Jon Cassar in talks to return for 24: Live Another Day

Exciting news for 24 fans as Jon Cassar has revealed that he’s in talks to return as a director for 24: Live Another Day. It’s still early days and there’s no done deal yet, but it’s a positive sign. Cross your fingers!

Cassar has directed 59 total episodes of 24 including many of the fan favorites. He left after the 24 Season 7 finale and wasn’t involved with the final season.

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Oh, my, god… YES! Now all we need is Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Cannot… contain… EXCITEMENT!!!!

WHOO-HOO!!! I was seriously hoping for Jon Cassar’s return for ‘Live Another Day’… and this news is all kinds of awesome!

He was undoubtedly the best director on that series’ entire run, and it would have been a wasted opportunity had he not returned for the new (limited) series. That being said, he wanted to do Season 8 as well but him and FOX were unable to agree terms of contract renewal, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen again with this, fingers crossed everyone…

Now all we need is confirmation of Mary Lynn Rajskub’s return (and hopefully Mia Kirshner’s as well), and this will be shaping up very nicely indeed!

I agree I’m thrilled that it’s possible for him to return 24 will be awesome under his direction.