Jon Cassar Ranks ’24’ Seasons, Calls Season 8 “a little tired”

Jon Cassar attend the 24 Marathon Event in 2010
Jon Cassar attend the 24 Marathon Event in 2010

Former 24 Director and Executive Producer Jon Cassar has answered a fan on Twitter, ranking his favorite seasons of the show.

Jon elaborates that the storytelling felt “a little tired” in the eighth season – the only season he was not creatively involved in – and that the drastic changes to Renee and Taylor’s characters “didn’t feel real”.

He also hated the Dana Walsh mole plot, much like Aisha Tyler, and the vast majority of the audience.

Cassar was happy to see Logan return though, a character that he fought to keep alive in the sixth season of the show.


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24 might Have Gotten another season or two if Jon was involved in season 8 Maybe he would’ve seen something howard didn’t in the last scene or a potential season….. Disappointing…..

I absolutely agree with his first two choices in his seasons-ranking : season 5 and then season 2. After that I really don’t care : as long as 3, 6 and maybe 8 are at the very bottom of the barrel.

And, yes, I agree with him that Dana Walsh killed season 8, though last handful of episodes had some excellent scenes with Cherry Jones (President Taylor).