Kiefer Sutherland hopes to start filming 24 movie next March

While doing press for his upcoming film Melancholia, Kiefer Sutherland told Entertainment Tonight’s Matte Babel that he hopes to start filming the 24 movie in March 2012.

Kiefer had previously said “there’s a real strong push to start in January” and to get the film released in theaters by Summer 2012, which FOX called “overly optimistic“. Let’s see if this new date pans out (I wouldn’t hold my breath, personally).

Source ET Canada


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It’s obviously a little late in the year for production to commence in January, but next spring sounds completely realistic, that is, if the script is ready by then (with recent interviews from Kiefer sounding like they’ve cracked the storyline), not to mention studio booked, director/cast/crew hired, locations scouted, etc.

If the ’24’ movie does indeed begin flming in March or April – hopefully the former – Kiefer is only going to have three or four months to complete his scenes before he resumes filming on the second season of ‘Touch’ (if it’s renewed for a second season, that is), but that’s still a solid schedule to work from, although I think we can pretty much now rule out the ’24’ movie released in 2012, my opinion is have it released April 2013, and make it the very first summer movie of that season.

On the down side though, if the ’24’ movie team miss this scheduled start date of production, I’d be very dubious about it happening at all, but fingers crossed, and let’s hope for the best that Jack will indeed be back…

I agree with you. If they’ve got the script worked out by then, April or March sounds great. If they don’t… *don’t think about it!!!*
But now about the movie itself. I heard once that it would either be GREAT!!! or a total FLOP.
And I’m afraid I agree. Like I said in the “Jon Cassar says movies have “caught up to 24″” post, the problem with action movies is that they don’t have DRAMA. If the 24:Movie doesn’t have it… I’m afraid I’ll hate it.
PS: Kiefer was nominated 6 times and won 1 Emmy, 24 was nominated 5 times and won once… do you think the 24 movie has a chance at the Oscars? Or is the stigma too big to break?

@ Gerry
I agree with a Spring 2012 shoot (if that is true), there is just no way the movie can be completed in time for a summer release, especially with the months needed for post production and re-shoots. I think a Winter 2012 release might be somewhat realistic, but that would still be rushed.

And as of right now, FOX still hasn’t officially greenlit Touch for midseason and it’s already early September. If it gets a greenlight in the next few weeks for a late September or October shoot, I can see it premiering around February or March.

I wouldn’t worry about the ’24’ movie @24bauerfan, I think it’s in good hands, the fact they’ve put it off this long in order to get the script right (as opposed to shooting the first thing that landed on their desk) bodes very well for the project, which sounds like it’s going to be a 24-hour day over the course of a two hour-plus movie (and set outside the U.S.), which still sounds like it could really work if the script is solid. And I wouldn’t worry about how well it does at the box-office (I personally think the ’24’ movie should be the first and only one, wrapping up the saga on a high note!), or whether it will win any awards, both things are both fickle in nature and beyond your control- just make the best damn movie you can, and let everything else take care of itself, simple really…

No, Don dude, I actually said have the ’24’ movie be the first summer movie of 2013, not 2012 (there’s simply no way it could be released the summer of ’12, considering they’ll still be shooting well into that summer season), and although they could in theory get the ’24’ movie out for release in, say, early/mid-October, it would still be a rushed process, but if they can do it, and it doesn’t affect the overall quality, I say go for it, otherwise my original proposal of April (24th), 2013 stands. I thought ‘Touch’ had been greenlit as a mid-season replacement, and that Kiefer was filming the twelve or thirteen episodes, is it just the pilot he’s filmed so far? If so, that’s interesting, and certainly changes things, one good thing though is if it’s NOT picked up for a first or second season, it gives Kiefer and the ’24’ movie team all the more time to shoot the movie, and REALLY make it something truly special…

Kiefer has just said (see video link) “we’ll start hopefully in April” OMG I hope I’ve not understood or he made a mistake…April that means no movie before 2013 !

I am beyond excited for them to start filming. All I care about is the return of Audrey Raines, I hope she comes back into the picture, and Chloe too! The last scene with Jack and Chloe was heartbreaking! Still makes me cry, every time I watch it.