Colin Salmon cast in 24: Live Another Day

Colin Salmon
Colin Salmon

British actor Colin Salmon (007 franchise) has been added to Fox’s event series 24: Live Another Day, which will premiere May 5. The next chapter in the 24 franchise picks up the story four years after the series finale, which left Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) as a fugitive from justice, this time in London.

Salmon, repped by by Curtis Brown Group and Lighthouse Entertainment, will play General Coburn, an intelligent, powerful and fiercely loyal man who does not suffer fools no matter what rank. He can be seen opposite Benedict Cumberbach in Little Favour and James Franco in Playtime Capital and has recurred on Strike Back, Law and Order: UK, Some Girls and CW’s Arrow as Walter Steele.

Source Deadline


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I know this actor, Colin is brilliant and I am glad he has joined 24, he is very sexy as well :)

After being utterly underwhelmed by pretty much all the casting news, I wondered what the fuck was going on. It seemed to be just one insipid looking fuckwit after another. Then it all started to make sense when I remembered that sadly, the awesome Peggy Kennedy is no longer with us.

With that in mind, Colin Salmon being cast is something I did NOT see coming. Awesome actor with great presence and a buttery smooth, badass voice! I hope he’s playing an antagonistic role, hell, I’d even accept him as the big bad.

Now we need an actor to play Jack’s British mirror image, Jamie Draven would absolutely nail that part and people would soon forget about this Tony and the cliched “redemption-death-to-save-Jack” bollocks!

I think Jamie Draven is awful. I’d hate to have him in Live Another Day.