Behind the Scenes with Kiefer Sutherland on The Confession

Here’s a brand new, great behind the scenes video of Kiefer Sutherland and cast talking about The Confession. Includes interviews with Kiefer and co-stars John Hurt, Max Casella, Michael Badalucco, Greg Ellis, and writer/director Brad Mirman among others.

YouTube Link: The Confession Behind the Scenes (original link via Hulu – US only)


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[..YouTube..] PERFEITO. Gostei de ter visto esse video, so pelo you tube eu vou ter uma ideia desse trabalho do KS. Obrigada por C O M P A R T I L H A R.

[..YouTube..] Can’t wait. :D

Thanks for all who can’t see that on Hulu (The whole world except US ;-) )

[..YouTube..] Billy Boy on Poison and Jim Stapley in the same video. Ironworks at its finest :)

[..YouTube..] I can´t wait !!!Thanx that you give there this video!!

[..YouTube..] oh so this was your original video.

[..YouTube..] Does anyone have any idea how I will be able to watch this if this is only on Hulu and I live in the UK? :-(

[..YouTube..] This IS brilliant!!! LOVE IT

[..YouTube..] This show will be amazing.

[..YouTube..] anyone know how we could watch this in new zealand?

[..YouTube..] @theward4 if you get a free program called Hotspot Shield you can watch it via Hulu without getting kicked off for being outside the US.. The program isn’t designed to enable that, it’s a web privacy/safety thing, so it’s just a nice side effect.