24: Live Another Day Set Photos from Charing Cross Station

Here’s over 133 set photos from 24: Live Another Day filming today in Charing Cross Station, London.

Although Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub seemed to be the main focus of todays on-location filming, other cast members were filming scenes today as well. Actors Gbenga Akinnagbe, Tamer Hassan, and Yvonne Strahovski appear to have been filming inside the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel.

One scene takes place inside of a blue Volvo where Chloe and Jack are talking to each other. Chloe is visibly upset and crying while Jack has a very concerned look on his face, followed by the two hugging. We can assume this is where she tells Jack the tragic news about her son Prescott.


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Kiefer Sutherland looks cool smoking fags in London (which means to smoke a cigarette in England, as opposed to executing homosexuals with a firearms in the US).

Oh, and please kill Chloe. Sick to bastard death of her now.

I thought you were done with your silly comments?

I always wonder how they edit out / avoid the bystanders who are standing with their camera phone in the background.

Heller dressed (right) down and Jack running around M & S Food and Pizza Express makes me happy.

XAM – you can’t have 24 without Chloe, she helps Jack in difficult situations :)

can anyone tell me what happened to chloe’s son? or is that unknown?

Chloe’s son was killed as a result of her involvement in season 8’s events.

That’s not necessarily true – it hasn’t been announced that her son is dead but that she “lost” her son. That could mean that the Government separated her from her son because she’s a fugitive.

Thanks to Catherine who thought of this on the original story.

This was posted on TV Guide. I assumed it meant her son had been killed:

“When former CTU analyst Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) reconnects with Jack Bauer this May in Fox’s 24: Live Another Day, we will learn that she has lost her child. “Chloe feels responsible for what happened because it was a result of the secrets she knows,” says Rajskub, whose real-life son is 5 years old.

Due to her tragic loss, expect a much different Chloe, both mentally and physically. “She’s damaged, messed-up and heartbroken,” Rajskub says. “I’m talking to the hair and makeup people to find her new look. It’s got to be extreme but still Chloe.”

I see where you’re coming from Chlojack. Especially from the “tragic loss” part. I’ve no idea.

I still think that the child was taken from her, he’s not dead.

Morris must be fighting for him, but in the courts, with lawyers, etc…

Perhaps this Adrian dude offered to Chloe some sort of deal to free his son if she works for him in some sort of attack to the President (something like S7 situation in the FBI)

Two questions come to mind from scanning through the photos and reading the comments above:
1) If Chloe’s son has been killed off, what will the storyline be about Morris?
2) Are the writers trying to turn Jack’s combat boots into ’24’s version of Columbo’s raincoat? It seems Jack is wearing the same beaten up, worn out boots from Season 2. I know the writers have leaned towards keeping Jack in the all-black look since Season 7 but it’d be a little refreshing to see a variation of look for him.

Also, what’s up with the cigarettes? I know Kiefer is an avid smoker but don’t remember Jack ever being one. I assume the photos were just shots during breaks in the filming.

It’s getting closer and closer, and I’m getting more excited by the day!!! Can’t wait to see this new formation of Chloe as well, not to mention the man himself “Jack Bauer”!!!!

Off to NYC and DC for 10 days – hopefully there’s some more news by the time I get back!

Good luck from Ireland!

Fox has also added a countdown.


It’s 1 sec ahead than yours… hehe