24: Live Another Day “Hero” Promo

FOX debuted an epic 30 second promo for 24: Live Another Day during tonights episode of The Following. “After four years of living in shadows, Jack is Back. Fugitive, vigilante, hero.”


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Epic beyond words. Live Another Day is going to be fantastic.

Bye XAM!! :)

I’m not eating my words yet chief.

As exciting as it looks, it’s still a rehash. Hell, they couldn’t even resist holding off on the “Jack is Back” stuff for the millionth time. FFS I know it rhymes and is catchy and everything, but can’t we try something different for once like “Jack returns”? :)

Heck no!!! Jack is Back!!! There is no other or better way to put it. And this new season looks like it’s going to blow the roof off. It’s good to have our Jack back on our screens …. very soon now!!!

Don’t think so. Remember S8: “New York gets Jacked”.

Even though is catchy, the concept here is to let you know (in part) where the storyline will take you. Also, if they want you to remember those words, they will continue to repeating them in every trailer (It will be great if they release a millon promos, as you say)

Also… Look at the promo titles so far:

– The Clock Starts Ticking (about 24)
– Every Second Counts (about 24)
– Enemy (about Jack)
– Hero (about Jack)

The pattern is about to make a change. We don’t know what comes next…

The best one was “If you think you know what happens next, you don’t know Jack”.

Sadly, it’s not hard anymore to predict what happens next. :(

Precisely you confirm that line. You should say you don’t know what happens. Meditate on this if you want to take it seriously:

1- If we think we know, and they don’t suprise us : we were right and get no satisfaction from the show (except for thinking right and predict the show) They “lose”. We lose too.

2- If we think we know, and they suprise us: they were right and we eat our words, as you said before, and we won’t enjoy the show and we’ll have to wait for the next season to make things right.

3- If we don’t think we know, and they suprise us: they were right and we get the satisfaction. And we will wait for the next season to get a new surprise over and over again (what most of us will do…)

4- If we don’t think we know, and they don’t suprise you: impossible situation, because we started from the basis that we don’t know… so, we get the surprise anyway.

3 out of 4, if you want.

Conclusion: it’s better to except the best, and don’t pretend to know.

except– expect

I think it should be the original 24 episodes instead of 12. ratings will be sky rocket.

No, that would probably be to its detriment actually.

I think the ’24’ writers much prefer this new format to the old one (judging by statements from HoGo), Drew dude, and I agree with them, if the making of a typical ’24’ season was an utterly gruelling marathon, this upcoming one is more like a measured sprint. Don’t get me wrong, the whole concept of ’24’ was a brilliantly simple yet revolutionary one in television storytelling and worked like gangbusters (with some stumbles and narrative stretches along the way) for eight glorious seasons, it’s place in history is assured, but I believe they took it as far as they could, the well was drunk dry by the end and the writers (by HoGo’s own admission) were exhausted… it ended both how and when it should in 2010, on a creative high with it’s reputation, legacy, and public goodwill firmly intact… if dented slightly by Season 6’s much-discussed flaws and missteps.

For these new series’… woops, got ahead of myself there, a Freudian slip on my part… for THIS new series, it gives the writers a whole new way at looking at the story; no longer are they locked in to a constrained and highly linear framework whereby every hour of the day is seen unfolding, now they can jump time as and when needed by the plot, for the first time the real-time format can serve the story rather than the story having to serve the central real-time format as was the case before… with half the episodes to tell the story than previously, the overall narrative should be a considerably tighter, leaner, muscular, and more focused one, all killer and no filler, with the main storyline stuck to throughout with no side stories or subplots to fill time, and no change to a secondary plot two-thirds of the way in.

Honestly, i could not be happier where ’24’ is now, I think they’re in a very good place, and it couldn’t have worked out better… I’m a happy camper now in regards to ’24’ and have high but realistic hopes for ‘Live Another Day’, it may or not equal or exceed Season 5, but they have a real shot at it as it stands now, and that’s a pretty exciting place to be in!

i’m telling you this is going to be the best season ever of 24 so many amazing promos

Five weeks to go!!

OMG it looks fucking amazing.

Not long now guys before 24 is back, looks amazing this new series. I can’t wait any longer, looking forward to this new series.

This is my favorite promo, damn I’m hyped.

Having issues with the video it won’t load properly…….

This is easily the best promo! It’s amazing how after eight seasons they can take Jack to a whole new level, and on what looks to be the most amazing plot ever. I can just see it now – Jack stops President Heller from being killed in the drone attack so Heller finally comes around to Jack’s side and he can see Audrey again.

I like to think of the new 24 as what the Bourne film series would have been if Matt Damon had come back. Wanted internationally by holding corrupt officials accountable, Jack will keep the world from falling into disarray. But 24 got to it first, so the Bourne series no longer can.

Seriously? He can see Audrey again?? WTF!!!!! Audrey is a waste of Jack’s precious time!! There have been 2 women I would like to see Jack with -aside from poor Terri- and that’s Diane (the redhead) and the unfortunately deceased Renee. And I swear to god, if Jack ends up taking a bullet over Audrey, I’m gonna find the writer who put that scene together and smack him!

Agreed. In fact, I would like to see (and I think that’s the idea of LAD) to see Jack saving Heller, not because he is Heller, but because he is now the President, and “Kill him in foreign soil will cause a world war”.)

I agree with you 100%. Forget Audrey and bring Renee back from the dead. She was lady Bauer.

Besides that, this promo looks awesome! Can’t wait to see Bauer back in action again!

I think the whole 12 episode thing is fine. Before we knew it was going to be 12 I thought they would’ve done 15. But whatever they don’t do in this coming season that’s what the sequels will be for. Yeah it’s not in the usual 24 hour run but the concept the thriller aspect Story ect. everything else is the same. They’ve just trimmed the season into 12. If they drastically say changed more then just the idea of 12 episodes then for me personally it would depend on what & why or what reason they would give for like major changes. But there not changing one thing about the show. Just the number of episodes & the hours this time are running in chronological order two things that aren’t in anyway that big of a change. When 24 comes back it’ll be like it never left. The only changes they made were to accommodate the story & have more flexibility & freedom. So this decision was made outta creative purposes & with logic in mind. Or to quote Jack what there doing isn’t wrong it’s necessary…….. So these changes are just give the show more room & options creatively.

Okay… that was positively awesome.

April 1, 2014 at 7:23 am
Great trailer! Since 24 LAD breaks the mold of exactly 24 episodes for a 24 hour day, then any follow up event series could be 8 or 10 or 12 or 13 or 15 or whatever episodes. 12 episodes is not necessarily a fixed format so the number of episodes could vary depending on the story line.

I think 16 episodes would be a good amount for additional series. Still having enough leeway to move the time around to suit the story, and still keeping the workload manageable. If Jack becomes no longer a fugitive, they can return the production of the show to California. However it may make more sense to keep the show international for more event series if it can be sustainable.

Epic promos of the best tv show before 5 5 14

I really want to see a movie if this season is successful, which I hope. They said the movie script was very different from the story of LAD and I’d like to see what they intended to do with that.

So far LAD looks like your usual 24-fix, nothing surprising really. For now at least.

Like most fans, the more of ’24’, the better – BUT, if a shortened 12-episode arc means more screen time for Jack and the main storyline instead of forcing fluff stories about CTU moles, cougars chasing Kim, soap opera scandals, etc., then the writers get my full support. Each time I go back to watch the first 8 seasons and knowing how the season unfolds, I become more bored with all of the non-essential stuff that consumed a good portion of each episode. That’s why I hope the returning elements of Chloe, Heller, Audrey and even the new CIA cast don’t become a dominant presence compared to the main plot and Jack’s role.

It’ll be very interesting to see where they end up breaking the story. How do you suspend the story for each character simultaneously, and then pick it back up a few hours later? Maybe something like Jack averts crisis, gets debriefed, then skip ahead to finding out who was behind it and go after them.

Also, I hope that the regular run time being halved won’t end up negatively affecting the show. Will they be trying to pack too much in and lose touch with character development and suspense because there’s no room to build the tension? Brian Grazer will hopefully follow through on a new series consisting of hopefully 16 episodes, which is spun off from the limited series.