Antoine Fuqua on 24 movie: “I don’t think it’s gonna happen at all”

Antoine Fuqua visits BET's '106 & Park' at BET Studios on March 21, 2013 in New York City.
Antoine Fuqua visits BET's '106 & Park' at BET Studios on March 21, 2013 in New York City.

Antoine Fuqua has been a busy man: the “Training Day” helmer has “Olympus Has Fallen” about to hit theaters, just as his hands are in several pies, developing many upcoming projects. We caught up with him during press for the White House siege film, and while he could only reveal that there were several balls in the air, he did confirm the death of a project he was linked to, the big-screen adaptation of his series “24.”

“Yeah, that’s not happening. I don’t think it’s gonna happen at all, definitely not with me,” Fuqua shrugs, putting the stake in what has always been a pretty tenuous project. “I met with Kiefer [Sutherland], Fox wanted to do it, it was a matter of his schedule before he went off to do his new show [’Touch‘].” The story that circulated was that there were budgetary disputes, as well as the matter of a meager offer to Sutherland, and Fuqua leans towards that by admitting, “I don’t think he was able to get a proper agreement with Fox. The time just passed, and I went off to go to what I was doing.”

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A sad…sad day.

I don’t know about putting it away just yet. I know this is bad news and it confirms the budgetary stories, but…

“it was a matter of his schedule before he went off to do his new show [’Touch‘]”

Kiefer has not since ruled it out, even on his most recent TV interview with Ellen.

Fuqua was never officially hired to direct. I think he’s only speaking from what he knows and that is probably very little. With Touch getting cancelled, I think there is a remote chance something may get off the ground. I mean keep in mind, the only “official” news we got was Billy Ray and Mark Bomback being hired to work on the script. The studio still hasn’t officially said the project is dead.

This soundbite isn’t necessarily an apocalyptic one in regards to the ’24’ movie’s chances of getting made, Antoine Fuqua basically confirmed what we already know; that Kiefer and FOX were unable to come to an agreement and the clock ran out on getting the ’24’ movie prepped and shot before he had to return to ‘Touch’ and Fuqua subsequently moved on to ‘Olympus Has Fallen’… but the fact he said that “FOX wanted to do it” still gives us hope, however tenuous, that once ‘Touch’ is put on the chopping block, maybe progress will be made on Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut.

It ain’t over yet people, there’s still some road left in this story… at least I hope so…

Yeah that’s what it sounds like at the very least. He’s only speaking about what he knows He said at least for him chances are he won’t be apart of it.

That headline is a little misleading it has to be said, Fuqua isn’t giving us any new information or breaking news there, and the reason he’s not going to be doing it is because (as stated in the source article) he’s going to be directing another film, namely Southpaw, late this summer. All that said, it is a real and genuine shame that he’s not going to direct the 24 movie, having watched the new clip of Olympus Has Fallen released online, the thought of that very same director handling the 24 movie is just too awesome, at least there’s always still Jon Cassar…

Thanks Gerry for your optimism ! I hope so too..but hope is very thin now.
Even if Touch is cancelled ( which I hope) Kiefer has a new project, a pilot “the black list”. It seems to me, as I’ve already said, that Kiefer is no longer interested to be in Jack Bauer’s shoes :(

You’re welcome, Catherine sweetie, but I’m just going by what Howard Gordon said last year; “everyone’s on the same page now” certainly sounds like many of the disagreements that stopped the movie in it’s tracks last year may – MAY – have been ironed out, whilst “the issue now is Kiefer’s schedule” certainly sounds like it’s logistical issues holding up production on the movie and not monetary ones, I remain cautiously optimistic, okay more cautious than optimistic, but still hopeful nonetheless…

It only takes one news story telling us that the ’24’ movie has been greenlit, and all the delays and postponements over the last couple years will be but a distant memory, keep the faith Catherine, and I’ll be right there beside ya…

I want to keep hoping for the movie but given Howard Gordon recent comment about having no news about the progress of the film which is hard to believe since he’s one of the producers and Kiefer Sutherland saying that he hopes to make the movie one day doesn’t sound too promising in my opinion.

More quotes taken out of context.

Antoine was saying its not going to happen WITH HIM. He’s only talking about his involvement and what was happening with it at the time that he would have been able to direct it.

24 is a property that Fox has cultivated for many years and ever since its final season (and even earlier that that) they’ve planned to make it into a feature-film series. With Kiefer, the star, championing it as well as the producers, it will VERY LIKELY happen.

When 24 ended, Kiefer expected film opportunities (offers) but they surprisingly never came. He loved working on a series and having a regular job ( a movie is but a few months work ). Fox and Kiefer joined forces again as he was considered a star for the channel, so they made another series with him in Touch.

Now that Touch is likely canceled, they will probably move onto the 24 film (even if Kiefer does the NBC series, he still has time for the film). And we’ll see if Fox sees NBC’s offer as competition and throws more money at Kiefer to do the 24 film (if that’s any real competition).

And this “news” is great ( I saw the same story at some other site ) because it will force Fox and company to finally announce something otherwise if they are going through with it to oppose all those ‘The 24 Movie Is Dead’ headlines.

Other good news, Kiefer has not accepted the NBC pilot. That means once Touch is cancelled and he is done filming the Canadian Western in July, his schedule will be completely free as of July! Meaning we should hear news on the 24 movie in the next few months. Maybe sooner

Is this Official that he didn’t accept it?

I don’t know if he accepted it or not but they’ve given that particular role to James Spader… so Le Kief is out of the running regardless!

This is what I was told by the 20th century fox representative last night!

There is no way we can confirm this movie… As I have stated for months. Development limbo – no way of telling… I’m sorry of you had hoped for something concrete but we cannot give anything of that nature.

Anyone wanna speculate what that even means?

Disappointing, but it has been a few years, so I have moved on from Jack Bauer. I hope a 24 movie can happen (certainly it would be better than Fox trying to mesh 24 w/Touched by an Angel, AKA Touch), but if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. The world can go on.

Did you e-mail them Justin or do you know a Fox representative personally? That’s a typical corporate response to a standard unsolicited inquiry, studios never show their cards unless they gain something from it. Antoine Fuqua did say quite categorically that “Fox wanted to do it”, so maybe nothing’s changed and they’re just waiting to see if Kiefer becomes available later this year, until they know that for definite, one way or the other, there’s not much they can do regarding the 24 movie, and that statement pretty much bears out that current limbo they appear to be in as of right now. But once Touch is axed, who knows what might happen…

Well me personally I haven’t moved on from Jack season 8’s story needs to be continued they owe the fans a feature movie franchise. But the way it ended they were asking for two more seasons. They left season eight open ended on purpose but if they don’t do this movie then the series’s finale was for nothing & the ending would remain pointless. Either make the movie or put it on DVD. But don’t let the movie script go to waste.

Someone should start up a donation website to get this movie made.. I bet all of us 24 fans would be happy to donate.

Donate so a ’24’ movie actually gets made? I’d buy that for a dollar…

All of you people are either desperate or in deep denial…enjoy your last few episodes of Touch …. Let go of this 24 movie quest and move on with your lives..

A Kiefer’s interview on 24 movie (Is the script ready now for the next time you’re available? KS: I think so.)

But I don’t know if there is before or after the Fuqua’s one ??

@ Catherine

Apparently that interview was published on February 1st.

(For some dumb reason, that site hides the dates of their articles. The dates are located in invisible elements on their category pages. Examining the source code of the entertainment category page reveals the February 1st date of the interview.)

That article says that its scheduled to film this summer. And it is, tentatively. We’ll see.

But I have the utmost confidence that the 24 film will happen and not too long from now. There’s absolutely nothing stopping it. There’s no real reason for it not to happen. For all other series that want to transition to films as a continuation, they have real good reasons for not happening; whether that’s:

Casting / Actor Availability

Unassured Confidence in the Name/Product Selling

Rights Issues


24 is a popular money-maker that has a willing main actor and supporting cast with a script ready to go. It’s going to happen.

That doesn’t likely change anything regarding the ’24’ movie, Jack sir, Kiefer will wrap filming on ‘Pompeii’ by May at the latest when he moves on to that Western co-starring Sutherland Sr.

Once ‘Touch’ is officially axed, FOX will hopefully move on the ’24’ movie, getting it prepped for filming, which could conceivably begin as early as mid/late August if both the will and organisation is there, but if it does happen – and we all hope and pray it will (hopefully with Jon Cassar directing) – production will more likely begin in September, with a March or April 2014 release the likelist date… IF it happens, and at this point, it’s still a big if!

OMG !! Kiefer in a peplum playing a Roman !! in toga ? in short skirt ?

I think we can guess what film starring Le Kief Catherine will be going to see next year… and not as Jack Bauer either ;-)…

Why is Renee Walker on Touch ?!! Does anyone else find this to be BS…

Banshee on Cinemax is a great show. Reminds me of 24. Alot of cool torcher/ killing/good storyline.

Stephen Hopkins could direct the movie.He knows the series, and he’s made feature films.

According to post april 25:

Collider: What’s the status of the 24 movie? Do you think that’s still going to happen, at some point?

KIEFER SUTHERLAND: I have no idea. I’ve tried to help that along. There’s a lot of moving parts to it. It’s not something that I’m actively pursuing, but if it were to ever happen, that would be great.

So, you would still be on board with the project, if it were to get greenlit?

SUTHERLAND: Yes, I will not be the reason it doesn’t get made.