Shelley Conn guest stars in 24: Live Another Day

Director and executive producer Jon Cassar has shared a photo of actress Shelley Conn on set yesterday. They previously worked together on the 2011 sci-fi drama series Terra Nova where she played one of the leads characters. Conn was hand-picked by Steven Spielberg.

Jon Cassar and Shelley Conn on set of 24: Live Another Day
Jon Cassar and Shelley Conn on set of 24: Live Another Day

Judging by the setting and her clothing, Shelley Conn appears to be playing a nurse or surgeon. Cassar recently tweeted a photo of a hospital set, and we found the resume of another actress named Bella Heesom which lists her role as playing “Yasmin’s nurse.”

Who is “Yasmin” you might ask? It’s a character being played by ten year old Indian actress Nikita Mehta who will appear in three episodes (5, 6, and 7). The Yasmin character was seen in recent paparazzi photos being chased by “Simone” (Emily Berrington) who we now know is the daughter of main villain Margot. Whatever happens next doesn’t seem good for little Yasmin.

Source Jon Cassar on Instagram


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Great info. I wonder how Yazmin will fit into the storyline, or if any of the main characters were injured as well.

Another spoiler from today’s filming. I found this little twitter exchange between Jon Cassar and Max Wrottesley (who returned to film on the show today)

Maxim Wrottesley ‏@MaxWrottesley
“@joncassar: #24lad shooting the last scene of the week. Hello Weekend. ” #Thatsmygear

Jon’s photo implied a possible torture scene.

i know her she starred on first season of strikeback and and another series which i can’t remember.

I’m tend not to gush over actresses, but Shelley Conn is one amazing looking woman.

I imagine if she’s a nurse or surgeon of some kind, she’ll be breaking the news of Chloe’s death. *crosses fingers*

A couple of people confirmed they were filming in the hospital, with Kiefer being confirmed on set. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the main characters (Audrey or Chloe) was also injured and in the hospital.

Yvonne was also confirmed to be shooting at the hospital today (she posted a pretty funny instagram photo from the set). Looks like the hospital setting is very prominent during this episode pair.

Well according to Sainou talent agency they claim Nikita Mehta “will play Yasmin alongside Kiefer Sutherland” so perhaps it’s just the little girl that gets hospitalized and not a main character? She might be the only lead which would explain why Kiefer and Yvonne were on set. But a lot of times talent agencies like to exaggerate the importance of their clients role though, so who knows whether she truly has any scenes with Kiefer.

According to a tweet it was a “closed set” at Ealing Hospital which suggests something big (when Renee Walker was killed off those sets were also on lockdown). Cassar and the crew have been rather quiet on Twitter too lately. So maybe you’re onto something with your speculation.

Thanks for the info. With a closed set, I think one of the main characters is also hospitalized during the episode. Maybe Yasmin and one of the main characters were injured during some kind of altercation involving Simone?

Since Margot is out for revenge on Heller for the death of her husband, I think the person in the hospital could be Audrey (Simone being the person to injure her?) It would make the most sense and provide Kiefer with a great dramatic moment. Marci Michelle mentioned on Wednesday that some great scenes involving Kiefer were being filmed at the hospital that day.

There were some interesting photos from filming two weeks ago where Kate is being frisked by Secret Service as Jack watches. That’s supposed to be episode 6 (actor Julian Kostov, who played the Secret Service agent is credited on IMDB for episode 6.) Perhaps they’re briefly taken into custody if Audrey was injured? Also, I believe Kate and Jack eventually make it back to the CIA in the 7/8 pair (Yvonne was filming with Benjamin Bratt on the CIA set for this episode pair).

This could be completely wrong of course!

Just to not rule everyone out, I checked Mary Lynn’s tweets from the days where they were shooting in the hospital. She didn’t tweet at all on 2 of the 3 days when they filmed at the hospital (April 6 and yesterday). Today she tweeted about having the day off and taking a trip to Italy. Maybe Chloe’s the one who was injured? That would certainly create a lot of drama and tension for the viewers.

Interesting theory.

I’m not quite sure how Simone would get access to Audrey, but this is 24 so I certainly wouldn’t rule out anything. Kiefer did say they hoped to make things more personal – having Audrey fighting for her life in the hospital (or dying) would certainly make things more personal.

Do you think there’s a possibility of it being Heller? Maybe there was a botched assassination attempt. Or maybe it could have something to do with those pills seen on his desk in recent set visits.

Yeah, I think Heller being in the hospital from an assassination attempt or heart attack would make a lot of sense. Maybe this is where the first time jump will be, allowing the character (if they survive) to recover for a few hours.

Just remembered this tweet posted by Marci Michelle during the filming of episodes 5/6:

marci michelle ‏@marcimichelle Mar 19
Had an excellent day, with a full lineup on set! Some serious sh*t went down…you guys will not be disappointed! #24LAD

Could this be the event that results in a major character winding up in the hospital?

Just rewatched part of the “Jack is Back” special and Simone seems to be under a blanket in a night gown and looks to be in poor shape (a black or swollen eye, but could just be the lighting). Margot is telling her “this was not your fault” and kisses her on the forehead.

That scene almost has to be from the episode 5/6 pair, right? The only other place it would make sense for her to be in bed would be waking up in the very first episode (but then Margot’s dialogue would have no context).

Mary Lynn Rajskub has been in Venice for two days now. Yesterday Yvonne Strahovski was surfing. Marci Michelle is roaming around doing tourist stuff today. Gbenga Akinnagbe tweeted a photo with him, Giles Matthey, and Tate Donovan walking around Downing Street earlier today. So it’s interesting that it seems like most of the main cast has some time off lately.

I’m guessing something happens with Heller or Audrey as they are the only two unaccounted for.

Yeah, I think that scene with Simone is likely from episodes 5/6, and she’s credited by IMDB for being in 6. Perhaps she’s consoling her over what happened to Yasmin, who is likely an innocent bystander/neighbor who followed Simone and possibly got injured as a result.

What’s really interesting is how quiet things are about Kim Raver. She hasn’t tweeted in a month (normal for her) but nobody else from the cast or crew has mentioned her lately.

It’s been extra difficult trying to figure out who has been on set during the latest episode pair. Marci Michelle usually only mentions Kiefer, and Jon Cassar mentioned working with Mary Lynn once and Yvonne/Benjamin Bratt once. Gbenga mentioned going to Spain last week, and hasn’t mentioned work at all (but he only tweets about work once in a while). They’re doing a pretty good job keeping things a secret.