FOX begins promoting Touch Season 2 – New Promos

FOX has started advertising season 2 of Touch with two new promos shown during American Idol. The new season kicks off on Friday February 8th.

In related news, actress Maria Bello has left the series for reasons unknown.


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Touch sucks

Maybe it touched Maria Bello the wrong way.

But seriously, I just saw Maria’s name attached to something big, I can’t remember. She probably had a role offered to her she couldn’t pass up.

It’s a horror movie from the director of Insidious.

It says that production of the second season has just wrapped. Kiefer will hopefully be looking in to scheduling the 24 movie now – and by the time the premiere party dawns on us, will he have some concrete information? He did say it would be during this break after all.

Not if his shooting a western istead

His first priority should be his fans so I hope not

It’s all up to FOX if they want to greenlight the 24 movie or not, so it looks like we all have to play the waiting game until some official news comes out but the western movie with Kiefer is a sure thing given that the director said that filming starts sometime in April.

Which is going to fill up the 24 schedule so this doesn’t look to promising……

Where does it say that filming on the second season of ‘Touch’ has wrapped? Filming on that show will continue until April, then it would appear that Le Kief will transition to filming on the Western co-starring his father.

I’m a little worried that no news – good or bad – has surfaced regarding the ’24’ movie yet, although it may just be FOX waiting to see when Kiefer Sutherland is available before deciding to officially greenlight the project with a tentative release date.

If ‘Touch’ gets renewed for a third season, it will likely begin shooting in September or October 2013, this could give Kiefer time to shoot both the Western then move straight on to the ’24’ movie before potentially returning to ‘Touch’… and if both Season 3 of ‘Touch’ and the ’24’ movie are broadcast/released in February 2014, it would ensure Kiefer Sutherland maximum publicity in the media and raise the profile of both FOX products, potentially a win-win scenario all round.

But of course this all depends on whether FOX actually still want to make a ’24’ movie…

The whole 24 movie thing was a disaster from the start. The many setbacks, false starts, budget concerns and the so called script problems with the film. I’ll be really amazed if the 24 movie ever gets made. Kiefer Sutherland and Howard Gordon being quiet on the status of the movie doesn’t help either but we’ll know soon enough when Kiefer appears on Ellen in early Feb. Maybe we’ll get some answers.

I wouldn’t call the whole 24 movie thing “a disaster” as such; it was delayed indefinitely back in 2007 until the series was finished, when the series finished in 2010 it took longer than expected to get the script right, that script was finished last spring, by which time production on the movie was postponed until this year owing to (dependent on who you ask) either monetary disagreements or time constraints. There’s no indication as yet that the studio don’t want to make the 24 movie, but we’ll know for sure by next month when Kiefer starts doing the rounds for Touch.

“Kiefer appears on Ellen in early Feb” Well that’s assuming 24 will be brought up I’ll be surprised if it is. & If Kiefer still expresses interest in doing it. Givin the huge gap with no news since they last implied what the story would potentially be about. I’m keeping my guard up on this one. But I’ll be happy to be proven wrong.

Given how short (not to mention trivial) the ‘Ellen’ interview will likely be, the ’24’ movie may very well might not be mentioned, but I bet dollars to donuts it most certainly WILL come up in just about every other interview Kiefer does in promotion of ‘Touch’… and if Le Kief answers in a vague and ambiguous way, something like “we still hope to do it” or something equally non-committal and abstract, that may not be a good sign.

But, hey, it hasn’t happened yet, and I think that FOX are maybe waiting to see how the upcoming new ‘Die Hard’ movie will do in it’s February release to see if an action franchise can do great business in the dead of winter… if it does, the ’24’ movie may get the greenlight and a February 2014 release, at least, I hope so!

Well they shouldn’t of let 24 go it’s pretty clear fans don’t want touch they wanted 24 even with info about this movie even. as for Kiefer’s vague answers part of it may be that he may not know himself when or if it’ll get done.

So our hope for a 24 movie greenlight may depend on how well the next Die Hard movie does at the box office? If that’s really the case than the people who’s in charge over at FOX are a bunch of idiots. The next Die Hard box office results is a non issue in my opinion. 24 has a worldwide fanbase and it should do well at the box office no matter what time of year the movie is released especially in the foreign markets. If a crap film like Taken 2 can be a hit worldwide then the 24 movie should have no problem making its money back given the movie won’t cost over a $100m to make. If FOX is still worried about the tv show stigma attached to the film then don’t call the movie 24. Call it “Jack Bauer” or “The Hunt For Jack Bauer” or ripoff a Jack Reacher book title if you have too and get rid of the ticking clock and just make a straight foward action movie.

I’m not necessarily saying the greenlighting of the ’24’ movie is ENTIRELY dependent on the box-office returns of the upcoming new ‘Die Hard’ movie, BMAN dude, but it’s clear from the whole postponement episode last year that FOX have, uh, ‘concerns’ about the wider commercial prospects of Jack Bauer’s big-screen debut, wondering whether it will be seen by the audience at large as a product of a bygone decade that’s passed it’s time – like ‘The X-Files’ – hence why they were seemingly willing to greenlight it last year but only with a meager $30m budget.

If ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ does gangbusters business in a February release slot, it might give the studio bigwigs some confidence that a well-known action brand can open and perform well in the dead of winter (although the middling performance of ‘Jack Reacher’ might have blunted that argument somewhat of late), thereby possibly giving them a commercial incentive to proceed with the ’24’ movie for a similar 2014 release… that was the point of my argument.

At this point, I’d settle for a ’24’ movie made on a $35m budget than none at all, there’s no big upfront star/producer salaries, nor is there likely any big CGI-driven action set-piece extravaganzas to sap the budget from more traditional in-camera production values onscreen… get someone like Jon Cassar to direct, on a tight budget and tight shooting schedule (about 60 days should do the trick), and shoot it somewhere cheap like Bulgaria or Serbia, and voila, you have a ’24’ movie made for a tidy little sum that still kicks ass…

The bottom line is that Kiefer Sutherland is not in the strong position he was in back in 2006 when he negotiated the mega-bucks deal to continue playing Jack Bauer through three more seasons, none of his solo films have done particularly well at the box-office, and right now, it is FOX who are in the position of primacy regarding the ’24’ movie where they can give Kiefer and Imagine a take-it-or-leave-it, now-or-never offer, and it’s no loss to them if either don’t take what’s on the table, it would appear at this point that it’s Kiefer and Imagine that want to do the movie more than FOX do, but it’s FOX that hold the purse strings, and he who holds the purse strings holds the world, period.

I don’t see how any movie has to do with weather 24 succeeds or not other then Jack belonging in the same category as bond & Bourne. 24 is it’s own world own thing. So that logic doesn’t make a whole lotta since.

It may not make a lot of sense to an outside observer, Guest, but you have to understand how the studios think; it’s always about the last film in that particular genre and how well it did at the box-office, everything is comparative.

On it’s face, the ’24’ movie and the new ‘Die Hard’ movie aren’t connected, but both are FOX releases, and to a studio corporate exec who’s as – if not more – concerned with keeping their job as the box-office figures for the studio’s latest release, the two have EVERYTHING in common… look at what happened to FOX Filmed Entertainment CEO Tom Rothman, he was ousted when he rejected ‘Ted’, a comedy made for a relatively small amount that went on to do absolute gangbusters business with another studio, after that, he was gone, period!

Even though the new ‘Die Hard’ is likely to do extremely well, it’s not certain, and releasing it in winter as opposed to the usual summer release may hurt it in comparison to previous installments. But if it does gangbusters, the studio will see the February release date as no obstacle to boffo box-office numbers… and that in turn may grease the wheels for another popular action franchise release, namely the ’24’ movie.

Don’t look at it from a ’24’ fan’s perspective but from a massive entertainment conglomerate’s perspective, for that (unfortunately) is the way the cookie crumbles in the movie industry these days…

It’s FOX attitude towards the 24 franchise that really bothers me. After eight seasons and one tv movie you might think that FOX show a little more appreciation for the hard work that Kiefer Sutherland and company has done for the network and all the money FOX has made from dvd sales and merchandising that a movie with reasonable budget is not a lot to ask for in return but hollywood is a “what have you for me lately” business so it’s sad that the 24 movie has reached this point and the now or never and the take it or leave it offer is simply a cruel joke. Kiefer will never criticize FOX publicly but I’m sure he’s feeling a little disappointed or maybe a little angry on how FOX is treating the 24 franchise.

… not to mention moving Touch to the Friday night graveyard slot – where series go to die – if I was Kiefer Sutherland I’d be pretty livid with Fox at this point.

I’m kind of surprised Touch got a second season renewal in the first place — I remember hearing Kiefer saying “We knew we were coming back” but why make this decision in advance? Ratings crumbled as time went on, and now the Friday night slot is sure to mean death.

If the shooting of the western with Kiefer’s father is to go into production shortly, that could be good news as it allows a bit of time for the crew to come together, rather than rush the preproduction (which caused the delay in the first place).

Jack Reacher has actually done quite well commercially and critically (compared to its budget). MI4, Taken 2, Skyfall and even The Bourne Legacy have conquered at the box office so there is certainly a demand for action franchises. I would think that if Die Hard 5 does well that WILL influence FOX’s decision on how it proceeds with the 24 movie in regards to budget at priority.

Obviously Kiefer doesn’t seem to have issues with fox or he wouldn’t be doing touch. Touch sucks sorry, I don’t by into the premise/concept honestly how does tim cring still write….? Hero’s was terrible & so is touch. I like Kiefer but he needs to go back to where he nails it the best in the action genera. He was great in the sentenal & 24. K so I didn’t see hero’s but I could tell by the previews that it looked terrible. If 24 did well as a series there’s no reason the same thing couldn’t happen to 24 as a movie series. One thing I remember Howard saying about rothmen was he said some thing like Tom wouldn’t do a 24 movie just to do it, he wants to do it because he believes Jack Bauer as a character can stand on his own. & if he still feels that way the Fox should still have interest.

Yeah, but Rothman is no longer running FOX Filmed Entertainment, so whatever he felt about the ’24’ movie is now null and void, it’s whether his successor also feels Jack Bauer to be a viable big-screen property that’s the issue now… besides, it was under Rothman that the miserly $30m budget offer was made, so whether they want to make the movie and how much they’re willing to spend on it are two separate questions.

Guess we’ll know pretty soon…

Well I didn’t know that he was no longer in charge….? as I said I’ll be surprised If 24 is brought up with Kiefer’s focus right now on touch. When he starts promoting it again. Guess I’ll have to stick to the closet thing right now to 24. Person of interest all tho they should call it Hitman of interest. & it only makes the most since if they thought 24 did well as a series why would it be any different if it became a movie series. Fox needs to quit playing with Jack Bauer & just make the darn thing….. quit blaming it on money if they realize fans & not just fans but movie goers would see 24 in theaters in a heart beat.

From what I read about Tom Rothman he wasn’t director friendly and always micro manages their movies and that’s why some directors didn’t want to make movies for FOX. Hopefully the one who replaced him can bring some repectablity back to FOX and start making some quality movies for the studio and hoping that the 24 movie will be on the fast track or if they can get Jonathan Nolan to write the movie I’ll be willing to wait a little longer. By the way I saw the first clip of the new Die Hard film on youtube and it’s looks horrible. Looks like FOX have a disaster on their hands. The best that movie can hope for is one good opening weekend because that movie is going crash and burn at the box office during the following weeks.

Well at this point I don’t think the script is no longer an issue. It’s already been written & there all happy with it. I think it’s now more about getting ready for the rest.

I feel the need to both apologize and correct myself on what I wrote in one of my postings above; Logic Dude sir, you were absolutely right about production on ‘Touch’ having indeed wrapped, my apologies to you sir, I was flat wrong… that now said, I can’t help but wonder why if FOX knew Kiefer Sutherland would wrap filming on ‘Touch’ in January, why didn’t they greenlight the ’24’ movie to begin filming once ‘Touch’ finished filming? If the ’24’ movie was about to go into production, it could easily have been released later this year…

I’ve heard that Kiefer will begin shooting his western in April or May, I don’t exactely remember (it was in a Brad Mirman ‘s twit).
On other hand I don’t beleive (and don’t hope: I dislike totally this cheesy show) there will be a season 3 of Touch…so may be, after the western, the 24 movie shooting would start.

Thanks for that tip Catherine, I checked Brad Mirman’s (never heard of him) Twitter and he said – or tweeted to be more specific – he was about to do rewrites on ‘Redemption’ starring Donald and Kiefer Sutherland, and they will be shooting this May… let’s hope ‘Touch’ is not picked up for a third season, in which case, Kiefer will have the whole latter half of this year to shoot the ’24’ movie for a probable early 2014 release.

Fingers crossed anyway…

Brad Mirman has written the mini web series The Confession with Le Kief and John Hurt.
I’ve just read that it will have a lot of change in Touch, with more action…but I doubt it will be better than season 1, so I hope there will not be a season 3 !!

I was right the rating is even lower than season 1’s

Guys, the thing is fox is scruing with 24 fans.I dont see a movie being made and it’s a shame.One of the greatest series of all times ended in just 8 seasons!I LOVE Jack and it was extremely frustrating that the series ended.At least I wished I’d see 24 in the big screen…They dont give a damn about fans,or about the best hero ever existed in TV…