Xander Berkeley’s web series The Booth at the End

Kiefer Sutherland isn’t the only 24 star with a web series. Xander Berkeley, better known to 24 fans as George Mason has an internet series called The Booth at the End. Making an appearance in a few episode is his wife Sarah Clarke (24‘s Nina Myers) who plays a nun named Sister Carmel. Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Link: The Booth at the End – Trailer

Unlike The Confession which is posted weekly, The Booth at the End is a daily show with 62 episodes (so far 26 have been released). The first episode can be watched on YouTube but the rest seem limited to http://thebooth.fxuk.com/ (UK only). If you’d rather watch them all at once, you’ve got your chance on April 11th at 11PM on FX UK, where it’ll be presented as five 22-minute episodes.

Canadians can watch the entire thing here. It seems like the US is left out this time for a change.

Update: just got this email from someone on the project:

I’m working with Fox on the project and thought you’d like to know that there is a global site for the series at http://theboothattheend.tv which should redirect to the country specific site based on the visitors location.

There is also a game that accompanies the series at http://www.canyoukill.tv to test the morals of the player – would you kill for the thing you want?


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Lee Washington
April 5, 2011 at 6:27 am
The Booth at the End global site is at http://theboothattheend.tv :)

Will there be a season 3?