The Confession Episode 7 with Kiefer Sutherland & Greg Ellis

Somewhat of a special episode of The Confession this week. Not only is it the longest episode of the series (and best so far, in my opinion), but this episode reunites Kiefer Sutherland and Greg Ellis (24 Season 3 villain Michael Amador). There’s also a behind the scenes that you can watch here.

The Confession – Chapter 7 on Hulu (and Behind the Scenes of Episode 7)


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Thanks for the link to the behind the scene video. I hadn’t noticed there was a new one. :)
I think the webseries is really getting better and better with every new episode (I loved episodes 5 & 6 and now this one… just great ). Kiefer has done a magnificent job with this series.

Greg Ellis did a great job !
Nice episode a litlle different …Funny way to take care of the nasty capitalists LOL

This could easily be watched with the mindset that it’s just the further adventures of Jack… not that that’s a problem!