!! And was that Jude Law I saw

[..YouTube..] SWEET TITS!!!

and at the end ? “can feel the fear father” is it wright ? Thanks (I’m english-speaking)

Yes that is correct Yoda. Kiefer says “Can you feel the fear, father?” at the end.

[..YouTube..] Dude. I’m putting this on my list.

I mean I’m NOT english speaking..of course…I don’t want to take advantage of your patience but what does he answer at 1.12 when the priest says ” what you are doing is wrong, it’s not to you to decide…” Thanks again !

@Yoda He says “No father, that’s where you’re so very wrong.”

[..YouTube..] That looks so very cool!

[..YouTube..] This trailer is sensational and definitely makes me want more!

man, keifer is such a brilliant actor!!! cant wait for it

[..YouTube..] Thumbs up if you want damnits in the show!

[..YouTube..] 1. This is so very awesome.
2. The way he keeps saying ‘Father’ takes me back to “The Bay Boy”.
3. Did abybody else keep pausing on the part where you see his arms with the tattoos (with a glimpse of his brand new birds tattoo?).
4. I’ve really missed Kiefer. Nice to see him again :)

[..YouTube..] @tmacairjordan87 I doubt it. He’s the one who came up with this idea, so it’s not like he was offered this particular part. And he’s doing something very different now on Broadway. But hey, maybe he likes doing this kind of thing, if he thought this up. Either way, I wish him luck.

[..YouTube..] cant wait

[..YouTube..] Angels and Demons Soundtrack

[..YouTube..] LOL heres my Confession

(me) forgive me father for i have sinned

(priest) yes my son ?

(me) well i kind of fucked jessica chobot

(priest) you sir are a god !!!!

[..YouTube..] jst jizzed in ma pants..cnt wait

[..YouTube..] Jack is back! :P

[..YouTube..] When in March? Anything with Keifer Sutherland in it is gonna be really good!

Wow, this looks pretty awesome!

As for who the priest is, I can see how he might have looked like “Magneto” at first. But he is “Ollivander” instead, LOL

[..YouTube..] @ThePacmansrage Here a novel idea: Don’t watch it!

[..YouTube..] @negativepickup i wont

[..YouTube..] @trexation i noticed that too it made it seem fake

[..YouTube..] “Kiefer Sutherland, star of the 24 TV series”? I guess you mean “Jack Bauer, former CTU agent and DOD emplyee, now on the run from justice”.

[..YouTube..] Looks promising, can’t wait to watch it!

[..YouTube..] Whats up with the asain riding a motorcycle in an office? Like, really?

[..YouTube..] It’s like 47 in the 24.

[..YouTube..] this trailer is almost exactly the same thing as the scene from boondock saints with willem dafoe in the confession booth. like the same fuckin thing.

[..YouTube..] The first gunshot in the trailer has one of the worst recoil acting shots of all time, it looks a giant magnet pulled the gun in his hand causing his arm to fly out of control.

[..YouTube..] Once again, Kiefer will do a perfect job! He is one of the best actors I have ever seen. And by the way, the actor who played Michael Amador in 24’s season 3 is in this series, that’s cool.
Looking forward to this series!

[..YouTube..] If anyone want to know the music in the trailer is The Citrine Cross from Hans Zimmer from The Da Vinci Code Soundtrack. Thumbs up if this helps

[..YouTube..] @dotCody If you searched a bit more about The Confession you would know this is not a movie. It is a new TV-series!

[..YouTube..] @kenn0255
That’s even worse. That’s like James Gandolfini coming back to television as Dog The Bounty Hunter, you’ll never look at Tony Soprano the same way again.

[..YouTube..] the first pistol shot looked so unnatural

[..YouTube..] Why would you not sign on for another season of 24 to do this!

[..YouTube..] Looks pretty good for a web-series i think i am gonna watch this.

[..YouTube..] @BrendanP11 are you for real 24 is so done its been same thing every season. terror plot for 12 eps then when thats solved bigger terror plot is revealed the bosses try and do stuff by the book but that dont work so jack goes rogue his lil firends help him then everyone hunts jack while he tries and gets shit done at the end every one realises they need jack he gets reinstated and they stop the bad guys. its a good thing to end a show b4 it jumps the shark 24 was getting pretty close to it

[..YouTube..] looks good

[..YouTube..] Damn it,it will be so COOL!!!

[..YouTube..] @xenojobeia derp

[..YouTube..] @SoupWou yeah, pistols of that caliber don’t have that much recoil… lol. Keifer’s a newb.

[..YouTube..] really disappointed with this its only on for 5 mins an episode thought it was gonna be proper TV show. sigh sad face

[..YouTube..] what was the frist line jack says?
bless me father for i have sinned…

[..YouTube..] It’s like Ollivander talks with Voldemort… “It is not up to you to decide who lives or dies”

[..YouTube..] @roywantssee i honestly think it says something like “and something i fucked up”

[..YouTube..] Looks brilliant!! Can’t wait to see it!!! :) :) :) Kiefer still looks as hot as ever! :D

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer returns :D

[..YouTube..] It should be “It has been 8 days since my last confession father; I have been to busy killing terrorists and saving the world, and I plan to do it again for a 9th season!!!!”


[..YouTube..] @xenojobeia What is with all you people who are disappointed because it’s only 5-8 minutes? You haven’t even seen it yet. If it’s too much to give it a chance don’t watch it, or go rent past episodes of 24.

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland goes to confession just for playing Jack Bauer.

[..YouTube..] @BlackHawk4744 He is amazing! and fit for his age haha xx

[..YouTube..] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! *screams like a little girl*

[..YouTube..] @DanGuerrer0 You have to kill the series before the series kills it self. If it had any more seassons ratings woulded fallen. The only mistake of the producers was to release the last episode de same month as the last episode of Lost, so look weren’t on them but on Lost. Salud!

[..YouTube..] Screw advertisments.

[..YouTube..] Can ´t wait!! Kiefer/Jack is back!! Amazing!!!

[..YouTube..] OMG!!!!! Kiefer is BACK!!!!

[..YouTube..] “Oh father, that’s where you’re so very wrong.”
*Blasts him in the head*


[..YouTube..] this looks so good

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland and John Hurt FTW!

[..YouTube..] owh man his gonna be the bad guy :(

[..YouTube..] this looks awesome.
does anyone know how will i be able to watch this series as i live in Canada and hulu doesn’t stream here.

[..YouTube..] Some one know the name of the song??plz

[..YouTube..] @coondie344 …and for the movie. =P

[..YouTube..] @coondie344 fox canceled 24

[..YouTube..] This is gonna be amazing!!! I think….a breakthrough in quality viewing on the internet!!! Very nice!!!

[..YouTube..] “That’s were you’re so very wrong.” Keifer Sutherland is AWESOME!!! This looks like it will help with our withdrawel from Jack Bauer. I can’t wait!

[..YouTube..] Can’t wait for this!!!

[..YouTube..] looks like some type of hit man
good looking

[..YouTube..] The priest is his target.

[..YouTube..] @Monic07 Seems likes Angels and Demons by hans zimmer..

[..YouTube..] What about the UK fans, come on guys!! pls….

[..YouTube..] Damn it, thats so f*cking cool, i’m so excited to watch this series =)

[..YouTube..] This is the best new which I have since ffor a long tiime

[..YouTube..] I am officially excited about this…. kiefer sutherland is a great actor and ill follow anything he does…. i cant wait for this… it looks interesting and john hurt as the priest doesnt hurt either… awesomeness !

[..YouTube..] @mpraveentube thank u!

[..YouTube..] @bignstiff We’ll get it one way or another.

Reading up on it the whole thing is 50minutes long (5minute 10 episodes) but still, so more of a budget short film. But I want to see it so badly lol.

[..YouTube..] I would make sweet manly love to Kiefer.

[..YouTube..] hmm, zapowiada się nieźle, miejmy nadzieje ze będzie tak dobry jak ”24”…

[..YouTube..] Follow @BradMirman & @RealKiefer on Twitter for #TheConfession latest updates

[..YouTube..] Damn it Chloe!!! …I Mean Father

[..YouTube..] The Father is the target. Anyone?

[..YouTube..] im so sad that the hulu web site is just for usa :(

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer doesn’t wear body armour

[..YouTube..] jack has turned to the dark side lol…..wicked!

[..YouTube..] “God damn it Chloe!!”

[..YouTube..] NEW HITMAN there :D!!! <3333333 JACK BAUER FOREVER

[..YouTube..] Love this so far Very intense!

[..YouTube..] Father: “Would you like to tell me your sins..

Hitman: last night I killed a man ..hope I don’t supposed to kill some one tonight…

Father : You murder innocent people..

Hitman: Sometime murder is JUSTICE

He is back…the all new HITMAN

[..YouTube..] JACK BAUER IS BACK!!!

What time will it come on in Colorado on March 28?


[..YouTube..] Father: it is not for you to decide who lives and dies
Jack: oh father that is where you are so very wrong

[..YouTube..] Caught all three episodes today. It’s just awesome! This really needs to become a tv show. It gives us all as close to our 24 fix as were going to get until the movie comes out; if it ever does.

[..YouTube..] kiefer es kiefer muy buena pelicula uuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland ITS BACK!

[..YouTube..] the pilot episode much fucking short omg :S

[..YouTube..] Can you feel the fear Father?

Jack is back!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack is back xD…

[..YouTube..] jaaack bauuuer!! oh god thank you for this bless


[..YouTube..] You all should know, that even though Kiefer plays it a lot like Jack Bauer, it isn’t actually the same character.

regardless, you should all go check it out!

[..YouTube..] We need Jack Bauer in Mexico for save us from the mexican mafia lol

[..YouTube..] Whe miss Jack Bauer!

[..YouTube..] how have i not heard of this its been out for a month we always get stuff late in the uk…….does anyone think he will kill the priest in the end

[..YouTube..] you know i see a trend starting you got this you got funny and die and you got charlies sheens crazy shit i think since the internet is where i go and i’m pretty sure a lot of people go i think a lot of tv shows movies will start showing on the internet and the tv will be obslete give it time but it’s coming

[..YouTube..] Same music as in Angels and Demons. :) Love ittt and the series looks awesome! I loved 24 so anything with Kiefer in it sounds good to me. :D

[..YouTube..] Kiefer !!!!!! Yeah!!

[..YouTube..] does anyone know in which episode greg ellis appears?? xD
is there no chance to watch the series if you are outside the us?

[..YouTube..] Keifer just gets better and better!!!! Yes, i agree that the episodes are pretty small (like 5-7 minutes), but the execution is so perfect, extraordinary acting from John Hurt….can’t wait to see the last 4 episodes!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Chapter 3s torture scene with the fat dude.. I was hoping for kiefer to say “Give me the name!”

[..YouTube..] @coondie344 you made me cry!

[..YouTube..] is it true that this is only 6 minutes long (each episode)?? – that is what I am getting when I try to download (each episode per chapter)

[..YouTube..] my channel … chapter 7

[..YouTube..] It’s Michael Amadore lol


[..YouTube..] the twist was amazing

[..YouTube..] @bobilbar try ultrasurf 10.08 ;) and then go to hulu

[..YouTube..] chapter 8 now on my fb-page…. niklas rejstrom

[..YouTube..] Kiefer’s gonna need a hacksaw. DAMN IT CHOLE!!!

[..YouTube..] where can i watch this if im not from america? hulu wont work international. I tried downloading but none of them have chapter 1 it only starts from 4 through to 8?

[..YouTube..] so there is going to be 10 episodes for this season.. how many seasons will there be.. it would be stupid if there is only 1 cos really thats just 1 episode cos that chapters are so small

[..YouTube..] o_O Well I want to watch this.

[..YouTube..] Each time he has 24 hours to kill someone

[..YouTube..] Where can i find this ?

[..YouTube..] @Recovery82

Man, you really dont understand this web series at all.

[..YouTube..] I loved this, does anyone know if you can eventually buy web series’ on dvd? and if so, could you please let me know?

[..YouTube..] @coondie344 ya, i wish there is a season 9 of 24, the final season. and the Jack’s mission is to kill Bin Laden. 24 the show was based on after 9.11, what better would be if Jack Bauer finishes Bin Laden and mission accomplished!!!

[..YouTube..] @happzy I guess I don’t

[..YouTube..] Bring back 24!!!

[..YouTube..] Good episode

[..YouTube..] Damn, can somebody tell what to do if I want to watch this series, despite I live out of USA?

Do you know any sides where I can get 4 last episodes?

[..YouTube..] how could they end 24!! it had atleast another two seasons in it! :(

Agent bauer i had about the confession when are we going to see it in the local market as in nigeria

i miss 24…… i just wish there could be something else even if from another network…i mean , a spinoff or something..with chloe obrian and agent jack bauer… :(..