Robert Cochran at the 24: Live Another Day-Premiere in New York
Robert Cochran at the 24: Live Another Day-Premiere in New York

24 co-creator: “we’re not going to kill” Jack Bauer

Is this the final chapter for 24 or do you think there will be more?
No official decisions have been made at this point, but there’s at least one person who’s confident the show will go on. “When [the idea] was first delivered…it was delivered as this is wrapping up the franchise,” Mary Lynn Rajskub says. “But when the rewrites came back… it must have felt fresh enough [because] everyone was really happy. I would be really surprised if they didn’t do more after this installment.”

Whether or not that turns out to be true, the writers certainly aren’t approaching this as the ultimate ending. “We’re not going to kill him, I can guarantee you that,” co-creator and executive producer Robert Cochran says.

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Hell yeah.

A new limited series next year, I’m calling it now!

If the ratings hold steady, but if they continue to drop, ‘Live Another Day’ will be ’24’s swansong…

Hopefully they go by more than just ratings. I’m sure a lot of people are waiting until the end to do some binge watching.

You’re right, Trevor dude (as is Catherine below), it’s the prized 18-49 demographics that matter to the U.S. networks not the raw numbers watching… it’s the adverts between the shows that matter over the shows themselves, and that is a really sad and depressing affair (no wonder cable dominates now), but if it helps get us another ’24’ series either next year or in 2016, I’ll take it!

Even though LAD is great so far, they really should end it after the ninth season. After-all, things are starting up really great with the new season and it already has a ‘final season’ feel that the eighth season lacked. Live Another Day is already setting up a lot of great ways to end the show, and hopefully the writers are doing all of this to move us towards the conclusion we didn’t get before, rather than just making more 24.

Jack Bauer may have a “happy ending” whether or not 24 is coming to an end.

I’m really disappointed that he would even reveal that. I didn’t want to know that. I’m glad he won’t die, but I’m not glad that I know it before finishing the season. Part of the thrill is wondering if they’ll go there and now I know for sure that they won’t.

Perhaps you shouldn’t put it in the headline. Should have been something like: SPOILER ALERT: Jack’s fate revealed!!!!

I know this is 24Spoilers, but I come here for the news about the show (basically everything that’s not a spoiler). I like knowing if there’s more planned or if its the last season or how the ratings are or where they are in the writing/production process. But I don’t want to know the fate of a character in the headline.

I thought the same thing at first, but he could easily be misleading us if they really are going to kill Jack.

They were so many contradictory news so far …but killing Jack would be predictable and commonsense.
For the rating I read it’s the 18-49 % that matters and 24 was the 1st on monday on Fox.

They wouldn’t say they were going to kill him off even if they were.

No, but he would never say “I can guarantee you…” He would be like “everything is possible” “no comment” “I can’t reveal that” “I don’t know”
Well, you get the point…

the ratings on this show this week were very depresing 24 % drop is not a joke,i won’t lie but i was disappointed

the ratings on this show this week were very depressing 24 % drop is not a joke,i won’t lie but i was disappointed

I’m really not sure how I feel about a second series after this one. I have been hoping that this would be it and that ’24’ would have an ending to things.

I do some writing from time to time and can tell you that, even if there was zero plans to ever bring 24 back after this season, there is not a possibility that Jack would be killed. This is because there isn’t a reason to do so and the fallout from the fans would be mostly negative. The bad news is that last week I saw a friend who is a TV writer and he heard that Howard Gordon said (privately) that this season is absolutely the last.

That’s so sad. I was really hoping for another limited series event.

Kiefer said he is getting too old for it anyway, and even though there are countless possibilities for 24 that the writers never explored, I would not mind this season being the last.

I for one do not think Jack should die, and I am happy with this new development from Rob Cochran.

On your first part, I totally agree. Even if the producers wanted to kill Jack, they would probably not be allowed to do so by the network. I believe if was much of the same situation with Dexter. After 8-9 seasons with such iconic characters, they tread lightly.

even if this is the last season 24 should conclude with the honor it deserve

So 24 is basically concluding with a greatest hits tour rather than a new album.

If this is the last season it deserved much better than this.

Let’s just hope it isn’t true. We haven’t heard Howard say these words yet, so I still have a sliver of hope.

Let’s all remember the many soundbytes and interviews leading up to the conclusion of S8 – they (actors, writers, producers) all said they thought it would be enough and they had reached the end. With time, that all changed.

Mind you, I take stock in Kiefer’s interviews that point to his age and that he can’t be a credible action hero forever – but I could see him coming back in a less physical capacity (i.e. the commander or leader of a special ops group with a younger team under him that handle most of the field missions, etc.)

It’s probably a good thing they said there not going to kill Jack. Because they’ve thrown that idea & have suggested it for so long. That if they were really going to do it people would be expecting it. & it would be predictable instead of unpredictable. Which Jack’s death would be predictable. So it’s probably better they just came right out & said it.

Really hope they’re not going to do another limited series of 24 depending on how good or bad the ratings are. Fox better do the right thing before the finale on July 14th.

If it’s successful why would they stop? that’s dumb Thy will most likely do more.

They could stop because they may genuinely feel Jack’s story has been told, that there’s no more road to travel on the journey, and that however ‘Live Another Day’ ends would be a proper, satisfactory ending to the saga… I’m not saying that’s the case, just that commercial success in itself shouldn’t determine how long a series runs for, if that were the case, ‘Breaking Bad’ would still be going, but everyone thinks it ended exactly when it should have.

If ‘Live Another Day’ proves to be ’24’s swansong – and I’m increasingly leaning in the direction (if not already there) that it should be – I would hope and expect the ending to have a very definite and tangible sense of finality to it, that the audience are left in no doubt that Jack’s story has finally, inexorably, and permanently come to an end… Lord knows the poor guy needs a happy ending after everything he’s been through!

There’s nothing wrong with the hero just riding off into the sunset as the finality – the way Season 4 ended with Jack faking his death and going into seclusion was a noble way to close a chapter. Killing off the character seems to be the only way the alarmists feel comfortable in the writers (or Kiefer) ending the show now for good, rather than revive it again in a few years after changing their minds (which is what happened after S8 ended).

Frankly, as a die-hard fan of the show, this season has lived up to the standards of the show – there have never been any 100% perfect seasons/stories even though S4 and S5 came close – so I want them to keep going for many more seasons. While I can understand that Kiefer may feel less able at 47 to keep up with the physical demands of the action sequences and thus not want to keep doing that, I think he’d be interested in exploring a different side or capacity of Jack if the writers could construct a scenario where he’s more of the Buchanan/Navarro role and less in the field.

If you like 24 why do you wish they are not going to do another series? 24 LAD is not bad as far…and even a bad 24 is better than most other series…I want more Jack !!!!!

Quality over quantity.

In 24 you don’t kill Jack.. Jack kills you !

how could anyone say that they love “24” and be annoyed that they read that Jack will not be killed. ??

and to Robert Cochran, thank you for telling us that.

DONT KILL JACK or the curse of a thousand headless chickens will be upon you :o)

I love 24! Definitely one of the best shows I have ever watched. But I think it’s so sad that Jack Bauer never can become happy. He’s destined for sorrow and heartbreak. I would love it if it was a final season where he just could be happy. Maybe finding out that Audrey didn’t actually die, but people had to believe she was dead for some reason, and she comes back to life in a final season and Bauer could finally get a happy ending or something.