The Confession – Episode 8

Episode 8 of Kiefer Sutherland’s The Confession is live on Hulu. There’s also a short Behind the Scenes from the episode. Next week (Monday, May 2nd) is the big two part season finale.

The Confession – Chapter 8 (7:37) and Behind the Scenes


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Just watched it and, not to give anything away, it was GREAT!!!
I’m really enjoying this show and I’ll be there waiting for the grand finale.

Kiefer and John Hurt gave two amazing performances in that episode.
As I said : each episode is better than the previous one. Wonderful series. Kiefer is right to be proud of it, he’s done a magnificent job.

Wow this thing is ending already? I’ve been way too busy to sit down and watch it. Hopefully this weekend I can find some time to get caught up before they take it down off Hulu.

@OMFG24FTW : In case you can’t watch it on Hulu before they take it down (though I don’t see why they would… ?), Brad Mirman said it will be on Netflix in a 60 minute format (instead of 7-min episodes). It will also be released on DVD. So don’t worry, you’ll be able to see it one way or another. :)

Good twist….but I think the whole stuff will be better in a 60 mn format.

WOW, just wow!