24: Live Another Day “The Time Has Come” Promo

FOX has debuted an exciting new 45 second promo for 24: Live Another Day tonight. Set to the The Chambers Brothers hit 1967 song “Time Has Come Today” the action-packed promo shows aerial attacks with drones, Jack Bauer being a total badass, and an intriguing Jack and Chloe moment at the end.

Only two weeks left until the premiere of 24: Live Another Day! Check out all of the 24: Live Another Day Promos on our site for more Jack Bauer goodness.


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Has a series in TV history other than “24” ever made more use of epinephorine (adrenaline shot for hearts that stopped beating)? We had Jack in S2; Tony in S4; and now Chloe looks like another revival in the new season! ;-)

That said, I love that the producers/writers are going with so many familiar themes/elements – from all the promos so far, it looks and feels like they just picked up right after S8 ended rather than a 4 year gap and all these new changes they could have opted for.

Actually, I think they used the epinephorine on Jack, not Tony, at the end of S4 to bring him back after the feigned death…..

Yeah it was Jack being revived in the season 4 finale, Tony was the one that revived him.

Two others I can think of off the top of my head – the new CTU analyst Paula was revived after the building was bombed (Season 2), and Renee Walker was revived after Bill and Chloe dug her up (Season 7). They get a lot of use out of those adrenaline shots on 24.

I can’t wait for this show to return. My only regret is that it is not on every year like it used to be. I have bought all 8 episodes plus “Redemption” and I watch them over again in the summer. I never get tired of it. I think Kiefer Sutherland is a great actor and he plays this role to the hilt. I hope they at least bring back the show again from time to time like they are doing this year.

Can you tell me what Navarro says in the beginning of the promo please ?

“I know how many lives you’ve saved – how much the country is in your debt – but they’re just gonna’ see a man who’s snapped”

Thanks so much Jack !

Guess that answers the question about Simone’s changing hairstyles – wigs!

Awesome! Such as classic trick.


Does anyone know if 24 will be on on Memorial Day? I am visiting my best friend/fellow 24 addict that weekend and want to know whether to stay an extra day so we can watch 24 together.

Thank you! I am so excited!

If I was Jack, I’d have substituted that adrenaline shot for a 10″ hunting knife.

lol! Some people really do hate Chloe….

TV Guide has a small spoiler for the premiere:

ack is back! Please spoil the return of 24! — David
Although he’s been on the lam for four years, Jack comes out of hiding to stop the assassination of the U.S. president in London. And as you might guess, he’s promptly captured the minute he shows his face. But Jack’s not that rusty. In fact, there’s a very specific reason Jack allows himself to get caught — and it involves a familiar face. Unfortunately, Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski), a Bauer-esque CIA operative looking to prove her worth, wastes little time standing in the way of the blessed reunion. Say it with me: Dammit!


I love the scene where the Morgan character apparently tries to get the drop on Jack, only to have him anticipate it with a counter move and the stern, “That was a mistake!”.

We all got so much joy watching Jack run amok in the second half of S8 – and the producers seem to have carried that theme through this season, based on the promos.

There seems to be a past connection between Bauer and Morgan, I read it . could Margot be the greatest villain of all ???

who thinks it would be worth Kim Bauer coming back for just an episode or two ? the reason why I say this is because she isn’t dead as you all well know

Rather see Aaron, Tony or Mike Novick back than Kim.

I wish, Stephen Hopkins (main producer & director of season 1) could back to 24.
He has directed best the season of 24. he has contributed a lot to 24 became phenomenon the show.

At least, co-creator Robert Cochran returned. I like story ability and style of writing him rather than H.Gordon. H.Gordon is co-showrunner in 24:LAD. I don’t think his full insteresting to 24 as previously seasons. Because he is busy “Legends” and “Tyrant” shows. I hope, actual the showrunner Katz & Coto wouldn’t disappoint any of us.

Sorry my bad English.