Kiefer Sutherland offered starring role in NBC pilot ‘The Black List’

Kiefer Sutherland Touch Season 2

With Touch being a massive flop and pilot season heating up, other networks are starting to offer Kiefer Sutherland starring roles in their pilots. One of these is potential NBC series The Black List which would have Kiefer playing a criminal. The plot synopsis sounds extremely similar to the USA Network show White Collar.

NBC has offered Kiefer Sutherland a starring role in the pilot The Black List, a provocative new development that doesn’t seem to bode well for the future of Touch on Fox.

From Jon Bokenkamp, The Black List is about how the world’s most wanted criminal mysteriously turns himself in and offers to give up everyone he has ever worked with. His only condition is he will only work with a newly minted FBI agent with whom he seemingly has no connection.

Sutherland has been offered the role of the criminal. It’s a second position offer, since no decision has been made on the future of the Sutherland starrer Touch. But Fox can’t be pleased with how the second year drama from Tim Kring is performing on Fridays: the series averaged 2.7 million viewers and a mere .7 rating in adults 18-49 last week.

If Kiefer accepts and assuming the pilot gets picked up to series, you can rule out the 24 movie shooting any time soon…

Source Entertainment Weekly


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I really don’t care about the 24 movie anymore.

Oh bloody hell! Just as one potential roadblock to the ’24’ movie getting made seems to be removed, another one is looming… is this film cursed or what?

I for one still do very much care about the ’24’ movie, and if Kiefer does too, I would presume and/or hope that he’ll want to take advantage of his open schedule later this year and finally, FINALLY get the bloody thing shot… and then he can worry about taking on a new series…

Well first he was reluctant to return to T.V series obviously til touch. & second Doesn’t mean he’ll take it. If he almost didn’t take touch what would change his mind about this. & third I agree I also care about a 24 movie happening but the more he talks about it the less he sounds committed to it. If nothing less put the darn thing on DVD. Like they did with Redemption. But it doesn’t surprise me that touch is terrible & has terrible ratings still. it was terrible from the start let the show be canceled geez. I guess will see what he decides. But go back to Jack if the feature version doesn’t happen. Don’t let that script just sit there.

It’s hard to care about the 24 movie because all the news lately is more potential roadblocks instead of any progress being made. I hate to be a debbie downer but I really think that the movie will never be made but I would love to be proven wrong in this case.

I do care for the 24 movie too, but now I think it’s over :( …but…maybe if this new series is a hit…maybe…we’ll get the movie !
Because with this cheesy show, Touch, Kiefer has lost a part of his attraction, and he didn’t make popular movies too. I’ll be glad if Touch is canceled and if Le Kief comes back with a good series and an huge succes !

I found an spanish article where Kiefer speaks about the movie:

“I did my best for the film to see the light, but it is currently out of my hands.”

Maybe it was more of the 24 team didn’t do enough……

Whoa there, Guest dude, the ’24’ team “didn’t do enough”…? They were working flat out during 2011 and early 2012 to both get the script for the movie ready and for production to commence in May 2012 once Kiefer wrapped on ‘Touch’… it was FOX who were dragging their feet in greenlighting the movie, and when they did make a budget offer to Imagine Entertainment at the eleventh hour, it was both completely insufficient to what they needed and genuinely insulting… you wanna blame someone, blame FOX, the fault lies at their doorstep and NO-ONE else.

What happen to the Israel Prague & I forget the third country they had talked about doing during 24’s run. I know there current story is set in eruope & takes place 6 months later but what happen to that original idea? & I hear ya it. about fox I’m just saying there obviously wasn’t enough of a motivation from fox to get the Jump on the movie as soon as they possibly could. I know Kiefer did all he could. But I guess the script is all we’ve got goin right now. I feel I’m missing something when Kiefer says It’s outta my hands it makes me wonder what else is going on?

I believe you’re referring to the story outline hatched back in 2006, Guest, I don’t know how detailed it was, if it was a fully-fledged treatment or just a rough outline, there were tentative plans to shoot it in Prague, London, and Morocco over the summer of 2007 (between Seasons 6 and 7) for a summer 2008 release, but soon discovered they simply couldn’t make the series and prep the movie simultaneously so postponed the movie indefinitely in the spring of 2007 until the series was finished.

According to Joel Surnow back in March 2006, they had a plot in mind even at that early stage, and the plan was to have the movie take place over a 24-hour day, with the action in the three main location settings playing out in real-time segments of around 40+ minutes each. In an interview that Kiefer did in 2006 or 2007, he stated the movie would be self-contained and outside of the series’ chronological timeline, not a direct continuation of the preceding season’s events in other words.

This is the likeliest reason that outline was never used, although I’m sure with a bit of rewriting, it could easily have been fitted to align with the events of Season 8, so why they hired Billy Ray to write a whole new story from scratch in February 2010 when Ray could just as easily have penned a first draft screenplay of the already-written outline is anyone’s guess, it would surely have saved a lot of time, and very possibly could have resulted in the film being made before now, guess we’ll never know for sure though…

I see thanks for clearing that up =)

In the mean time if Kiefer doesn’t take the NBC offer he should have a clear opening for 24. Should they move forward now that there’s a script.

March 1, 2013 at 10:54 pm
That was one comprehensive answer there Gerry, cheers for that info, always wondered what happened to that planned 24 movie back in the day that never happened. If Kiefer was right and that movie’s plot was indeed outside of the series chronological timeline, it would have been nice if they told the story between Seasons 2 and 3 we never saw onscreen, namely the immediate aftermath of David Palmer’s assassination attempt and both his administration and no doubt Jack Bauer and CTU nabbing those involved in it… that could have been one hell of a movie if it had been made back then, real pity it wasn’t.

That’s why they made 24 the game for the PS2 to fill in that gap.

March 2, 2013 at 11:01 pm
True, but what would you have rather seen; a 24 movie on the big screen or a so-so video game… know which one I would have, given the choice!

Actually I would love to see both ha. 24 would be killer on the PS3 system if done by the right game company studio. I still hope for the 24 movie tho. There is no way 24 will come to console systems again. unfortunately.

How is there no way that 24 will come to consoles again?

24 should definitely be made into another video game. For PS4 this time. The old one is still great. 24 is always great.

To me it’s obvious: they dont wanna make that movie..maybe Kiefer is tired of Jack’s role…I just hoe I’m wrong!

There not doing movie they can’t do 24 justice in a movie they have said there will be another series but will be only 12hrs … But I still think it should be the full 24