Kiefer Sutherland filming 24: Live Another Day – Set Photos

Here’s a batch of pictures of Kiefer Sutherland filming 24: Live Another Day today in London.


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*********POSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD*********

Looks like Jack and Chloe are in a cover operation with Emily Berrington’s character. She’s delivering some kind of briefcase.

Another interesting thing, she was in the photos from day 2 of filming and was a blonde then. Now in the next episode pair she’s a redhead/brunette? The briefcase color also seems different (darker). Here are the older pics for reference:

I wonder if this is some kind of plot point, a continuity goof, or if they’re reshooting those earlier scenes.

Nice. I think that the red guy will be death in the second hour. hahaha

i always have goosebumps when i get more and more 24 updates especialy this year its filming(it got to be the greatest show ever)

The 24 LAD promo/commercial that ran during the Super Bowl is now running on FOX during the Daytona 500 rain-delay coverage.

It’s him. Well, he is old indeed. In season 4, he was 66… Now He’s 76.
But I think that he will be a great president (almost) like Palmer, in his character.