Mary Lynn Rajskub filming 24: Live Another Day – Set Photos

New photos of Mary Lynn Rajskub filming 24: Live Another Day in Hammersmith today, February 13, 2014.


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Haha – second photo is funny.

Chloe looks like she’s coming out of ‘Jobcentre Plus’ which is basically the office that UK citizens go to if they are collecting unemployment benefits.

Hmm. Are the producers intending to portray Chloe as someone who’s hit rock bottom – because she looks like something the cat dragged in.

Just my opinion, but I wish they didn’t bring Chloe back , she’s boring and her character has run the course.
They don’t bring back Aaron Pierce and Tony Almeida but they bring back the dunce!?

Jack, I agree with you. Chloe looks like she has just come out of Job Centre ha ha lol.

Yeah it’s not like as a requirement for the 9th season chloe had to come back. I’m not complaining that she’s back but it’s not she was needed.

Just my opinion also, but Chloe “came of age” in the last year of 24. She is the only one left that has always stood with Jack. Despite what you think, Jack Can’t do it alone. Chloe has mad computer skills of which Jack ALWAYS need to complete the job.
You are completely wrong that she isn’t needed.

Yes, Jack CAN do it alone! See seasons 1 and 2. It’s the writers who can’t live without Chloe, because she makes it so damn easy for them to cheat their way through a season (in the cheapest and nastiest ways possible) without Jack having to do any genuine detective work to get leads or tactical skills to get out of a tight spot – the few exceptions to that rule have provided us with some of the most badass 24 scenes ever.

This new, dark direction for Chloe, and the rift between her and Jack – they’d better stick with it! It was tiresome enough that Chloe just happened to be in the same city as Jack for Days 7 and 8, but for her to revert back to being Jack’s cheat codes once again for LAD would be the final nail in the coffin and further proof of the writers creative bankruptcy.

Whichever way it goes, I hope she dies in LAD – and that’s a horrible thing to say about a protagonist.

People seem to quickly forget seasons 1 & 2 before Jack had someone like chloe. Season 2 specifically was the season where Jack was in the most intense situations like being tortured in the clinic the warehouse ambush ect. All tho yes chloe is good at her job. Tony & Michelle Helped him out just fine. Obviously yes she helped out with a corrupted President. & getting proof in terms of evidence things like that. Security grids ect. But the audience has gotten used to chloe. Anything Jack has done out in the field he’s either mainly gotten out certain situations himself or CTU did the technical work or provided backup. He is a Highly trained special forces/ Ex government agent. You sound like you are suggesting unless he’s got chloe he’s simply nothing & that not true. Before he had chloe he simply either had CTU or Tony or someone like the doctor in the clinic the cop in season 1 helping him track a suspect. I’m not saying Jack is super human cause a lot of the situations he was in he had to involve CTU at some point but Chloe hasn’t been the only one who’s gotten him outta danger. from season 3 threw 8 & now 9 the audience has gotten used to chloe doing these things there for it’s to be expected. Even the very small part in season 8 where Jack contacted his old army partner to help him. when CTU was tracking him. So yes I agree Chloe has gotten him outta many many things. but it’s not like she HAD to be in season 9 for it to work or whatever. there usually good at coming up with new characters so they could’ve done that also. Now personally I’m not a chloe fan I do agree she’s good @ her Job. But there’s other people Jack has either worked with or has helped him out. Chloe is in this new season great but she didn’t HAVE to be for season 9

I don’t think they will kill her btw either.

no you r wrong man i see Chloe as the best ctu have got n she is my favourite n she been with jack all along

No u rong! Clowee sux and woz nt dere in da gr8 seazons 1 and 2.

i am through with this post…its sad that someone has to lower themselves to racial comments to make an argument..
Good Bye all

racial comments? where?!

Posted off, angry Chloe is my favorite character. 24 would not be the same without her… Leave her alone!

Meant to say piss ed off…:)