Behind the Scenes of 24: Live Another Day Super Bowl Shoot

Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub give an exclusive first look at the behind the scenes filming of the explosive 24: Live Another Day Super Bowl ad directed by Norry Niven.

“If it was at all possible to make Jack kind of more angry or pissed off than he was before, that’s what we’re going to try and do with the ninth season and that’s what this spot is trying to indicate – that things are that desperate,” said Kiefer.

“The concept is one continuous shot with no edits. So to choreograph something like that is basically like choreographing a ballet [dance],” added Julio Cabral, VP On-Air Promo Creative at Fox Broadcasting Company.

“There were so many moving parts. Any time you do something in one shot and one shot only, and you’re involving explosions, fire, a double-decker bus, two actors, and a very complicated camera move that does inverted 360’s, you’re dealing with a lot of elements.”

Director Norry Niven says “It’s definitely Super Bowl-worthy. It just has all the right elements: surprise, effects, bigger than live action, and something that I think will be fun for people to see.”

Source FOX Broadcasting


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I’m afraid this video is only available for US viewers… can anyone upload it to somewhere so all the fans from the rest of the world can watch it? Thanks!

Yeah sorry about that, seems that FOX restricts their videos to US and this is the only version available at the moment. We will replace it with a worldwide or YouTube version as soon as possible.

Stalyn Cachi Ramirez
February 4, 2014 at 3:33 pm

Dammit! Who you’re working for, webplayer? GIVE ME A VIDEO!

Updated the post, this one should work worldwide. Enjoy!

im from New Zealand and i can view it just fine. 24 #number1

Dear Fox,

If you’re going to be dicks to the rest of the world, at least reconsider your position on the country that warmly welcomed you to its shores for the next few months.


The UK

Is there something offensive in this video?

The official FOX video is unavailable to those trying to watch outside the United States – but ’24 Spoilers’ have edited the post to include the YouTube video which can be accessed anywhere. The FOX video was the one that was originally posted.

Ahhh, I see. Well the YouTube link is still a FOX video, it’s their YouTube page. So they aren’t being total dicks. lol