Director Antoine Fuqua still “in the mix” for 24 movie

Antoine Fuqua
Antoine Fuqua

With the 24 movie delayed for a year, and news of Antoine Fuqua being offered to direct a new White House thriller movie titled Olympus Has Fallen, some thought that he was out as a potential director. That is not the case according to Deadline, who says that he’s still in the running to direct.

Kiefer Sutherland recently said “there’s a very small pool of directors that we’re interested in working with” and apparently Antoine Fuqua remains one of them.

Fuqua is best known for directing the critically acclaimed Training Day starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke.


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I think the Deadline article is simply stating what they have currently, that Antoine Fuqua is still mulling over what project to take on next – if I were he, I’d hang on to the ’24’ movie gig like grim death, it’s a guaranteed money-in-the-bag hit – but should he sign on for ‘Olympus has Fallen’, it’s highly unlikely he would be able to finish that and be ready to start prepping the ’24’ movie in early 2013.

If Imagine and the Kief’ want a fresh face behind the camera, I would recommend the British director Pete Travis, who helmed the excellent Apartheid drama ‘Endgame’, ‘Vantage Point’ with Dennis Quaid, and the upcoming Judge Dredd adaptation, ‘Dredd’, and has a fluid, kinetic style to his directing that would be perfect for Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut…

I hope we get some real concrete news somtime during the summer because this waiting game is so frustrating. I know Kiefer Sutherland said about eight months to start shooting the movie, but I want to hear this from somebody else, like FOX or Howard Gordon, so I know the movie is actually going foward, so that way I don’t have to hear the words “hope” or “cautiously optimistic” ever again about making the movie.