24: Live Another Day Set Photos – March 30, 2014

Here’s a collection of set photos shared by fans in London today. There was a protest scene being filmed at St. James’s Square and then scenes with Kiefer Sutherland and Yvonne Strahovski at The Athenaeum Club in Pall Mall.


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Great locations!

Looks like Kate is being arrested in one of the photos.

Looked at the photos again and she’s being frisked, not arrested.

One thing I do note is that all these location scenes are being shot in broad daylight – however I believe as Jon Cassar is now back directing and not prepping/scouting that this would make it the start of filming episodes 7 & 8.

If episode 1 begins at Midday as the front page of the script said and this is indeed episodes 7&8 and they are still filming in daylight then the options are;

1) At least Episodes 1-7 are a continuous run with no jumps – even one previous jump of an hour would start pushing episodes 7 beginning to 7pm which would at least be dusky and any bigger time jump would make these episodes be a definite night time ep.
2) Episodes 7-12 are back in the Morning and a continuous run from 6am after a big jump?

(or option 3) all 12 episodes are a continuous run and they’ve been stringing us along and it will end at midnight on a massive cliffhanger! :) :s )

I really hope they don’t skip 12 episodes in the middle and have no night episodes. IMO, it wouldn’t be 24 without night episodes and skipping them would totally ruin the feeling of being up for 24 hours, which is such a crucial aspect of the show. IT would just feel like two separate days where everyone went home and got a good night’s sleep in the middle.

I think Jon Cassar has stepped in a few times on other pairs, so maybe he was helping out?. I think each pair takes 16 shooting days, so they’d probably be finishing the third pair today or tomorrow if that’s the case.

Another possibility: maybe they’ll have the first 11 episodes take place in consecutive hours and then skip ahead 12 for the final hour? Or is there any chance Jack possibly leaves for LA for the final episode or two?

I’m pretty sure this is still for episodes 5/6 which is directed by Omar Madha – I think Jon was simply visiting the set. They are getting close to wrapping these episodes and the next pair (7 and 8) should begin sometime in the next few days.

The eighth episode is going to be a big milestone for the series (the 200th episode) so hopefully there will be something special and/or memorable about it.

I have a feeling they’ll do only one big time jump and save it for the finale. They’ll probably skip ahead a few hours and maybe even set it outside of London.

It would be super awesome if the 200th episode takes place at midnight, as a homage to the first season.