Duncan Pow and Joseph Millson cast in 24: Live Another Day

Duncan Pow, Joseph Millson cast in 24: Live Another Day
Duncan Pow (left) and Joseph Millson (right) have been cast in 24: Live Another Day

Scottish actor Duncan Pow has been added to the cast of 24: Live Another Day in an unspecified role. He previously starred as footballer Liam McKay in the British drama series Dream Team and as Linden Cullen in the hit BBC medical drama Holby City.

English actor Joseph Millson has also been cast and will be appearing in multiple episodes. Millson appeared as MI6 agent “Carter” in an early scene of Casino Royale and will have a part in Showtime’s upcoming series Penny Dreadful. Here’s a link to his acting reel on YouTube.

24: Live Another Day begins filming in London on January 25th. Other new cast members include Gbenga Akinnagbe (“The Wire”) and Giles Matthey (“True Blood”) who play CIA Agents, Michael Wincott, and award-winning actress Judy Davis. Returning cast members are Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kim Raver, and William Devane.

FOX will be holding a panel for the show at the 2014 Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour this Monday, so expect some new details very soon!


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Great news…

“Millson appeared as MI6 agent “Carter” in an early scene of Casino Royale.”

I told you… maybe that’s the MI6 building.

never heard of these guys, but i have trust in the 24 staff that they will be great additions to the show. Im still waiting of news for more returning characters to be honest…

I have just been directing Duncan Pow and he is an excellent actor.

January 10, 2014 at 6:16 pm
Part of MI6 was blown up in Skyfall, so it is plausible the model represents the rebuilt MI6. Just in time for Jack to come into town….

Guys – this isn’t a sequel to Casino Royale…

Yes, the IRA (apparently) did blow up the building a bit in 2000 but I don’t see how that’ll mater in 24: LAD

I am totally thrilled that Joseph Millson has been cast in 24. He is such a fantastic and versatile actor in theatre, tv and film.
I have seen Joseph Millson in several shows like Holby City, The Sarah Jane adventures, Campus, Peak Practice and quite a few theatre productions. He was outstanding as Macbeth when I went to see the play at The Shakespeare Globe theatrenin London (Joseph made Shakespeare look so cool) and in the Horror/zombie film The Dead 2: India.

Duncan Pow is a great addition too and he was also in Holby City.

All I can say to those not familiar with them, that they are wonderful actors and seriouslyyou won’t be disappointed.

Lisa, I agree as these 2 was fab in Holby City as its one of my favorite medical drama as well as Casualty, anyway back on topic. these 2 actors are brilliant.

Duncan Pow played Linden in Holby and it was a shame when he left as he was my favourite character but I am so pleased he has joined 24 and I can’t wait to see what role he will be playing.

Joseph Millson is another brilliant Holby actor, he played Luc Hemingway but he left a while ago now and it was also a shame when he left.

What a great casting on 24 producers part and looking forward to seeing them, wonder if any of these 2 go out on the field with Jack Bauer lol.

Ditto, Holby City is my most favourite British medical drama too. Duncan Pow and Joseph Millson were fabulous intriguing characters in Holby, Luc was my most favourite character for series 14 as he was so mysterious, funny and eccentric and I was hooked to his toryline when he was paired with Eddi. Its a shame they left Holby but I am happy that they are in 24 though

I am so curious to know what type of role they are playing in this new drama. Will they be intelligence agents or villains ? I hope they are the good guys but intriguing and complicated ones.

Is the whole of 24 being filmed in London or will there be some episodes in the US?

Lisa, as far as I know, all episodes will be filmed in London. That is something we’re likely to get a definitive answer on after the TCA panel this Monday.

I’m not familiar with these two actors but it makes me excited that you and Shaun praise them so highly. Looking at Joseph Millson’s photo reminds me a little bit of Michael Fassbender, a very suave and sophisticated look. He would make a great agent or even a villain.

Very happy they’re actually filming out of London and casting British actors to add some authenticity.

I haven’t heard of them, but had anyone heard of Annie Wersching before Season 7?

Imgonnaneedahacksaw – 24:LAD has nothing to do with skyfall…

But they’ve also mentioned europe Among other places besides london so who knows what they’ve got planed.

January 12, 2014 at 12:09 am
No disrespect 24bauerfan, but just in case you didn’t catch it, there was a little bit satire in the comment!!

Wow! Fabulous news, Joseph Millson and Duncan Pow in 24.

I loved them in Holby City. Joseph is certainly versatile as a comedy actor as well, he was hilarious in Campus and he was fabulous in Andrew Lloyd webber’s Musical ‘Love Never Dies’ and Macbeth.
I agree with Lisa and Shaun, they are very well respected multi-talented actors in the UK and the US viewing audience will be in for a real treat.

I can forsee alot of Holby fans watching this new series of 24 (who normally wouldn’t do) because of Joseph and Duncan are in it.

Great additions, well done to 24 producers.

Any news when the series will be shown in the UK ?

Good luck, hope all goes well.

^^^^ I have heard of 24 but have never ever watched it but I will be tuning in now that JosephMillson and Duncan Pow have been cast in it. I am a massive Holby fan.

I saw Joseph in Macbeth, he was an uber-cool Macbeth on stage and yes he is a hottie! Duncan’s alright too.

Will we get any interview from either of the actors ?

@24 Spoilers

Yes, Joseph is a very adaptable actor, he can be very sophisticated in one scene, very villainous in another, sympathetic and mysterious in something else. For example, when he played Macbeth, the audience was not supposed to sympathesize with Macbeth as he killed a noble King and other innocent people but by the end of the play, Joseph managed to convince us, the audience that Macbeth was basically a good guy who got corrupted and influenced by ambitious wife and 3 witches. We ended up feeling so sorry for Macbeth.
I think alot of the female fans would love to see him as a hero or anti-hero with a dark past/side as well. In the roles he has performed, he beguiles you to like his character. I am hoping he is a goodie rather than a baddie.

Joseph also has one of the best radio voices and has done many top class BBC plays. He played a sublime George Orwell in the BBC’s ‘The Real George Orwell’ last year. I hope he plays Orwell onscreen one day, he would be great.

Hahaha Lisa are you his publicist or something? How do I join the Joseph Millson fan club? :P

I forgot he does have an official facebook Page as well

Hehehe ! I wish I was !
I have always liked the tv and theatre work he has been in. Holby City is a very popular medical show in UK and he was in a great science fiction children’s show which was a spin off the cult show Doctor Who, so many fans follow the actors who starred in these shows. Also, another household favourites was Peak Practice (medical show) and he was in it for a few years.

I have heard he is filming an episode in Showtime’s Penny Dreadful too so it should be interesting.

He one of UK’s best actors in the Theatre world which he likes doing alot of. He was awesome as Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing. If he gets the right roles at the right time in a top quality US show, he will be way ahead of current British actors in the US such as Colin Firth and Hugh Laurie etc, he also has alot of onscreen charisma and star quality imho.

He is on twitter if you look him up and there is a Joseph Millson news and Darcylicious twitter thing ( I think they are his publicists who run his website) and he does have an official website.

Ooh, Joseph Millson !
Cannot wait to see his role in 24. He is such a talented actor. I wonder what type of character he will be playing. Nice to see Duncan Pow on screen again.
Thumbs up for 24 producers for adding good British actors to the London show
When is it going to be on UK Tv?

Btw, I saw Macbeth twice, and Joseph was brilliant, and adept at engaging with the audience. My sister sat through the entire play saying how fit he looked in his Jacobean costume, instead of concentrated on the plot, she was a right pain.

Fab news that Joseph Millson is in 24.
Nice to have British actors in a London setting, makes the plot more authentic. Joseph was awesome in horror movies The Dead2: India (a must see as well if you are into stunning cinematography) and Dead of the Nite was good too, had a good twist.